Monday, March 23, 2009

White Dwarf # 351

I'm not going to make it a habit of advertising each months White Dwarf here, but this months has some significance. I know other people have it already as I've seen it mentioned on some of the more popular forums out there I just wanted to mention a few things. Outside of the huge War of the Ring feature ( which is ringing a bit hollow with me given that GW's current anti-veteran policies killed the awesome store wide campaign we were going to run thru the club.), the shots of the new Empire Huntsmen (which I am meh, on..the rumor of it being all new Militia was much more exciting) and of course the umpteenth porn-like tank spread ( you can't just have one super heavy right!) There is ton of awesome custom terrain featured in this issue..everything from set pieces for the all major LotR battles, some truly great Warhammer stuff AND best of all these custom Mighty Empires Campaign Maps..
Being a Mighty Empires junky..I cannot help but be truly inspired by these and I will be working on my own campaign map this summer, something of a similar depth of what you see below.

All three of these are just brilliant.


Bill Lim said...

Wow, those maps are pretty sweet looking. Now if only GW would get my copy of the Mag in stock maybe I could look at them 1st hand...Stupid in store subscriptions...

jabberjabber said...

Those maps are simply awesome!

(as a complete side point: I wonder why WD has different release dates in different countries?)


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