Monday, November 22, 2010

Red Planet

I spent sometime this weekend moving my 15mm Sci-Fi off the 2D boards, over to some full 3-D. I repurposed this crater table top I did back in the spring of 2008, it never got much use and I stumbled on the perfect hobby sand (Quickcrete all purpose) awhile back and wanted to give it go. So I re-textured the whole thing and re-sprayed it with Rustoleum Cinnamon, then dusted it with Rustoleum, Nutmeg..then drybrushed it with a variety of cheap hobby paints (something akin to Tau Ochre), and my Red Planet was born.

I am currently working on 18 miniatures for the figures for the 2-D skirmish game, I've got maybe a 1/2 dozen complete. Not sure what to do about the basing yet. Right now they are glued to 1/2''s squares I got from Litko for extra balance plus the 2-D boards are a 1/2 inch grid so it works great..the Action point system I am using uses Front, Flank and Rear sides in various degrees so Square bases are a must. Popping these little guys off there cast bases seems a bit more challenging than the 28mm stuff...I was stumped on trying to come up with some kind of appropriate basing for the 18 shipboard models so painting these black is about all I can think of, unless I might move to a grey to match the deck plate. and when I do some other military figures..they'll get the "red planet" sand bases

I am digging the sense of scale with the smaller models here alot, it makes for much more realistic weapon ranges. With the current ruleset I am using in the above the shot the fellow in the rocks with a scoped rife is 15 inches 0r 30 squares away on a 1/2' grid (or 150 feet in game reality although from this perspective it looks even longer) needless to say he has the serious advantage against pistols at this distance which are at max range and he's in hard cover.

The guy on the left is recast on an old traveller miniature from RAFM the girls in the middle and the building are Ground Zero Games, the guy with rifle is from Splintered Light, the Truck is from Khurasan, I've picked up stuff from 4 or 5 manufactures now, I am definitely liking the GZG stuff best, I have a whole set of the buildings so I actually have some 15mm terrain now.

Sooner than later, I'll be demoing the the 2D game and this 3D game my homebrew ruleset. I have a few days off coming up with the holiday, so fingers crossed for some hobby time.


Conspyre said...

It's funny that you're looking at 15mm skirmish play- I've been poring over store pages looking for stuff for Tomorrow's War, which is platoon to company scale mixed arms- Much easier to work up 30-50 models and a couple of tanks for a tertiary game when they cost half as much per figure.
It's surprising to me that you're liking the GZG stuff the best- could just be their online store photography, but they looked weak to me as compared to Khurasan and Critical Mass. I will definitely have to look into Splintered Light- they hadn't even crossed my radar.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Yeah I got a bunch of stuff from various'll have to check it out next time your over. Khurasan has some great detailed pieces but they run a bit small. in comparison with others...which when we are talking 15 mm I dont need to go any smaller..The GZG stuff seems to hit the sweet spot with me scale wise for 15mm and painted up seems to be coming out best. I'm looking at more generic space opera type figures over straight military stuff...I did get a squad of the Khurasan Federals, very cool.,

Conspyre said...

Yeah, I've been trying to pick a line where I can get a full gamut of military-style hardware. I'm seriously considering using the Critical Mass stuff to do a UNSC force out of Halo, though there was also talk of doing Anglo-Sino Alliance vs. Browncoats...

Nick said...

I'm just amazed at your painting output. It's inspiring.

I've really enjoyed playing skirmish stuff with a friend who calls his wild west scenarios "desperado" He always livens it up by having little boxes and shelves that you can rummage in for extra ammo or sundry items for the game.

I wonder about combining the two as Firefly ostensibly did.


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