Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mighty Empires V- Round 6

2/24@ Games Workshop, Oak Park

Standings after round 5

Good Team
- 29

Bill- Wood Elves - 8
Bob- Ogres - 6
Chris- Bretonnians- 9
Leo- High Elves -4
Nate- Lizardmen- 2

Evil Team- 33

John- Daemons of Chaos- 7
Joe- Warriors of Chaos- 4
Kenny- Daemons of Chaos - 10
Billy- Skaven- 8
Andre- Tomb Kings- 4

Round 5-The Bad Guys win one!

Strategic Events

John- Headhunter
Ken- Survey the Battlefield (via praise)
Bob- No Guts, No Glory
Bill- Land Grab
Billy- War Tax

Nate- Scouts

Leo- Building Boom

Andre- Diplomacy

Joe- All or Nothing

Chris- Survey the Battlefield

Campaign Events

John- Corruption -100
Bill- All is Well
Billy- Famine -150 ( again!!!)
Andre- Corruption -100

Leo- All is Well
Bob- Raid +220
Chris- Corruption -100

Joe- Infamy
Ken- Corruption -100

Nate-Raid +140


John- 250 (cash point)
Bill- 200
Bob- Buys Point (250) +215
Billy- 0 (125 to Insurgents)
Chris- 125
Andre- 225
Nate- 190

Daemons of Chaos vs Ogres
Scenario- Siege @ the Lair of the Damned
Result: Daemons- Hold (3) +2, Ogres - 1

Wood Elves vs Warriors of Chaos
Scenario- Pitched Battle
Result: Warriors- Massacre 5, Wood Elves- 1

High Elves vs Tomb Kings
Scenario- Eschelon Attack
Result: TBA

Bretonnians vs Daemons of Chaos
Scenario: Siege @ the Tower Fortress
Result. Daemons Capture (3) +2, Bretonnians- 1

Skaven vs Lizardmen
Scenario: Seige @ the Iron Stronghold
Result: Lizardmen Capture (3) +2, Skaven 1

Bonus Points remaining
Nate- 2 Luck , Bob- 2 Luck

A hallow victory for me tonight, although I won the scenario by having my rank and file units capture all three objectives...the majority of my army was wiped off the map by Bretonnian Charges...The Great Unclean One may be nigh invincible but eating a charge from a whole lance of Grail Knights led by a Lord with Killing a sure way to get him killed, granted he lasted 4 turns losing- 9 wounds to Daemonic Instabilty and finally sucumbing to a killing blow for his last wound. the rest of my troops got smashed I couldn't roll a hit or make a save tonight. The entire game basically game down a die roll if the fleeing Trebuchet crew and Damsel holding on of the objectives had rallied (they failed) all Chris would had to do was kill one blood letter in the magic phase ro force the game to Victory which case I got I said Hallow victory. Great game Chris.


Nathan said...

I'm not 100% sure but I think that it was a solid victory for me. At the end I had control of one, can't remember if the slave rats were still in the other outer tower. When we scored up VP's It came out to a solid for me. Billy, confirm everything here because I'm not 100% on the details, but long story short, he didn't hold the objective.

Bill Lim said...

the outcome is all that matters in the Siege Scenario. Basically you can barely win (draw even) and if you are ahead in victory points then you win the battle. Correct me if I'm wrong here John.

Glad that you and Chris won this week...I again got my wood elven butt kicked. I was doing so well through the first 1/2 of this campaign to...

Bill Lim said...

Oh wait, I don't think Chris won....hmmm...well Nate thanks for carrying us through this round...Come on Leo you can do it to!


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