Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's March already!!!??

Ok, this year is just flying by. Its been quite here of late as I briefly mentioned in my last sidebar. I've been working on a variety of things, too many in fact where as I am suffering from that dreaded project ADD we all try so hard to avoid. I am expecting a big backlog of stuff to start getting in to finished status in the next 2 mos, here is where I am at in March 2009:

Road to Adepticon- Just shy of month to go its all about Adepticon. With the current collapse of GW organized events, Adepticon is without a doubt the premier event in the US for the hobby. This will be my third visit to the convention and I am competing in two events. The Warhammer Escalation tourney on Friday and the Warhammer Championships on saturday. My goal this year is to win a freaking game!. LOL...last year I went a lowly 0-4 narrowly missing the bottom quarter due to high soft scores. I plan on keeping those soft scores and I've upped my game with a tougher Empire army and alot more experience under my belt. I'm bringing Flagellants and Greatswords, as well as my Inner Circle Knights this year, I've got some new models I'll be debuting, I'm doing considerable work on my display base and the whole army is getting a touch up..I'm well on my way "in progress" but I am sure I will be tweaking things until the last minute, (Just hopefully not until 4am the night before like last year). I want to get a bunch of practice games in this month as well, which I have been working on trying to set up..expect a full army spread and couple battle reports this month for sure on my "Road to Adepticon".

War of the Ring- A major distraction to my Adepticon plans is the new War of the Ring book for the Lord of the Rings line coming out on of all weekends, Adepticon Weekend . I love the skirmish game and don't get to play it enough so large scale battles is just icing on the cake. Rarity of playing is all going to change very soon. We've got a new summer campaign planned that going to comprise both the SBG (strategy battle game) and the new WotR rules. I've bought a bunch of new models (you need to for WotR, your couple dozen models for skirmish wont cut it.) and have been building and getting them primed up when I can. I've got around 80 models play ready for my Mordor force so far with another 30 or so waiting to be built..I'm playing my first game on tuesday afteroon, it will be bigger than demo games they've been running at our local GW, but smaller than what I expect to see one people get a handle on it post release. I assume you'll be seeing games in the 2K range as the normal in WotR. Lower cost troops and options for lots of monsters, mean games averaging 125 models or so. I can't wait. Look for lots of War of Ring talk here!.

On The Workbench- Again old projects still in the mix, Our current WFB campaign concludes tuesday evening, and my Daemons of Chaos army has grown along the way, I went from a Khorne / Slaanesh mix, to a Khorne/ Slannesh/ Nurgle trio to finally a Nurgle army led by the Great Unclean One with Khorne Support and just a few Daemonettes should I have enough campaign points to get a full 2250. Playing Daemons have been fun..but they really are the "For Dummies" WFB army..I love the models and will continue to paint and collect them, (I've been spending too much of my time working on my Forge World GUO, it will take me quite awhile to finish that monster to a standard I'm happy with) but when I want to play serious WFB I am still playing Empire.

Terrain wise I'm focusing on finishing my Osgiliath table I started last year..its gone thru a variety of changes and new additions since my last post on Adepticon its my number one- modeling project until I get it to a fully playable status which will hopefully be soon. Other than that I've got my Old West posse and trio of buildings I want to do..AND believe it or not Wargames Factory is finally shipping my Celts- that are exactly one year behind schedule...hopefully I'll like the models more than my Warlord games ones, if so with new the Ancients edition coming out..I expect that my Ancient Celts might see some love this summer.

Recently I've started using some new financial software for keeping track of our families finances similar to what I use for my business. I must confess I was pretty shocked when I realized what I've spent on the hobby in the last 6 months and I need to back off a bit, no- alot for the time being. While I was seriously thinking about getting back into 40K with a new Imperial Guard Army this May, I am definitely giving it a pass for now..with so many other things "on the bench" I've got plenty to occupy my time this year for sure, not to mention my ideas for IG where going to be very pricey as in Forge World pricey. Anyway I am still on the bench for 40K for the near future, never say never but I will still write about it here and will definitely be monitoring my pal Bill's new IG army as it develops, maybe I can get him to talk about it here..but I still want to see the Treeman article first!.

That's it for how, Happy March people!.


Anonymous said...

I too am looking forward to WotR. GW was demoing it at their Scarborough store on the 28th, and it looked good. Can't believe there will be many more players though - if you weren't playing the skirmish game, I doubt you'll pick up the mass combat version.

Keep up the good blog work!

Tim Kulinski said...


Stop reminding me already what month it is! I have a ton of stuff to paint for Adepticon and just to add to my stress level, I have a week that I will be in Colorado for Spring break, so no painting!

So I have to figure out how to paint a bunch of island natives for the LotHS game on Friday & Saturday night as well as a few other surprises, thats if I don't run out of time first!

Hope to see you at Adepticon!


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