Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bilbo's Birthday Bash!, Day 2

11/7 @ Chicago Battle Bunker

This shot is pretty representative how the whole day went.

Play resumed today for the final two games. My recounts of my day 1 and lack of bad fortune unfortunately became a self fulfilling prophecy and caught up with me today.

The horde, pre game.

Game 4 vs Tim (Barad Dur/ Dwellers Below)

Durzhag the Beast Caller
Goblin Shaman
24 or so Orcs
16-20 Warg Riders
Models 56/ Break 28
(not 100% on numbers, as I didnt get a list on this one..figure 2 to 1, his favor , easy)

Scenario, Reconnoitre. When I saw the army with I think 56 models with all that Cavalry, I knew I had lost, the question is by how much. Chatting before the game I had mentioned that I somehow went three games without my army breaking and without Gandalf taking a wound, and Tim kind of snickered. I was totally unfamiliar with Durzhag and his rules (supplemented in White Dwarf) and it totally killed me. Tim was a friendly enough guy, but it was very clear he wanted a major victory here and was going to wipe the snot out of me. On turn 3, I had the chance to Fly Gwaihir off the table and force Tim's best possible result to be a minor victory, but I thought it was a cheap move so I didnt do it, Instead engaging some Warg riders which Tim then beefed up with "bestial fury" and "enrage beasts". Tim also insisted the Cavalry charges treat Gwaihir the eagle as "infantry" and thus he got the cavalry charge bonuses. Even thou I explained to him that Brent, the TO, had ruled in a previous game of mine, that they did not. He insisted he was correct, Brent was wrong and thats the way it was so I just that let it go and Gwaihir died. I figured he was dead anyway, even without all the extra attacks Tim just wanted to make damn sure he had 20 something dice to get the 4 wounds (3 +1 fate point) to make sure it was dead. Gandalf soon suffered the same fate, dead after I wiffed on a big Sorcerous blast that got 4 models and no kills and got surrounded. Sooner than later once melee began, my force was broken. I still managed to kill a good amount of models his break point was 28, I think I got up to 21 or 22..but it's "Reconnoitre" and he got bunch of Warg cav off my side of board early. I made a late rush with couple remaining Rangers, going for the minor loss, but losing priority every turn near the end made it too easy for Tim to just keep engaging me and get me closer and closer to my "7" 25% mark and the games end. On the last turn I am at 9 models, Army broken and I fail 2 courage tests with my guys running for the edge. Game Over.
I am lamenting my decision not to play it cheap and fly Gwaihir off the board early because Tim ends up winning Best General and had I of done that- he would not of because he would have lost 5 Battle Points with only a Minor Victory. As I said Tim was a friendly guy, and I would have no problem playing him again. But the Army, combined with the scenario and his lust to pile it on..left a bad taste in my mouth..kind of reminded me why I quit playing 4th Edition 40k.

Major Loss- 3 points.

as chaotic as this shot looks, the game was...

Gandalf wasn't too sure what he supposed to do here.

Game 5 vs Keith (Erebor)

Dain, King of Erebor
Siege Captain
6 Iron Guard
6 Khazad Guard
5 Rangers with long bows
2 Rangers with Bows and throwing axes
12 Warriors with Shields
Siege Crew
35 models/ Break point 17

The Eagle got out of this mess leaving several dead dwarves behind

The final scenario "meeting engagement" usually a good one for me as I had no problems getting all my opponents on day 1 to the 25% mark..even those Dwarven Rangers game 1, my only hope was that it wasnt Dwarves, and of course I got Dwarves. If I thought Gimli was the uberlord of the Dwarves, I obviously never met Dain, whose got the same defense as the Balrog and almost as many attacks. My opponent keith was great guy and pleasure to play. We had pretty casual game and it was neck and neck until probably the last three turns were I was broken. I had him 3 or 4 models close to breaking from about 3 turns previous to that..and my while dice were shite this whole game..I had this crazy bad streak..where I seriously had 15 wounds I couldn't get a 6 on and some of them I could of got by on a "5" (might), I was so rattled by shit luck and inability to break him when I at one point I was ahead of him in kills by 6 or 7 models..I forgot to have Gandalf use his free will point to try to throw some blasts or immobilize..I could have stalled for time. played for draw, whatever, In the end I just folded...and he got me to 7 models and the game ended. The Ballista which I had heard was giving other players fits..was a non-issue. I think it killed one Ranger. I flew the Eagle into it early....tied it up, killed a crew member, we had 3 or 4 rounds of back and forth but even with Strength 6, I couldn't wound his Dwarves and eventually his Siege Captain took the Eagle down. Gandalf was also a non- factor..burned through all his Might and Will long before the game end...think he got 1 or maybe 2 kills..just not my day. Ok, I hate playing Dwarves.

