Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ancient's Update

Lo and flipping behold, my Celt Warbands from Wargames Factory which I pre-ordered over a year ago finally showed up yesterday..Quite the deal for those of us that waited it my two boxes of 24 turned into 4 boxes of 32...(they increased the model count per box, and double the order free of charge for the people who stuck with the pre order thru the delays) Couple things of note they are less detailed and slightly larger than their Warlord Games counterparts. That's not necessarily a bad thing the scale totally works combined together and they will be quick to paint which is a good thing because between Warlord Games, Renegade, and a few other loose figures I picked up I know have well over 200 Celt Warriors to eventually paint, not to mention one the free swag models at Adepticon is a Celt Warchief..sweet. Sounds 150 into 6, 25 man blocks...then maybe 50 as Skirmishers, plus my 4 Chariots....then all I need to is 2-Dozen Cavalry and might have close 2K in points...seriously Warhammer Ancient Battles..makes the upcoming War of the Ring look it has a low model count...LOL! I'll post some comparison shots of my built models soon!.



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