Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Stand!

Here's a combination of a bunch of pieces finally seeing play..This piece I call "Last Stand" Ruin which I put together for our campaign and its part of my Osgiliath table. Its about 90% complete.. I just need trim out the edges with some paint, flock and some accent bricks...its all Hirst bricks..with some of the old plastic 40K ruins on the corners...I filled a bunch of the bulletholes..but plenty still remain, well just call em "crossbow bolt" damage on this fantasy piece.

I also experimented with some Woodland Scenic pigment here...I used "Raw Umber" which is much thicker than your normal wash but dries opaque. It created the nice dirty look to piece which is a nice contrast to all the drybrushing. Of course it sitting on my Realm of Battle table, which I've put into one of the hill configurations and I finished the full frame out of the table. It all comes together pretty well and since I don't have an actual game to to talk about you can just imagine what it would have been like from the photo's it's the Last Stand of "Square Basers versus the Round Basers." as 9 Empire Swordsmen, take on Shagrat, 3 Uruk-hai, a Troll, a Nazgul and and handful of Orcs..if you play both're laughing at the slaughter that would ensue.


Scott said...

Realm of Battle table? Pfft... You're such a sell out.

Just kidding, of course. That piece looks great, as does the board.

I think some IP lawyer somewhere is having a heart attack over the warhammer/ LOTR mash-up.

All great stuff.

Ontario Web and Print said...

Really nice work eh. I like your photography of it too - makes me want to do scenery for a while instead of more HE.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know there are good terrain makers playing LotR. Awesome game. Awesome board - excellent work.

Bill Sullivan said...

The plastic statue in the middle is a nice touch, good stuff.

Bill Lim said...

I thought I commented on this earlier. Nice stuff. Works well for any of the 3 systems. As stated already statue is a nice touch. I'm interested to know more about the woodland scenics pigment. We'll have to chat about it some more.

Keep up the good work

Chris Tregenza said...


Just letting you know that you've been featured in our round up of the best miniature related blog posts of the week:


Vulture said...

Great stuff. I'll be following your blog.




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