Major Loss- 3 points

Eventually this fellow had nothing to do, but hang out and drink.

On to the awards..when it came to the know the one I was waiting for, Best Appearance, which I had won at this event the previous year. In my eyes It was pretty clear it was between myself and my round 2, opponent Jamie W. There were definitely a few other very well painted armies but not that had the depth of detail of mine or Jamies. During award announcement Brent starts talking about how two armies had tied exactly in paint scoring so he got a second judge and that fellow with no input from him tied it it came down to Favorite opponent votes ( sports ) when I heard that- I knew I had lost. Jamie is very well known in the national LotR community and an awesome guy. I barely know any of these guys, except for Jamie, Brent and a few others. I had voted for Jamie for Favorite opponent and Favorite army, even thou I knew it was voting against myself..because he deserved it...I knew he voted for me for players choice as fair is fair. Jamie deservingly won Best Appearance and Player's Choice..Talking afterward he then turns around and gives me basically half his winning swag, which while we both don't do this for the swag we do it for the trophy, I graciously accepted. I don't know too many people who would do that, and it goes to show what kind of guy he is. I appreciate that to the fact that if he ever needs a favor in the future- I got his back.

In the end another great event, I ended up 11th out of 21 as final scores are already posted (thats a new one, props Brent!) Thanks again to Brent and the Chicago Battle Bunker (who poured on the prize support so thick, that everyone in the event got a free LotR blister, new stuff too!) I'm hoping to attend Gathering in the Desert in Feb...since it looks like I can't play at Adepticon because of the event scheduling...I need to get some more locals into this game.

(edit, turns out the tie breaker for best appearance was Favorite Army votes not Favorite Opponent, I either misunderstood Brent or he misspoke, so fair is fair more people voted for his arm, including me!..congrats to JW)


Tim Kulinski said...


Wow, you got Tim Hixon & Keith, both good players and they play tough as well.

The dice gods were against you today, I hate when that happens. Hell this happened to me two years ago at Adepticon, did everything right but the dice had other ideas.

Dude, I hope you can make it to GitD, you will find tough games here as well, and since GitD is on the Circuit, folks will be playing tough here as well.

Good write up and glad to see BBB get more players. GW should have had this event on the circuit.

Jobu said...

I am somewhat surprised that goblins and orcs were able to surround Gwahir since he(it?) causes terror. Ahhh, but I see it was Tim Hixon doing the power gaming thing. Must have cast bestial fury huh.

Anonymous said...

There is no bloody way that cavalry get the charge bonus against a Great Eagle. They are not models on foot. They fly. They don't end up on the ground after moving like WHFB. And they're S:6! Need more proof? Great Eagles are counted as single model MONSTERS in WotR.

Your Eagle was the perfect counter against so much cavalry, and you got screwed out of it.

Jobu said...

Well, the way Hixon feels about this is explained at The Last Alliance website. He is basically trying to exploit a loophole or typo in Drûzhag's rules/spells to allow the Druzhag's spells/special rules to apply to warg riders and trackers on wargs vs just wild wargs and other dark animals.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

From what I can find on the issue consensus seems to be, even from Mr. Hixon, that this is GW oversight and the Eagles should be categorized as monster, animal, etc. if its not spelled out in the rules its one for T.O.'s to clarify. problem is I've been told
no one in the US scene had run an eagle before in an event..numerous people told me they never seen the model before! thanks for the comment guys.

Jamie said...

It's a bummer when a game goes south like that for you. I've been there. I'm glad we got the chance to play even though you handed me my ass. :)

And thanks for the kind words about my army. I love your Grey Company force and knew you would be tough to beat in the apperance judging. I did vote for you as well so I guess we cancelled out our each others votes.


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