Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mighty Empires V- Round 2

1/27 @ Games Workshop, Oak Park

Standings after round 1.

Good Team
- 12

Bill- Wood Elves - 4
Bob- Ogres - 2
Chris- Bretonnians- 3
Leo- High Elves -1
Nate- Lizardmen- 2

Evil Team- 12

John- Daemons of Chaos- 4
Joe- Warriors of Chaos- 1
Kenny- Daemons of Chaos - 3
Billy- Skaven- 2
Andre- Tomb Kings- 2

Round is a DRAW

Strategic Events

John- No Guts, No Glory
Ken- Headhunter
Bob- Building Boom
Bill- Land Grab (via praise)
Billy- Survey the battlefield
Nate- Scouts
Leo- War Tax
Andre- Diplomacy
Joe- Land Grab
Chris- Praise be to the Oracle

Campaign Events

John- Disaster! pass
Bill- Rebellion, uses re-roll- All is Well
Billy- Corruption
Andre- Disaster!- pass
Leo- All is well
Bob- All is well
Chris- Raid- nets 150 gp
Joe- Corruption
Ken- Corruption
Nate- Hidden Cache

(wtf!, evil team..two Disasters and 3 Corruptions, plus we got raided!)

All Evil Players- Zero
Billy + 1 Ep over
Bill- 100
Bob- 125
Chris- 225
Leo- 125 + 1 Ep over
Nate- 50


Daemons of Chaos vs Wood Elves
Scenario- Escort
Result: Daemons- Solid Victory points earned- 4
Wood Elves earn -1 point

Orges vs Skaven
Scenario- Battlefield Supremacy
Result: Ogres 3, Skaven 0

Lizardmen vs Tomb Kings
Scenario- Take and Hold
Result: Lizardmen Massacre- 5
Tomb Kings earn 1 point

Daemons of Chaos Vs High Elves
Scenario: Flank Attack
Result. DRAW
Points earned 2 Each

Warriors of Chaos Vs Bretonnians
Scenario: Eschelon Attack
Result-Warriors of Chaos Massacre- 5

Bonus Points remaining

Bill- 1 Luck Chris- 2 Luck Nate- 2 Luck Joe- 2 Luck Bob- 4 Luck

Another great round tonight. The Evil team took it lumps with myself being the only winner. I faced off against Wood Elves...whom I've played plenty but only once with Daemons. Daemons have serious staying power and Bill brought the tree's but some bad luck with the Treeman (failed a Stubborn 8, then rolled low on the flee, so it was cut down by my Plaguebearers) Let me collapse his flank, while one of my units of Fleshhounds racked up tons of kills before meeting its maker at the hands of the Highborn Wardancer General. In the End Bill didn't have enough shooting (which is the bane of Daemons) and the Trees aren't powerful enough to take on the Daemon infantry without multiple supporting charges. Only The Wood Elf General, 3 Wardancers and an Eagle survived giving me the Solid Victory. I'm 2-0 so far will see how it goes next week.


Bill Lim said...

Good game last night. As per the description I got beaten pretty bad. The treeman breaking (and getting caught) early was pretty disheartening. I think, no I know that John is right, I needed more shooting. However I think that had I made better use of my superior movement options then I would have faired better in this game. Terrain was ok however I need to remember to set some of the woods a little closer...
Oh well I'll keep tinkering with lists and see what I can come up with. Really not looking forward to playing against the other Demon player in the campaign...


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