Monday, January 12, 2009

January Project Updates

Sunday night here at Plastic Legions usually mean updates and I didn't want to disappoint.If you haven't heard from me in awhile rest assured I am working. Either at my regular Job or at my second job, heh. I mean hobby. For the remainder of this month I am working on 3 things. Thankfully their use of overlaps a bit so progress is being made quickly. First is getting my 2000pt Daemons of Chaos WFB army ready for my gaming groups upcoming campaign. The 3rd round results of our painting challenge was kind of soft so while I am at a modest 3 color standard I am trying to finish my models to a personal standard that I can enjoy before we begin. This is the 5th time we've run our "house rules" version of Mighty Empires and by this point there is very little remaining of the core rules other than using the map and strategic events , everything else is different. I am building alot of specific terrain for the campaign and thankfully my Osgiliath pieces can double for several locations on the map. So as I continue to work on my Osgiliath table, I am also filling out terrain for the campaign. I also continue to slowly work on my Realm of Battle table..while I am refraining from posting shots until its done You can see pieces in the shots posted here. I spent a good 3 hours today working on making an an actual table for (it was sitting on a sheet of plywood and some sawhorses), I completely finished detail painting and started to add some flock. So there you have it.
1. Daemons of Chaos
2. Terrain for our new Mighty Empires, map tiles, objective markers, etc.
3. Osgiliath and Realm of Battle Tables.

Come February everything else gets put on hold as I get my Empire army up to snuff for Adepticon, That project list includes a new mounted battle standard bearer, painting my Flagellants, working on tuning up my display base and then going thru every unit and touching up the paint, there are couple units that are pretty lacking compared to the rest of the army.
That ought to take me right up to Adepticon, as our Campaign is going on from January 20 thru
mid March, I am sure I will have various things to do for that.

Here are some pictures from today, tomorrow I will update the galleries with the painting challenge photos and numerous pics from today.

My Bloodcrusher musician, I only used the legs from the original rider, the rest of the parts are the standard box, I'm liking the way this guy came out..standing up blowing the horn. In play these guys are rock solid and have the durability of Hero Characters with 2 wounds, 3+ armor save and a 5+ ward save. I my latest game against the Skaven, two of tore up the left side of table...( I really could used them on the other side thou...damn plague monks!)

Osgiliath finished pieces..These plastic kits from Pegasus Hobbies are the perfect alternative for Fantasy players to GW's City Fight sets. While the side pieces are the stock City Ruins kit. The tower is built from the administration building box and it doesn't go together like this stock..I had to do alot of cutting with a razor saw and x-acto knife to get it to work. Pegasus has a cool new kit out as well I picked up which is where those column toppers are from. the skirt on the roof is left over piece of GW movement tray. As I plan on playing Lord of the Rings with these building I put the skirt up top so models could choose to give up cover and shoot straight down at attackers if they wanted. This stuff can double for a couple of locations in our Warhammer terrain always makes the game more fun, IMO.

I want my Osgiliath table to have lots of statues, so I threw this together from some of Hirst casting experiments. The model is an old Grenadier Titan from probably the late 1970's..I went thru my old boxes of Grenadier stuff from when I was a kid and found all kinds of great models, including stuff I painted when I was 10 or so.when testors gloss paints where all the rage! these days I will post them up for laughs. While this piece is going to double as the "Monument of Glory" for Warhammer, I found another cool old model I am using for the "Ancient Idol".

I didn't paint this, I just wanted to show it in case anyone was interested. This is a stock piece I bought from Pegasus was around $20 and is cast from heavy plaster..its not plastic..I didn't realize it was pre painted when I bought it...which is ok, one less thing to paint. For our Warhammer Campaign, you guessed it the Chaos Shrine.


jabberjabber said...

I'm loving the terrain pieces - they're excellent! The bloodcrusher musician is very well posed and looks highly dynamic. I'm envious! Great work mate.

Domus said...

The Osgilliath buidings really look sharp. I am going to have to look into that terrain for the future. Very nicely done!

Bill Lim said...

Echoing previous comments here, but, well done on the terrain. Being a bit of a terrain junkie, I'm intrested in seeing shots of the pieces up close.

I was a WIP of the Blood crusher, and thought he looked good then. Now that he is a bit more finished, I can say "great job".

If there is anything I can help "build" for the campaing please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Great work on all of the painting! Everything I see you do, including terrain, makes me jealous of your skills. Both at the quality and speed you appear to work at.

We will have to meet in Feb for a game. I would love to see those demons in person.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Hey thanks for the comments all.

Steve, appearances can be deceiving..I must say I'm actually a pretty slow painter its just that I don't do a hell of alot other than work, hang out at home with the family and hobby. I have been using my airbrush more and more on bigger models and always with my terrain..that does speed things up immensely. Yeah lets get a game in as soon as you make time shoot me a PM at IWFB.

Anonymous said...

For some reason your blog has escaped me until today (despite that you've listed mine in your site). Anyway, I wanted to say that I love all your work. Your Osgiliath table looks like an amazing piece. Keep up the great work.


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