Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mighty Empires V- Round 1

1/20 @ Games Workshop, Oak Park

This time we are split into two teams, everyone is working on a team level as well
as a personal level to win games and build their Empire.

Good Team

Bill- Wood Elves
Bob- Ogres
Chris- Bretonnians
Leo- High Elves
Nate- Lizardmen

Evil Team

John- Daemons of Chaos
Joe- Warriors of Chaos
Kenny- Daemons of Chaos
Billy- Skaven
Andre- Tomb Kings

Strategic Events

John- Land Grab
Ken- Building Boom
Bob- All or Nothing
Bill- Praise be to the Oracle
Billy- No Guts, No Glory
Nate- Scouts
Leo- War Tax
Andre- Survey the Battlefield
Joe- Sabotage
Chris- Headhunter

Campaign Events

John- All is well
Bill- Treasure Trove
Billy- Fame
Andre- Corruption
Leo- All is well
Bob- All is well
Chris- All is well
Joe- All is well
Ken- All is well
Nate- All is well


Daemons of Chaos vs High Elves
Scenario- Eschelon Attack
Result: Daemons- Massacre points earned- 5
High Elves earn -1 point

Wood Elves vs Skaven
Scenario- Escort
Result: Wood Elves- Massacre points earned- 5
Skaven earn- 1 point

Ogres vs Tomb Kings
Scenario- Battlefield Supremacy
Result: Ogre Victory 1-0, + "all or nothing", points earned- 3
Tomb Kings earn 1 point (due to VP bonus)

Daemons of Chaos Vs Lizardmen
Scenario: Loot/ Raid
Result. Daemons 4, Lizards 3
Points earned Daemons 4, Lizards 3

Warriors of Chaos Vs Bretonnians
Scenario: Pitched Battle
Result: Bretonnian Massacre 5 points
Warriors of Chaos earn 1 point
Bonus Points
(used in bold)

John- 1 Resource, 2 Knowledge, 1 luck
Bill- 1 Resource- 3 Knowledge, 2 Luck
Billy- 2 Resource
Andre- 1 Resource
Chris- 1 Resource 1 Knowledge, 2 Luck
Nate- 2 Luck
Joe- 2 Luck
Bob- 1 Resource, 4 Luck

Great start to a new campaign tonight, 4 games going with almost everyone with lots of painted models on the table. I had a great game vs Leo's High Elves tonight...Leo ran an Arch Mage, a Lv 2 Wizard, Phoenix Guard, Swordmasters, White Lions, 4 BT's and a Chariot, a 2 squads of Archers VS my Daemon Prince of Khorne, Herald of Slannesh, 2 x Bloodletters, 2 x Daemonette2, 2 x Fleshhounds, 2 Bloodcrushers. His shooting and magic plummed me, but once we got into combat the elite troops and both wizards were dead by turn 4...I continued to eat missle fire. Until just some archers and a pair of BT's remain...bonus points pushed this to massacre, I didn't have much left other than my characters and partial front ranks of three units. but picking up both objectives, 2 banners, and killing the HE general gave some big extra points. We will see if I get as lucky next week!


John said...

No Vampires this time? Boooooo. Guess those of us who root for the undead will have to settle for the mummies.

Bill Lim said...

Indeed no Vamps this time...Which does make me sad. Nice to see that there are some others keeping an eye on our little campaigns.

If you have the oppertunity I highly suggest trying to set up something like these games with your own groups. It really adds another aspect to the game as a whole. Instead of just "battleing" you are "batteling for a greater purpose/goal".

Tim Kulinski said...


Is there anyway that I could get any info on your campaign? i would love to do something like this for LotR and I like what you guys have going here.

So if your willing to share, here is my e-mail add

John@Plastic Legions said...


I emailed you a bunch of stuff..let me know you get it,-

Tim Kulinski said...

Got it man, thanks...

Bill Lim said...

Oops John, I just realized a big mistake in my inital "spending" of empire points.

I had bought a mine...however I can't put a mine on an empty (non mountian/river) hex.

We'll need to switch that over to a castle(fort?) instead.


John@Plastic Legions said...

man, In our rush to get going we totally overlooked that for both you and bob. Definitely changed for next week! worries.

John said...

Yeah, I caught a link to this site from I think BOLS a while back and I've been following the campaigns ever since.

I'm not 100% all the way into WFB yet; I haven't decided which army to go with yet. I'm leaning toward Vamps or Tomb Kings, but I'm leery of TK with the rumors of a new codex on the horizon.


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