Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Wrangling

I just went through the surprisingly time consuming process of sorting my blogroll by category. I found I was missing way too many interesting posts the way I had it set up, I've limited each category to the current 5, that way if your interested in a particular category you'll see the most recent posts in each. I've dropped the Chicago Terrain Factory feed, (Thanks Rich, its served me well for over 3 years!) in favor of this set up as I figure with the individual categories, posts wont roll over as quickly so you'll get a better chance to see then if they were in a generic pile. I did prune some inactive blogs or blogs with dead links, so if you were listed and are not now, please email you blog's addy and what your general area of interest is. If I have you listed and your category changed please mention that as well. If your new blogger or old blogger I just missed and want to be list here, again just shoot me an email. Keep on blogging guys.



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