Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vet Night

Chicago Battle Bunker 7/22

Cut out of work early today and headed out to the Chicago Battle Bunker for Veterans Night
pretty good turnout lots of games and tournament regulars in attendance. I got together with my pal Steve who can't make our Tuesday night meetings over on my side of the world so getting together at the Bunker is good place for us to get a game in every so often. Both Steve and I are tweaking our lists for the upcoming Core Competency Tournament in Nov. I'm still toying around with the Steam Tank and how to use it against the various armies. Daemons even with the Core Competency stipulations (must 900 points of Core troops) are still a pain in ass
anyway you slice it.

I'm not going into too much detail here just a brief recap. I owned the first three turns taking out Steves Flankers, The Stank ripped through his fiends, and I had some other minor kills. Once I started hitting his brick wall blocks supported by Heralds things went astray..I had some bad positioning keeping my Greatswords out of where I needed them, The Plague Bearers were the ultimate Tarpit for the Stank..they continually shook off 10+ wounds a turn only taking one or two. When my 12 Knights charged the Herald of Khorne all by his lonesome and I bounced right off..I knew I was in trouble. Granted my dice really went to shit late game (I shouldn't complain I haven't a real bad dice game in awhile and this game I was really hot early) but in the end I think the only Empire Combo that can even deal with Daemons and VC is the Stank. with maybe a Cannon with Infantry back up but with 2 or three priest..(I could of used the Lector here instead of a useless wizard)..not sure how make that all happen under Core Competency restrictions...I went 3 priests and BSB last year may have to do the same. Result- Daemons -Massacre, nice game Steve.

Steve's Bloodletters and Herald note the cool banner. My Swordsmen and two characters
couldn't handle these guys without the Herald in the unit..what the hell I had a static +7 Combat Res..Sigh

Steve Fiends- I know what a pain these guys are I've never faced more than 2, 3!..well the Stank grinded them to dust at the Bottom of turn 1

Despite my Flagellants being in a bad spot there things where looking pretty good for me here, the next turn all went to hell. (the spider bodies are Steves converted Seekers..WIP they are going to be very cool)

I got out to the Bunker at bit early and was hanging around when I remembered this.
with my new addiction for Blood Bowl , This is the custom built pitch for the Chaos Cup.
this table is awesome..I need to get into some Blood Bowl soon and when I do, You know I will building something similar.- Next up Games Day on Saturday.


oni said...

WOW! That Blood Bowl pitch is freekin' amazing.

Bill Lim said...

Agreed, that BB pitch is very nice. John if you don't mind, I'll bring mine to our next club meeting. Even if we don't play on it then, at least it will be around for when we do actually get a chance for some "gridiron" fun.

Bill said...

Sure...I built a new table so it can sit there when we aren't using Joes ROB...when you your custom one is bigger do you mean you built a bigger field? (than the standard 26" x 15")
or the fields the same you just added the extra room..for the sideline stuff, etc

Bill Lim said...

nope its a completely bigger board. The squares on the normal pitch are just barely big enough for the large med. round bases (Trolls, ogres, etc.) It was annoying because we couldn't fit the ball in the same square as those guys. So I built my pitch with squares that are one and 1/2 times bigger.

Bill said...

I got ya..same number of square
26 x just made them bigger to accommodate the large models visually..good idea so you went from 1" to 2.5 inch square? I am psyched to see it.


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