Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mighty Empires V- Final

3/10 @ Games Workshop, Oak Park

Standings after 7 Rounds

Bill- Wood Elves - 13- Best General
Bob- Ogres - 9
Chris- Bretonnians- 9
Nate- Lizardmen- 7
Leo- High Elves -5 ***

Good Team Score- 43-

Good Teams Wins the Campaign!!!- congrats guys, congrats Bill!!!

***-Leo's game vs Joe is still outstanding but matters not to overall score Leo can improve his personal score however.

Kenny- Daemons of Chaos - 12
John- Daemons of Chaos- 8
Billy- Skaven- 6
Andre- Tomb Kings- 6
Joe- Warriors of Chaos- 4

Evil Team Score-36

Another Mighty Empires campaign concludes 7 rounds, 69 games with one outstanding match the last round really crushed the Evil teams hope of victory. Overall I enjoyed the change upswith version of rules but with time contrainsts of Club Night and the organizational difficulties of this more complicated rules set, next time I plan on following things up with a back to basics Mighty Empires, with open challenges and only strategic events, I'll looking at combing the favorites of the strategic and campaign events table into one "events" table with lots of options. It will make for a shorter turn and more choices..we embark on a 2 month Lord of the Rings Campaign next look Mighty Empires VI-this summer!

Final Map will be posted tonight!

3/14 - Sorry it took so long to get the map up!


John said...

The peanut gallery demands a better showing from Evil next time. You're giving the rest of us a bad name. Which is actually a Good name. So that's not good for Evil.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

No kidding, I played 7 games, an only lost 1 and ended up tied for 5th!!, what the hell...the map dynamic, events and strategic assets all played a big part in the final outcome..we played it like a bunch of evil dummies and got outsmarted by it goes!

Bill Lim said...

While I may have finished 1st in total empire points, it should be pointed out the the forces of Chaos (demons and warriors) handed me my butt on a couple different occasions.

Great Campaign everyone! Lots of fun, but for me its time to take a step back from Fantasy for a little while, and get some 40k in.

Again a HUGE thanks to John for running this beast.

John we have been "campaigning" for almost two years!!! can you believe its been that long already? Been awesome playin with you, heh and against you. Great work during this (and every campaign). For those Plastic Legions readers in the Chicago land area I highly recommend checking out the "club nights" at our local GW store in Oak Park. Heck there is probably another Fantasy campaign brewing in the nearish come on down and check us out.

GW-Oak Park
1000 Lake Street Suite C
Oak Park,IL.
708-660-0095 (ask about club night, and mention this blog!)


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