Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mighty Empires V- Round 4

2/10 @ Games Workshop, Oak Park

Standings after round 3

Good Team
- 28

Bill- Wood Elves - 9
Bob- Ogres - 5
Chris- Bretonnians- 6
Leo- High Elves -3
Nate- Lizardmen- 5

Evil Team- 21

John- Daemons of Chaos- 5
Joe- Warriors of Chaos- 2
Kenny- Daemons of Chaos - 5
Billy- Skaven- 3
Andre- Tomb Kings- 6

Round 3, Good team Wins

Strategic Events

John- No Guts, No Glory
Ken- Diplomacy
Bob- Building Boom
Bill- Headhunter
Billy- Land Grab
Nate- Scouts (via praise)
Leo- War Tax
Andre- Praise be to the Oracle
Joe- Scouts
Chris- Survey the battlefield

Campaign Events

John- All is Well
Bill- All is Well
Billy- Corruption -100
Andre- Raid-Brets +140
Leo-Corruption -100
Bob- All is Well
Chris- Raid- TK 20
Joe- Hidden Cache Ken- All is Well Nate-All is Well

John- 125
Bill- 250
Bob- 200
Billy- 0
Chris- 145 + 1 Ep purchased
Andre- 155
Nate- 125


Daemons of Chaos vs Bretonnians
Scenario- Echelon Attack
Result: Daemons- 4, Brets- 1

Wood Elves vs Skaven
Scenario- Siege @ the Lair of the Damned
Result: Wood Elves hold + 2 pts, Skaven get 1 pt

High Elves vs Daemons of Chaos
Scenario- Take and Hold
Result: Daemon Massacre 5, High Elves 1

Tomb Kings Vs
Scenario: Siege @ the Tower Fortress
Result. Tomb Kings Hold + 2pts, Ogres get 1pt
Points earned 2 Each

Warriors of Chaos Vs Lizardmen
Scenario: Flank Attack
Result: Lizardmen- Massacre- 5pts
Warriors- 1pt

Bonus Points remaining
Nate- 2 Luck , Bob- 3 Luck



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