Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Painting Challenge- Round 3

1/6 @ Games Workshop, Oak Park

We wrapped up our painting challenge last night with the 1500 point round. Our next campaign starts 1/20 and thanks to this everyone will pretty much have painted armies to at least a tabletop standard. No one (of course) got as much done over the holidays as planned but we still had a repsectable showing. Andre and Chris had to miss round 3, but Joe was back in with new Warriors of Chaos. Scenario was Battlefield Supremacy, right out of the Warhammer rulebook, the only extra thing added was keeping track of VP do decided the extra point (all the games are worth 5 points max) We got in 1 game tonight, mine was particullary tight against Billys Skaven. Even thou my Daemons ate up every single rat on the table..he almost eliminated every scoring unit I had..if I had take 1 more causalty I wouldn't have been able to score at all!..great game. Below are final scores, I will update the gallery with new pics ASAP.

Bill- Wood Elves

Completion Score 2
Game 1 vs Lizardmen 2 Table Quarters held, 1 point for most VP
Round 1 Score -13
Round 2 Score-12
Round 3 Score- 5

Total Points 30

John - Daemons of Chaos
Completion Score 2
Game 1 - VS Skaven 1 Table Quarter Held, 1 points for VP
Round 1 Score -10
Round 2 Score- 8
Round 3 Score- 4

Total Points 22

Billy- Skaven
Completion Score 2
Game 1 - Vs Daemons. No Table Quarters held
Round 1 Score- 13
Round 2 Score- 5
Round 3 Score- 2

Total Points 20

Chris- Bretonnians
Game 1 - Loss to Daemons of Chaos
Game 2- Solid Victory vs Skaven
Round 1 Score- 11
Round 2- 8

Total Points 19

Bob- Ogres
Completion Score 3
Game 1 - Vs Warriors of Chaos, 2 Table Quarters Held
Round 1 Score - 4
Round 2 Score-9
Round 3 Score- 5

Total Points 18

Andre- Beasts of Chaos
Game 1- Massacre vs Ogres
Game 2- Loss to Orcs (Ringer)
Round 1 Score 3
Round 2 Score 7

Total Points 10

Joe- Warriors of Chaos
Completion Score- 2
Game 1 VS Ogres, 2 Table Quarters held, 1 point for VP
Round 3

Total Points 5

Nate- Lizardmen
Completion Score 2
Game 1- VS Wood Elves
Round 2 Score 3
Round 2 Score 2

Total Points 5

Points can be spent on campaign bonuses for your empire at the start of round 1 of the campaign
Bonuses and costs are as follows

Resources ( 1 Empire Point) = 10 points
Knowledge ( GM will secretly reveal the contents of a bordering hex to your Empire)= 5 points
Luck ( Re-Roll on Campaign Events table.) = 2 points.



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