Monday, January 19, 2009

Mighty Empires V- Objective Markers

We are about to get started on our 5th Mighty Empires Campaign since we started our Club Night back in the summer of 2007. At this point the Campaign is so house ruled it bears little resemblance to the basic Mighty Empires rules. Outside of using the ME map and some of the core strategic events everything else is different, We've struggled to get around some of the concepts that really bog the thing down over extended periods of time we play ( this time is 7 weeks). Some of the pitfalls are due our own un-abstraction of the very abstract style in the original works. This time around we removed the auto-run concepts I had put in and we are using a game master to run the campaign. this allows us to add a fog of war and bunch of other concepts we hadn't tried yet. This biggest switch up is we added a blind opponent draw each week based on drawing scenario cards and the people who draw the same scenario are the ones who play each other. We also have "good" and "evil" teams, so there is a team score as well as personal Empire score. We've also added fixed locations that once captured have different effects on everyone. these will be the prime locations players will be squabbling over. Instead of just grabbing as much territory as you can, you now need to capture some of these fixed locations (and hold them) to really beef your Empire up. Lots of good stuff here so I am really looking forward to it. We are using a ton of custom terrain so hopefully that will really spice things up...this campaign should be short and sweet. I hope it leaves people wanting more as I probably won't run another Fantasy campaign until the fall as this summer we are planning a huge Lord of the Rings Event to coincide with the new War of the Ring rules. Anyway- one Campaign at a time. Everyone needs an Objective Marker this time around and I also made some more objective markers for my Empire Army while I was at it. These will be used for the Loot/Raid scenario in the new campaign. (which came straight out of a recent White Dwarf.)

Some Bloodletters move toward their new objective marker, a sneak peak at one of the finished tiles from my Realm of Battle table...(which I hope to have done by the end of the month) I will of course post lots of pics of the whole thing.

Close up shot...the photo doesn't really show it, but used some water effects to "try" to make it look as if the banner dripped blood into the hollowed out skull which overflows a but with blood...a Daemonic unholy grail if you will. this was fun to do and used lots of different bits...The Skull and the Crow are from some Empire kits...the base is cork..the bit the skull is one is from the hirst arts graveyard mold. The banner is obviously an extra Bloodletters bit..the hanging severed heads are from the Warlord Games Celt Barbarian sprue andthe posts are wooden BBQ skewers.

Mostly Empire bits here straight from the various plastic boxes. I don't know where
the big keg came from its was in a box with misc Pirate stuff I had, anyway three "supply"
or objective markers.



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