Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wargames Factory Update.-a.k.a Vapor Celts

So I was just reading Zero Twenty Three earlier and was and laughed at his comment about the Wargames Factory "Vapor Celts" because I coincidentally just sent Tony over at Wargames Factory an email about said Vapor Celts this morning. (its been almost year since I sent money for my 2 boxes pre order.) I sent him an 'annoyed customer email" asking what the heck was going on. Here's his response:

Hi John --

Sorry for the lack of updates, we've just been deep into it here! We are taking delivery of the boxes tomorrow from our Rhode Island printer. We are in final tooling with the plastic - we were trying to cram too much onto the sprues and had to add an extra one (which will end up making for a lot of extra 'bits' in the box). We did test shots yesterday and have to tweak two of the tools and then we are running production. My hope is to start packing and shipping by the end of next week (but it might be the first week of February)

I'm just waiting on some good pics of the sprues to post up -- hopefully by the end of this week!

Thanks so much for your patience. It's been an incredibly convoluted and much more difficult road to get to this point than we ever expected (or hoped!!!!) We had to reinvent the process a few times along the way. The good news is that on the up-and-coming products, we are moving pretty swiftly. The L&U zombie sprue went into mold design (the CAD engineering to lay out all the parts and design the plastic flow) on the 14th -- and it is on the CNC machine now. We expect everything else going forward to have the same kind of turnaround times.

Thanks again,

We are almost a year delayed at this point, and while Tony sounds optimistic its doesn't sound to me like they will be flying off the shelves showing up on doorsteps in the next couple weeks. I just hope he can get the damn things out by May when the new Warhammer Ancients book comes out...then I can finish my Celt Army and shoot for Adepticon 2010..LoL!. He sweetened the deal enough for pre order customer hold outs like me so that its worth it to wait it out. Until then-Vapor Celts it is.........

(edit) I've been told (thanks Rich!)that Wargames Factory has agreed to donate a sprue to the Adepticon 2009 swag bag..that's pretty cool, no confirmation what it will be but my guess is the recently released British Colonials or the upcoming Zombies


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Just got word that Wargames Factory will be providing a sprue for the Adepticon goodie bag. Can't wait to see what it will be (or if it will be).

Tim Kulinski said...

Hmm, I have been waiting since Last years Adepticon for my box, I wonder if we will have the celts out before the end of the year!

Because of the slowness of these comming out I have decided to do Warlord games celts over these. Oh well I guess i will be sending my money to another UK company...

John@Plastic Legions said...

Tim, I bought those models and be wary..there isnt alot of variety and building then to rank up propery is really a pain, plus too many of the poses have guys looking directly at the ground so I had to do ALOT of tricky basing to get them to look cool. Don't buy more than 1 box until you are sure you want to go that route..I'm hoping to combine both Warlord games and Wargames factory guys into one army so I am praying the scale well. 023 has alot of very good and similar commentary on the Warlord games stuff as well.

ZeroTwentythree said...

Tim, I generally agree with Jonh on the Warlod Celts regarding them being a pain to rank up & such. Some of the poses are really strange, too. The detail's pretty good on them, though.

The nice thing about Celts/Gauls is that they're easy to mix & match manufacturers in the same army. Even if they're slightly different in terms of scale, I like the "disorganized mob" look anyway.

xenite said...

I saw some sort of Germanic barbarian / Celt box set at Games Plus on Friday. I am not sure if its the one that you had ordered, or if its the same manufacturer... maybe its worth checking out.


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