Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Campaign Rises

The unedited map for our next campaign for Legends of the High Seas.

There's been a flurry of activity going on in my hobby den of a basement this month. a slow morning here at the office has finally given me a few moments to talk about it.
Adepticon is right around there corner, and even running a small 8 person event, like I am has it logistical challenges. besides making sure people have submitted lists, everything is legal. I need to get all the documents in order and make sure pairings and game aids are in order, playtest the scenarios and paint a handful of models that are used as objectives or loaner models. Outside
of figuring out all that..comes the hard part...how do I get all my stuff there, and get it setup in time etc. Adepticon is beyond huge now, these kinds of logistics become an important focus, some planned scenarios are changing..and using Adepticon props, sight unseen can you wary when your obsessing about every detail. Then of course I still ended up with a handful of models to paint for the two WFB events I am playing in.

Thanks to the Tuesday night gang, I have made great progress in getting scenarios tested and tweaked, including some new ones that I think are great addition to games overall. The result of this is that not only am I sure this will be a great Legend of the High Seas event for those attending but I am also excited to announce that all this Legend of the High Seas activity has sparked player interest among the group and that interest has grown into what has become our next campaign.

I haven't run a Campaign since my 6th Mighty Empires came to an end exactly one year ago this week. Mighty Empires has run its course for me after 6 Campaigns going way back to 2007. With WFB 8th Edition leaving our once robust group of over 10 players..with a semi enthused 3 or begrudgingly 4. Its not really an option anyway. So I can't think a better avenue to take for a new Campaign then the one in the Legend of the High Seas book. Unlike my May 09, day long High Seas event..This one goes thru all the campaign steps in the book over 12 games in a 4 month period. Campaign updates and pics will of course be posted here, logs and player detail over at my High Seas Campaign Blog.

The new scenarios, and my recent terrain frenzy have sparked a whole bunch of stuff that you'll be seeing here soon, Figures, Ships, another 2 x 2 battle board and some new Jungle terrain (which should be up next in a day or so) . Finding time to post up here is almost as hard fitting all this in a my free hobby time, I know its been slow month here but I'll be picking the pace here shortly and there always the yearly 10,000 words about Adepticon posts. Stayed tuned.


Anonymous said...

Will you use the spanish main site to support the campaign some how once a-con is over?

John@Plastic Legions said...

Yeah, that's idea...its cleaner than forum posting...probably just post campaign logs...I'll think about doing some fun with it
maybe we can all post our pirate tales there....also I forgot we talked about lunch today! soon? we need to talk web development and not gaming for a change.

make sure you sign up on the forums...

Tim Kulinski said...


Nice to see you jumping into the LotHS Campaign, I look forward to seeing your new scenarios, heck dude, you need to shoot them to me so I can put the authors stamp of approval on them.

Hell John, I may be able to get my locals here in phoenix to pick up and play some LotHS. The last time I played was last year at Adepticon & I wrote the stink game!


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