Sunday, February 15, 2009

New plastic "Stank"!!!- Photo

Welp as a devout Empire Player, I can't resist posting this. The photo just showed up in my mailbox courtesy of a Games Workshop newsletter. Here is the new plastic Steam Tank. I've never run a "Stank" before, but won''t be able to resist now! really looking for forward to this in May/ June. Please no comments on how its really the metal one and GW is bullshitting us with the photo!.

Found this as well from todays..UK studio day

(photo courtesy of Syph @ Heresy Online)

Wish I could see those new models below it too!


Peter said...

Yeah after seeing this in the news letter I was suprised. One of my friends at my local club scratch build one of these, and it looks worryingly similar... still looks good and I didn't know you played empire either!

John@Plastic Legions said...

Peter, check out my 3000+ points of Empire in the galleries section on the left, soon to be 3300+!

Albrek said...

ah new Stank looks nice :) Im yet to field my Ogre Kingdoms army at all, no idea how they'd stand up to that! looks a lil tough

Anonymous said...

It looks like a nice model. John, I can't wait to see how you paint it up! I have actually never played against one before. I would be curious to see how it does.

Bill Lim said...

Bah, that is clearly just the metal one with some bits added....Just kidding. This looks awesome, and my Vampire Counts are shaking in their torn up and rotting boots. I'm echoing the statement about the paint job. Would the "black metal" of your cannons work on this large an expanse of, well, metal? Guess we'll have to wait until its released to find out...though in all honesty if I never found out I would be perfectly happy.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Freaking A' Bill that's a great idea
since my Stank would be theme'd Talabecland (red and yellow badges)
that Adamantium Black would look really cool as the metal base on the stank...I'll need to be careful not to overdo it..but definitely worth investigating

Bill Lim said...

oh great... I wasn't really trying to give ideas, lol. Anyway I am looking forward to seeing your take on this, even if I'm not looking forward to seeing one across the table from me.


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