Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The heart of The Empire

Road to Adepticon IV

So here is my current Empire Army in its finished state, this is 3000 points, once you add items to the characters. If you've been reading the blog here at all there isn't much new other than my Arch Lector character (the guy with huge cape) got a finely detailed horse to match the BSB so they are on the same page. If you read the sidebar you saw my mural idea for the rear panel of this display did not pan out...when I look at these photos I can see in my mind how good it would look and I'll have to take another stab at for later in the year. For now- this is what going to Adepticon 2009. I have been working on this Army since December of 2006, and its come along way. I am quite happy with the way its looking, most of my best work is in this Army. I broke out everything in the photo and what list its in for the tournaments below, now items are listed as I'm still not 100% sure on some of those and I'm sure I will be tweaking the nuances of lists until Thursday. That's it for now...I be doing a write up on Adepticon 2009 in its entirity late Sunday or Monday.

My box display base...simple and effective, easy to carry around between games
The combined forces of Hochland and Talabecland on the march!

My BSB (left) and sometime Army General or Captain (right) as he is this year

Knights of the Blazing Sun following my Pistoliers, My Arch Lectors new Horse
can be seen here...the plastic horse from the general kit details out nicely if you take your time
I should have done that awhile ago.

I love trying to get close up mob shots like this. My mounted Warrior
Priests Rides with the Knights of the Blazing Sun,
Banners flying everywhere!

Another Warrior Priest leads the Greatswords and Flagellants
two of my key units.

My Wizard only shows up the second half of Escalation
here's hoping he performs better than usual.

The Empire Treasure and one of two pet monkeys (my objective Marker for Escalation)


Arch Lector on Barded Warhorse Championship, Escalation 3k
General on Barded Warhorse
Escalation 2K


Captain - Battle Standard Bearer- Barded Warhorse- Championship, Escalation 1k,2k,3k.
Warrior Priest- Great Weapon- Championship, Escalation 1k,2k,3k
Warrior Priest- Barded Warhorse, Great Weapon- Championship (as Luthor Huss), Escalation 3K
Battle Wizard-
Escalation 2k, 3K
Captain- Barded Warhorse
, Hand Weapon and Shield- Escalation 3K


26 Swordsmen Full Command- Championship, Escalation (all)
9 Free Company Detachment x 2- Championship, Escalation (all)
9 Swordsmen Detachment - Championship, Escalation (2k,3k)
5 Archer Detachment- Championship
10 Handgunners marksman with Hochland Longrifle - Championship, Escalation 2k,3K
10 Crossbowmen (musician) Escalation 3K, Championship
20 Flagellants- Championship, Escalation (all)
5 Knights with Great Weapons - Escalation 1K
6- Knights of the Blazing Sun Full command, lance- Escalation 2K as Core.

12- Inner Circle Knights of the Blazing Sun Full command, lance - Escalation 3K
9- Inner Circle Knights of the Blazing Sun Full command, lance- Championship
1-Great Cannon- Championship, Escalation (all)
1- Great Cannon- Championship, Escalation (2k,3k)
5-Pistoliers- musician, outrider with repeater pistol... Escalation 1K.2K
19 Greatswords full command- Championship, Escalation (2k, 3k)

Helblaster Volley Gun- Escalation 3K

Helstorm Rocket Battery- Escalation 3K


Wildhermit said...

Very impressive looking army. I have several more projects on my list to complete first, but The Empire is coming... Seeing how nice all of your troops look prepared for battle makes me want to move The Empire up in the queve.

What I like best is how it seems to be a pretty simple color scheme with the red, but very effective. I was thinking about doing mine in a colonial blue (contrast to your red coats) but was not sure how it would look. Now I see how nice and effective it can turn out.

Tristan said...

I think my favourite part is your awesome banners - they all look really dynamic and are beautifully painted. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This is an army anyone could be very proud of! The details of the heroes and the common foot soldier are well done. The color scheme flows across the whole army. You also capture that dirty real life feel as well. Very brilliant.

Are you going to post any signs around your army for background or conversions. This usually helps win votes for best painted.

Domus said...

Your army is looking good! I look forward to checking it out in person.

Bill Lim said...

seems like I always echo previous comments, so I'll do it again.

I have gotten to see (and play against) this army 1st hand on a number of occasions. It really does feel complete. As Tristan stated, the banners are all very well done, freehanding, and script on most of them. Also quite a lot of smaller conversions throughout the army. The color scheme works very well, Dynamic and flowing with out seeming to busy.

John at some point you should write up a little background to go with the army. I have heard you mention bits and pieces, but would love to get the full story straight from you. Do you have any ongoing characters that you imagine with this army?

Example, My VC general is Wilhelm Von Carstein, I have a little story and stuff that goes with him.

Anyway great work as always. Looking forward to seeing more (and new) things from you.

Jason Dyer said...

Stunning army mate!
Look forward to coming by an seeing it - I'll get slaughtered early in my games, so I'll have plenty of time to say hi! :)

John said...

Wow that is just amazing, Great work

King's Standard Bearer said...

Fantastic looking Standard and army on the whole!!
Craig @ cadian8th.blogspot.com


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