Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mighty Empires V- Round 3

2/3 @Games Workshop , Oak Park

Standings after round 2

Good Team
- 17

Bill- Wood Elves - 5
Bob- Ogres - 3
Chris- Bretonnians- 3
Leo- High Elves -2
Nate- Lizardmen- 4

Evil Team- 15

John- Daemons of Chaos- 5
Joe- Warriors of Chaos- 2
Kenny- Daemons of Chaos - 4
Billy- Skaven- 2
Andre- Tomb Kings- 2

Round 2, Good team Wins

Strategic Events

John- No Guts, No Glory
Ken- Diplomacy
Bob- Building Boom
Bill- Survey the battlefield
Billy- Land Grab
Nate- Praise be to the Oracle
Leo- War Tax
Andre- Scouts
Joe- All or Nothing
Chris- Land Grab via Praise

Campaign Events

John- All is Well
Bill- Disaster!-pass

Billy- infamy
Andre- Disaster!- pass
Bob- Hidden Cache
Chris- Famine pays 50
Joe- Corruption
Ken- Corruption
Nate- Hidden Cache


John- 125
Bill- 125
Joe- 0
Bob- 150
Billy- 50
Chris- 25
Andre- 50
Nate- 100


Daemons of Chaos vs Ogres
Scenario- Loot/ Raid
Result: Daemons- 2, Ogres- 3

Bretonnians vs Skaven
Scenario- Battle for Skull Pass
Result: Bretonnia Massacre-5, Skaven -1

Lizardmen vs Daemons of Chaos
Scenario- Battlefield Supremacy
TQ Result: Lizardmen 1, Daemons 1
VP winner- Daemons +1 (2 EP)

Tomb Kings Vs High Elves

Scenario: Escort
Result. Tomb Kings Massacre- 5, High Elves 1
Points earned 2 Each

Warriors of Chaos Vs Wood Elves
Scenario: Flank Attack
Result: Wood Elves Massacre- 5
Warriors of Chaos - 0 : "all of nothing"- ouch!

Bonus Points remaining

Chris- 1 Luck Nate- 2 Luck Joe- 1 Luck Bob- 4 Luck


Bill Sullivan said...

I got tabled by the Knights... Marching towards heavy cavalry with all move-or-fire ranged support doesn't go so well.

Leonard said...

I should have kept the battle for Skull pass card. Reading is fundamental! I was crushed by the Tomb Kings.
The dice were against me from the start of the game. The lores I used didn't help much. It was just an around horrible game!
Live and learn though, it was only my second time ever playing the Tomb kings.

Leonard said...

One more comment, DRAGON!

Bill Lim said...

Hey man don't feel to bad, the important thing is to learn from mistakes, which you are doing (heck its apparent to me, and I haven't even had to play you yet). You might want to think about taking at least one dispell scroll next time. I understand why you didn't, but you have to remember that tomb kings magic just happens...they don't have to roll to cast their spells. Also they have lots of nasty little tricks (bound items like the Casket of Souls) which can be dispelled.

A good rule of thumb against the tomb kings. If you can control the magic phases, then you are controlling at least 1/2 of their game. They can't march, though they get a movement spell. They aren't super powerful in close combat, but they get a spell to make multiple attacks. I think you see where I'm going with this.

Anyway I wouldn't be disheartened by the game. Sure you took one on the chin this time, but next time you'll be ready (probably with some nasty tricks of your own).

Bill Lim said...

one more comment. Dragons = awesome. Not to mention they are fairly affordable points wise for the High Elves.

nate young said...

toad vs. chicken = negation

by scenario rules it ended up a tie (table quarters control) but vp wise he had a solid lead. 2 unit banners, army gen, battle standard... ugh..

not too thrilled about slann miscasting now, especially vs a banner that makes all 1's, 2's, 3's miscasts.

Bill Lim said...

Quick question, Under our "siege" card, it says

"Winners automatically capture/ hold the Major Map Asset and get 2 Empire Points to spend..."

I won tonight, Exactly how many EPs would I get to spend next round? If going by the text above I would receive only 2 points.

However going by normal games played I would receive 5.

I understand the logic behind only receiving 2 points...After taking a major objective a players army would be "slowed down" as they want to fortify the location, start setting down roots if you will, moving from a nomadic raiding force to more of a "static empire" type of force.

Which also brings me to my next question, is it possible to build castles or cities on a major objective?

John@Plastic Legions said...


you only get two points to spend..as you keep the hex which is worth 3 campaign points on the map, and you cannot build anything else on them (as they are already worth 3 pts)...you also get the powerful effects, every week,

The logic behind this is..that major assets are never really "part" of your empire..you are just holding them , hence always defending them..you want to capture them because the effects they hand out..so in reality
you got 5 points..3 to continue to hold the Lair of the Damned and..2 extra points to spend

Bill Lim said...

Ok thats kinda what I figured.
Thanks for clarifying


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