Friday, March 27, 2009

One week to go!

Road to Adepticon part III

This time next week..I should be well into game 1 of the Warhammer Fantasy Escalation tournament. All my free time of late has been geared toward preparing for Adepticon and both the Escalation and Championship tournaments I am entered in. Currently I am finishing up an extra horse I wanted to do for one my characters and Saturday I am finally starting this mural I want to add to my display base whether it makes it our not is dependent on how it comes out. While my freehand painting has gotten stronger over the years I am no trained artist by any stretch. I'll know whether my mural makes the cut on Saturday so I don't waste time on something I don't end up using. . I still want to touch up my Greatswords...but that will be the last few nights before the event. No more staying up until 4am the night before trying to finish that last unit you realized you needed. That is no fun, and for not having to do that I am thankful I must say if you play competitively at all, its just so much more relaxing once you have that one painted army you can fall back on, and if its got depth even better. After the new wave of Empire releases this summer I'll be able to field 4K painted so I am pretty much done with Empire, outside of anything themetic or additional characters I get motivated to do. Optimistically I want do the friday Lord of the Rings event and then either WFB Champioship or WAB singles on saturday and the either the WAB or WFB team tourney next year. So that's going to dicate how move ahead toward next year.

I've done a bunch of practice games mainly geared at the Championship with a couple different current list is definitely performing the best at 2-3 taking only one massacre (Bills VC) Giving the round 1 "best general" bidding system for the Championship, I am unlikely to face WAAC (win at all cost) tier 1 armys..meaning I'm not planing on facing any VC, Daemons of Dark Elves in round my last two practice games are against Lizards and Orcs on tuesday. The escalation tourney on friday should be alot more casual as its no special characters with list restictions so because of requirements and the point totals you should see more balanced lists.

I've got a great 1k list that should do very well and a well rounded 2K list, 3K is going to be a crapshoot because with two lords per army on the table things get crazy...I fully expect to see Dragons, Bloodthirsters and every other kind of big baddy...I opted for only 1 lord at 3K and am taking hordes of 3K list is 180 models..I plan on holding as many table quarters and objectives as I can to mitigate troop losses. I post some finished shots of my display before I head out, other than that look for my full Adepticon write up post event..I will post up some pictures during the event If I get the chance..looking forward to seeing some you guys next weekend!


Felix said...

I was working on my blog post about ADepticon, too, when the Warmachine Field Test date was announced. So I guess that means I have yet one more post that's in the bag :)

I know I'm going to be in for a world of hurt at 3k points with my Wood Elves. I wonder if I can win on scenarios by trying to hold objectives and playing keep away? Ah well.


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