Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Project: Recycler

If you've been in the hobby for a great deal of time, eventually you start accumulating "stuff" whether it be armies or terrain or materials you don't use.So its great idea, like all things in life to recycle. The advent of our new Legend of the High Seas campaign had me thinking what I had around that hadn't been touched in years that could be recycled. I immediately spotted the above photo, Not to mention this:

In advent of one of the new scenarios I have brewing for my pirate friends, I turned the above two photos into this:

Welcome to the Jungle

The original piece was built for my initial Osgiliath table, that project has long since been dead buried...It and bunch of Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Ruins were built with cross purpose in mind in 07-08 to double as Terrain for Lord of the Rings and an occasionally 40K game...since I am no longer invested in 40k at all, and LotR has taken a different terrain turn with GW's Osgiliath kits plus my own Hirst work..all this stuff was essentially "just taking up space" for me and although the piece in question was the one that got used most as a terrain centerpiece and a display piece for my Orcs in a LotR event in 2009, It still wasn't out weighing the potential use I'd get out a set of good jungle skirmish terrain that could be used for various games AND display pieces for my new WFB Lizardmen. With that in mind I went to work and the bulk of it was done Sunday evening. finishing up some last details tonight before photographs. Best part all this cost me ZERO, its all made from existing stuff I had laying around...the bag of Spanish moss is relatively new, but that's it.

I went through a couple version of this there is roof for the temple with some support pillars with skulls in them...For High Seas...since its supposed to represent a Maya ruin in the Mexico in 1700...it's looks best somewhat plain as it is here. I also have a bunch of those Lizardmen Glyph plates I thought about sticking on it..however something about the pyramids simplicity struck me, with the stairs just going into the sky..so I left it..The rest of the stuff is just filler..there are some Scibor ruin bases I accidentally ordered and never sent back because of the shipping costs, I used them as shooting platforms for the terrain.. The Natives were done by my pal Tim who runs Saguaro painting service. I got them from him in a trade...and wouldn't think about touching them as the look perfect. anyway here's a plug for Tim and his painting service should you need one.

The rest of Pegasus Stuff and the those old school GW, ruin corners are going on ebay hopefully to someone who wants some Cities of Death Style terrain..I spent considerable time on that tower hopefully I can get a few bucks for it on ebay...which I will of course recycle into new terrain projects...I think you get the idea.

The challenge for you is this- take something you don't use taking up space and turn into something you do/will use....I'd love to see what you come up with.


BigLee said...

Nice bit of recycling, and a fine looking model for next to nothing! I havn't got that much spare resin terrain knocking around but I reckon I might be able to come up with something... hmmm.

Alex said...

Love the temple. I agree with you about not using any Lizardmen glyphs. The pyramid has a nice imposing presence without any decorations.

cianty said...

That's some beautiful jungle terrain! Thanks for sharing.

Iain Martin said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting.


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