Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mighty Empires V- Round 5

2/17 @ Games Workshop, Oak Park

Standings after round 4

Good Team
- 29

Bill- Wood Elves - 10
Bob- Ogres - 5
Chris- Bretonnians- 6
Leo- High Elves -3
Nate- Lizardmen- 5

Evil Team- 27

John- Daemons of Chaos- 6
Joe- Warriors of Chaos- 2
Kenny- Daemons of Chaos - 5
Billy- Skaven- 7
Andre- Tomb Kings- 7

Round 4, Good team Wins

Strategic Events

John- No Guts, No Glory
Ken- Praise be to the Oracle
Bob- Sabotage
Bill- Survey the battlefield
Billy- Building Boom
Nate- Scouts
Leo- Land Grab
Andre- Praise be to the Oracle
Joe- All or Nothing
Chris- Diplomacy

Campaign Events

John- Raid- Ogres +120
Bill- Hidden Cache
Billy- Famine -100
Andre- Disaster- Needs to Roll
Leo-Corruption -100

Bob- Treasure Trove
Joe- Hidden Cache
Ken- Harvest Moon
Nate-All is Well


John- 270
Bill- 275
Bob- 105
Billy- 0
Chris- 125
Andre- 475
Nate- 125


Daemons of Chaos vs Lizardmen
Scenario- Battle for Skull Pass
Result: Daemons- Massacre 5, Lizards- 1

Wood Elves vs Daemons of Chaos
Scenario- Siege @ the Lair of the Damned
Result: Daemons- Massacre 5, Wood Elves- 1

High Elves vs Skaven
Scenario- Siege @ the Iron Stronghold
Result: Skaven Hold + 2pts, High Elves -1 pt

Warriors of Chaos Vs Ogres

Scenario: Loot/ Raid
Result.Warriors 3, Ogres 2
Warriors- "All or Nothing" + 5pts

Tomb Kings VS Bretonnians
Scenario: Siege @ the Tower Fortress
Result: Bretonnians -Solid Victory 4, Tomb kings- 1

Bonus Points remaining
Nate- 2 Luck , Bob- 2 Luck

My Daemons drew the Battle for Skull Pass tonight against Nate's Lizards...with maximum reinforcements at my disposal..I decided to field the Great Unclean One as my General...Level 2 Wizard, Slime Trail, Noxious Vapors, and the Trappings of Nurgle which basically makes him indestructible.

My job was to get thru the pass or get control of both hilltops...It was the Slaan and his guard, a pair of Ancient Stegadons and some Skink priests, Terradons and Skink filler against the GUO, a Slaaneshi Herald BSB, (No Banner of Sundering thou)...Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Plaguebearerss, 2 units of Hounds and a pair of Bloodcrushers.
The GUO took everything Nate could throw at it and laughed...shruging off an easy dozen+ wounds only ever taking two, He took out both Ancient Steggies Single handedly..Nate had at least 3 miscasts and I had one...The Slaan didn't have the magic impact he should have this game. I gave up both units of hounds and my some Daemonettes to get my GUO and one Unit of Letters in control on one side while everyone else went the other way...In the end the Daemons stood on both Hilltops controlling the pass...while the Slann and three temple guard stoon alone out numbered after 6 turns. I lost both units of Hounds, both units of bloodletters, and 1 units of Daemonettes, while the core point difference was +562 for me, I had 400 bonus points (2 Scoring full command units, 1 Captured Banner, and +100 team bonus) and scored double Victory Points for both Ancient Stegadons, via "No Guts, No Glory" pushing the game easily into massacre territory...Great game to nate, one my favorites of the campaign..The Fatman (GUO)
was sick!.


Bill Lim said...

That GUO is really scary to see. Can't even begin to fathom how my poor little wood elves would even begin to go up against it.

3 miscasts by Nate...ouch!

Took a quick look at the map.
My points are currently off, I should have 10 not 11.
6 hexes = 6 pts
1 city(castle if you want to call it that) = 1 pt
1 Major objective = 3 pts
6+1+3 = 10 pts total
Also I think one of my castles(forts) is in the wrong location, its currently shown as E6 but I thought I stuck it on G5.

Also your points seem off as well
4 hexes = 4 pts
2 Cities(castles if you want to call em that) = 2
6 pts total.

John@Plastic Legions said...

actually the sick thing was he always miscasting on the 1st spell the slaan thru, and he kept rolling 9's on the miscast chart which immediately ended the magic phase screwing him..he even had an item that let me him re-roll on the miscast table and his rerolls where 2-9's and an 11....I only had to take one comet the whole game thankfully..because that spell hurt..

Yes I need to go back and re-annotate the entire map, its the freaking fort/ castle city thing confusing shall always remain castle/city because that idea caused nothing but hassles

Yeah the T6 on the GUO is brutal..
but an uber highborn with the Spirit Sword..could dice him up pretty good .plus combat res can help pop him too..I'm not going to run him all the time...he's a tough sell @ 2K @ 2250 just barely
I had to give some Icons I wanted to get it all in-

Nathan said...

the thing that killed me was my choice on the lore for the slann.. i ended up going with heavens because i figured that i'd get another turn or two to launch spells at the demons, and the comet would get a bit of benefit on turn 1 with bunched up formations. though in the long run i should have just gone with light, for cleansing flare, and dazzling brightness. but that's how i learn. :P

Bill Lim said...

Well looks like its all up to Chris this round.

Kenny just got through massacring me. My initial set up was pretty good, just couldn't handle the demons once they came to grips.

Hopefully Good can come back and win a few in the next couple rounds...

Nathan said...

i don't know, we've been dominating the frist 3or 4 rounds. I've got a feeling that it's going to be our turn to take the short end of the stick.


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