Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mighty Empires V- Round 7

Standings after round 6

Good Team
- 38

Bill- Wood Elves - 13
Bob- Ogres - 7
Chris- Bretonnians- 8
Leo- High Elves -5
Nate- Lizardmen- 5

Evil Team- 41

John- Daemons of Chaos- 12
Joe- Warriors of Chaos- 4
Kenny- Daemons of Chaos - 11
Billy- Skaven- 5
Andre- Tomb Kings- 9

Round 6- Evil Teams Wins again!

Strategic Events

John- Headhunter
Ken- War Tax
Bob- Sabotage
Bill- Land Grab
Building Boom
No Guts, No Glory
All or Nothing
Chris- Survey the Battlefield

Campaign Events

John- Famine loses 250gp
Bill- All is Well
Corruption -100
Andre- All is Well
Leo- Raid + 160
Bob- Harvest Moon +250 gp
Raid +100
Joe-All is Well
All is Well
Nate-Raid +100


John- 155
Bill- 325
Bob- Buys Point (250) +250
Chris- 250
Andre- 250
Nate- 250

Daemons of Chaos vs Bretonnians
Result: Daemons Massacre 5- Brets-1

Wood Elves vs Tomb Kings
Result: TBA

High Elves vs Warriors of Chaos
Result: TBA

Lizardmen vs Daemons of Chaos
Result. Lizardmen Massacre 5- Daemons 1
Daemons lose Tower Fortress.

Skaven vs Ogres
Result: Ogres Massacre 5- Skaven- 1

Our recent Mighty Empires Campaign concluded this evening and I went out with a huge thud..dropping from 2nd place overall to who knows where after getting sandbagged by the new Lizardmen tonight..I ran my Nurgle core for the 1st time tonight and it was a Disaster. I played and beat Nate once already when he ran the Slaan..and he came back with a Killy Old Blood on a Carnosaur with the Blade of Realities...If people where worried about New Lizzies being soft on VC and Daemons..don't fret... the Great Unclean One with 10 wounds, 4+ armor ,4+ regen and 5+ Ward....get's killed in one hit with an auto kill vs leadership check and I roll and "11"...pretty stupid..I hate save or die items. Bottom line is its my fault I knew he had the thing and I should have kept the fatman behind my Herald and Plaguebearers..and not thought my Dogs could hold the turn (he got into me on an overrun) Anyway another one of those Murphy's Law type games I hate. More in the Campaign log coming tomorrow. Oh did I mention I miscast 3 times in the 1st, two turns!!


soylent robot said...

i hate the blade of realities. compared to its similarly priced weapons in VC, daemons & warriors of chaos, its just too easy for it to kill things. hell, even a slann can take one and get lucky with it

Nathan said...

slann can never take magic weapons or armor, and at 75 points, that means only a lord level char can take it. If so it then only has 25 points left to spend on things like armor or ward saves, at that point it can only get 6+ ward OR take an 5+ enchanted shield. I'm not saying that it's not really potent, but taking the blade of realities means that the tough 5, 3+ arm, 3 wounds lord is still pretty killable.


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