Monday, March 28, 2011

Project: Recycler- Completed.

Here's my Jungle Board and terrain, the result of my recycling project, that completely re-used old terrain I wasnt using anymore and turning it into something new. There is zero cost here other than, my time and the paint used. This whole setup is coming to Adepticon as a Legend of the High Seas Scenario on Friday and its looks like it might get used for Malifaux later on in the weekend. Pictures here are from Legends of the High Seas, playtesting.

Island Natives are really an official playable faction in LotHS there stats are in the book however and running them as an opposition crew is always fun.

Jade idol looking down at the beach. The beach is recycled place of my original Osgiliath table I started and abandoned years ago, the beach and table top was used for tons of games while the terrain never got completed. However it was damaged when my Basement flooded last summer...I salvaged a 2 foot piece of it and you see it recycled and repainted here.

The boat and palm trees are conversion pieces from the Pressman Games Weapons and Warriors Pirate game from the early 90's, its a Pirate players "go to" bits box, I've talked about it before...if you interested look on turns up regularly - Cheap. While they arent recycled and where made years ago..and the Palm trees are not as realistic and the other foliage I am using, I think it all kind of comes together...Hey the price is right.

Chris and I demoing the actual High Seas scenario.

Can't believe this event is actually happening Friday Night..seems like I have been talking about it for so long, and its finally here. 72 hours from now I will be setting this up.

I'm already thinking about my next "Recycler" Project...take a look around your own Terrainand see if you've got some old unused pieces that could use a New use and a fresh coat of paint!



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