Thursday, March 19, 2009

Plastic Legions Forums!

In light of recent events I've set up some free forums in order to centralize a meeting/discussion place that allows for better feedback than blog commentary. As for right now it's geared toward our club night members, the users of this blog and it's followers . The forums can be found here.
I'll be approving all user accounts so go on sign up and will be activating accounts ASAP/
Thanks guys!

also please say who you are in your forum profile so we know!


Peter said...

just signed up although If you read my latest post I won't be very active. I'll try and stay part of the forum, I have a bad habit of forgetting about forum's and I like the discussion, It let's you have discussions in more depth than just commenting on other posts.

Maybe make a new area for individual blogs, So say I could have my own thread for the aspect portal and then say drax could have one for his and one for ron ect. that we could use for discussions ect. just a thought... a very long thought...

Bill Lim said...

Registered. Hopefully we can really make use of this forum, and grow it into a strong community we'll see. If nothing else it provides a nice way for us to communicate.


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