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Warhammer Forge Release 4

Or OMG!, my poor Wallet! , I was told these handgunners conversions kits were not coming...Well, I guess I really don't "need" to go anywhere for summer vacation. let's not break it to the wife and kids just yet.

Warhammer Forge Newsletter #4


Hi there,
We have more new releases for Empire players in this week’s Warhammer Forge Newsletter in the form of a detailed infantry conversion kit, the Nuln Ironsides, and a towering war machine, the ‘Marienburg’ class Land Ship. We have also updated our Events calendar with a reminder that reservation orders are now being taken for the Forge World Open Day, and finally we’ve got an exclusive preview of our second Event Only miniature for 2011.

Ead Brown
Forge World Customer Service Manager

‘Marienburg’ class Land Ship – The Wonder of the Age
Marienburg Class Land ShipThis towering behemoth is named after, commissioned by, and paid for by the vast coffers of the wealthy burghers of the independent city-state of Marienburg, notorious for having bought its secession from the Empire. The mighty Land Ship is an insane sight upon the field of battle. It is a mobile fortress of oak and iron that crushes enemy troops beneath its wheels and discharges volleys of deadly shot from its deck guns and light cannon. Mighty, that is, if the somewhat experimental boiler doesn’t catch fire, explode, or cause the wheels to fall off!

The Marienburg class Land Ship has been dubbed the ‘Wonder of the Age’ by the Imperial Gunnery School. Its sheer size and bulk makes up for the fact that it is neither as durable or as technologically advanced as the famed Steam Tanks of the Empire, and, despite not being quite as large or devastating a weapon as the worthies of Marienburg actually paid for, its array of deck guns and fearsome prow-mounted culverin add a potent edge of mobile firepower to the Marienburg arsenal.

This massive, superbly detailed, multi-part resin kit, designed by Tim Adcock and Mark Bedford, is supplied with six resin crew figures sculpted by Steve Whitehead: three Deck Gunners, a Captain, an Engineer-Steersman and a Lookout. Experimental rules for this massive, armoured miracle of engineering have been provided from the desk of writer Alan Bligh to allow you to use the Land Ship in any Empire army.

This immense war machine makes an imposing centrepiece and the simply jaw-dropping level of detail that Steve, Mark and Tim have achieved on this mechanical masterpiece and its flamboyant crew are a painter’s dream.

The ‘Marienburg’ class Land Ship is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th of March.

Nuln Ironsides Handgunner Conversion Kit
Nuln Ironsides HandgunnerThe ‘Ironsides’ are drawn from the guards and apprentices of the renowned Imperial Gunnery School. Clad in heavy armour and armed with master-wrought firearms, the Nuln Ironsides are one of the most widely respected and well equipped Handgunner regiments in the Empire.

The Nuln Ironsides Handgunner Conversion Kit, sculpted by Keith Robertson, contains ten resin Handgunner figures wearing heavy armour and is designed to be used with the plastic Empire Handgunner weapons. This is ideal for Detachments, as it allows modellers to build twenty missile troops (ten Crossbowmen and ten fully armoured Nuln Ironsides) using a single plastic kit and this finely detailed resin conversion kit.

The Nuln Ironsides conversion kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th of March. Again, Alan Bligh has provided this set of experimental rules for fielding this renowned unit in any Empire army.

Warhammer Forge at Forge World Events

Forge World Open Day – April 3rd 2011
Sunday 3rd of April sees the Warhammer Forge team occupying Warhammer World here in Nottingham as part of the annual Forge World Open Day. The event runs from 10am until 4pm and it is free to attend.

The Warhammer Forge Studio team will have their own area in the Gaming Hall this year, showcasing their current work and recent releases – details of which we can now begin to reveal:

Edgar Skomorowski and Steve Whitehead have been hard at work on Chaos Dwarf miniatures in recent weeks, and their desks are strewn with concept sketches, armour and weapons reference, and brutal-looking work-in-progress models. Oddly, there's also a series of anatomical diagrams that detail bovine musculature on Steve's desk...

Keith Robertson is currently tinkering with giants; that is giants equipped with armour, huge grappling claws and some suspiciously mutated details! Meanwhile Mark Bedford’s current project is a very large monster, and rather more dedicated to the Horned Rat...

The team will be available throughout the event to answer your questions, hint about future plans for the Warhammer Forge range and shed some light on their design process.

The Sales stand will be packed with the full range of Forge World and Warhammer Forge resin kits, as well as modelling supplies and Imperial Armour books. We are now taking reservation orders for collection at the Open Day, and this is the best way of ensuring that we have exactly the models you’re after.

To place a reservation, please contact the Forge World Customer Service team by telephone on 0115 916 8177. We are taking payment in advance for reservations at this year’s event, so we’ll need your name and contact details, the list of kits you’d like to reserve, and you’ll need your payment details to hand as well. We’ll then provide you with an order number, and shortly before the Open Day you’ll receive an e-mail confirming your reservation. You must bring this with you when you collect your order.

Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith Show figureYou may have spied a photo just to the left of this text. This is our second Show Only figure for 2011, and will be on sale for the very first time this year at the Forge World Open Day. As for what it is? Well, more details will follow in a future newsletter, but the name of ‘Azgorh’ has been whispered in hushed tones by writer Alan Bligh, who is currently putting the finishing touches to Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos.

The Warhammer World facilities will be available throughout the Open Day, which runs from 10am until 4pm on Sunday the 3rd of April. The venue facilities range from the full range of Citadel products in the store itself to refreshments in Bugmans Bar, and if you are travelling here on Saturday, the Gaming Hall is open until 10pm and Bugman’s Bar serves food until 8pm; perfect for pre-Open Day gaming before Sunday morning dawns.
More details about the Warhammer World venue can be found

AdeptiCon – 1st to 3rd April 2011
If you’re attending the annual AdeptiCon event on 1st – 3rd of April, at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Centre in Chicago, IL, then a visit to the Forge World stand in the Vendor Hall will allow you to purchase both Forge World kits and the growing range of Warhammer Forge miniatures. We’ll also have a selection of display models for you to admire and Forge World Graphic Artist Kenton Mills, one of our crack AdeptiCon team, will be happy to sign your copies of The Badab War.

We also hope to have limited quantities of both of our Event Only miniatures for 2011, so stay tuned to future newsletters for more details.

If you’ve got any queries about the AdeptiCon event, please e-mail the Customer Service team at, who will be happy to answer your questions.



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