Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Arghhhhh!, Pirates

Pirate time once again lads. last I night we threw down 4 games of Legends of the High Seas in order to demo my potential scenarios for my Legends of the High Seas event, Friday evening at Adepticon 2011 next April.

I played two matches on the Pirate Dungeon which seem fitting for the "Prison Break" scenario. I've added a few surprise elements to the scenario mainly use of blind tokens representing you crew broken into , up to 5 move the tokens until you and your opponents token have line of sight, then you place your models. This adds a great deal of mystery when navigating the tight hallways and dark rooms of the place. If my explanation above isn't clear think the Genestealer "blip system" in Space Hulk as close example.

I ran my Spanish Privateers against a Pirate crew and got thumped readily with my Captain
backed into a corner surrounded by 3 Pirates...met a swift end.

My Second game, I faced off against a Royal Navy Crew who was defending the prisoner
in game two and battle them back, defeating them in the Jail Room to win the scenario.

The other two games where both a revamped "X marks the spot" which always seems to play out the same way in that the cheat always seems to be in the worst spot and gets dug up giving one player an easy victory. Rich, who was running that game came up with novel solution for the marker placement which worked well and seemed to give both players a fair shot regardless of where the chest turns up.

Night wrapped up as win/win as far as getting scenarios nailed down..I'll be writing up the rules for event over the next few if your playing in the event expect to see them on website in the next few weeks. At last check I had still had three tickets left for the event so if playing Pirates on the terrain you seen on my site interests you sign on up!, we'd love to see you at Adepticon in the spring.

In other news we also did some demoing of my 15mm Sci Fi skirmish/board game..which was cool as well but I'll leave that for another post.


Porky said...

That board is a real beauty and the close-ups really bring it home. I hope you're feeling the reward of the time put in - looks like you might be! Great job on the miniatures too. Could I ask who the manufacturer is? I don't recognise them.

Andrew said...

Your Hirst Arts prison looks excellent. I like how you painted the floor in a contrasting brown.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Thanks Guys!, yes I am loving this board its the center piece of my terrain collection..I'm gearing for another one in the near future
miniatures are Pirates on wooden deck bases are mainly Crusader, however the three central figures in the second photo are Artisan. The guys on the dirt bases are all Foundry and from Swashbuckler line. The Navy Crew is all Black Scorpion..that about covers it!

Porky said...

Cheers, I'll be checking them out. Looking forward to that next project too.

On the subject of terrain, the Red Planet is another masterpiece - the colours and textures are perfect!

botwt said...

The board and the miniatures are very nicely done!! :)


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