Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Empire's yearly pilgrimage

Oh, the weary legs of the Empire. My Empire makes it 4th return to tables at Adepticon for the WFB championships in just 6 days. My 5th Adepticon and 4th with this army. I've had a woeful lack of updates since 8th edition broke. Started in 2007 just after the release of the current book This army has fought a huge amount of battles. Unfortunately 90% of them were in 7th edition.
While the initial 8th edition look seemed like the Empire got a huge boost, over time other armies adjusting strategies and the change in the overall dynamic of the game, knocked that back a bit. I'm bringing the lowest model army ever this year. because of the demand for more warmachines and the most expensive troops and it being a necessity to drop 300 points on a lone Wizard to stay competitive. Speaking of wizards I do have couple new Wizard models I have done post 8th edition however..(Shadow and Death) however playtesting forces me back to Empires 8th ed. crutch of the Lore of Life. And those new models are staying in the case. After wrestling with the other lores its what works for me and my models..If I had 30 Greatswords, (actually I do- I scored enough old metals ones from a friend to do it, I just never got a build going with them I liked to dictate getting them all built up and painted) or Halberdiers (I have not a one)...I might be able to roll with another Lore but it turns out..I just need the buffs to be able to handle hordes of S4 troops. Point being here is all this army has been hear before other, no new models other that some new flagellants and the Bear (marching with the swordsman) but even that was last summer.

This is all the models for Championship tournament and my half of the Team tournament combined, I wish I could fit all this into 2200 points..but not even close.

I'm starting to seriously miss the MSU capabilities of 7th edition. My Championship list is 4 big block of troops, 4 characters and war machines..not my idea of a well rounded Empire army, but these are the day we find ourselves in.

I know I posted similar photos to these last year..but its become routine every Adepticon and old habits die hard.

Looking forward to seeing some great people and having great time with 4 games on Saturday and 3 on Sunday..Hopefully these guys can give there opponents a run for there money this year but If I am going to keep playing competitive Warhammer, I need to get a new army on the table. wish me luck folks!


Randroid said...

Your army still looks great. I predict you will have fun in spite of the 8th ed woes. Do it for me (and those who couldn't go this year)!!

Meatball said...

That is easily one of the most beautiful Empire Armies I have ever seen. From the display base to the conversions and the paint job, simply amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Friedel said...

I like watching such pics every time :)
I'm following this blog for longer than a year and I cannot remember such pic. Probably I forgot it. I'm looking forward for next years pictures.

ERIKA said...

John, we are gonna rock it in doubles man. I feel good things coming on! The army looks great! I hope I don't have to face your list in the Championships. Jeff

Zafran ali said...

Excellent you have done superb job...
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Roarb said...

Hope A-con was good to you, meant to get there this year, same as last year, but failed both times. Holding my breath for next year though.

Curious to see how your empire list, and how it did as I'm building one myself right now.

Anyhow, hope you played the Handsome Point Boyz and tore them a new one!!


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