Monday, January 5, 2009

Back into Mordor

So with the holidays, work, my In-laws giving a us a Wii for Xmas ( my wife and I are addicted to wii golf)..I havent been able to get half of what I wanted to get done during the last month. One thing I did get done however after a of couple late nights was this guy. A Ringwraith on a Fell Beast for my Mordor, Lord of the Rings army and of course as part of my Osgiliath Table. He's not done by any stretch as I need to finish the base and claws to even get him "Done" by normal standards. I do plan on entering him this painting contest over at I really need to put a ton more work into to him. I want to liven up those dark tones..(currently there is some 3 color shading on the beast and some green tones in deeper recesses are arent coming thru in the pic.) I tried my hand at some blending using alot of washes on this model and I do see some progress on making a smooth finish. I obviously did a lot of drybrushing here, and I want to balance that out with more highlighting and get some more color in there Tough when you are working basically in monotone. Not sure what I'm going to do with the rider yet, I have some ideas to bring him out a little more. This is pretty much the stock model, I just added some plastic card to the base and made the bridle bits and reins. Anyways consider these photos WIP, I'll update my LotR gallery with the final model later this month. The contest deadline is 1/31, and I have Daemons to paint, my Realm of Battle Table to finish (seen here, waiting on a Woodland Scenics order before I can finish.) and a new Campaign to get off the ground all this month- so its going to be quite busy.

Speaking of Lord of the Rings, I have been surfing the Last Alliance alot lately. If you like awesome terrain, check out their forums, specifically the constructions section The stuff there is amazing, truly really motivates you to want to play the game.

Pre-construction, I only had to pin the neck..I was going to magnetize the wings for easy transport however to get at tight fit with magnets I needed to do serious green stuff work to the wings to build them up in spots so there were no gaps and the wings where contour flush to the body. It was much easier and less time consuming to glue them in and just gap fill.

Custom bridle close up. The good old #11 paper clip..after bending it to shape, I hit it real good with a file to chew it up and make it look more natural. I really wanted to have actual reins on the model..something I had a bunch of practice with doing my Celt Chariots, so I used the same technique.

Just before priming...some pissed off Daemonettes waiting for paint look on in the background.

edit 1/22 - this guy is done, finished pics are HERE


Bill Lim said...

Ring Wraith and Fell Beast look good so far. the Bridle and reigns look nice. You are right about the drybrushing though, when over done especially on larger models, it just comes out looking dusty...Though I don't see to much of that happening here. You might try starting out with a med - dark gray, and adding your washes (green,brown,black?) over the base, instead (or along with). Basically you are doing all the shading with the wash, and then can do starker highlighting using your drybrushing or line highlighting.....not that I should be giving you paint advice, heh.

Looks good so far, makes me want to finish up (start) my Ent force.

Bill Lim said...

hmm, why no edit button for comments. that should be You might try starting out with a med - dark gray, and adding your washes (green,brown,black?) over the base, instead (or along with the drybrushing).


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