Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Battle Report - The Empire vs Beasts of Chaos

6/23 Plastic Legions HQ

Beasts of Chaos

Wargor GW, Heavy Armor, MoS General 88

Great Bray Shaman Lv4 Mos, additional hand weapon 244

Bray Shaman Lv2 Braystaff, Lore of Death, 116

4 Minotaurs, 2nd hand wp. MoS 196

5 Minotuars GW MoS + Bloodkine 270

20 Slaanagors MoS, Warbanner + Champion, Std & Musician 315

Beast Herd 10 Gor, 7 Ungor Foe-Render + Std & Musician 133

Beast Herd 10 Gor, 5 Ungor Foe-Render + Musician 115

Beast Herd 10 Gor, 5 Ungor Foe-Render + Musician 115

Beast Herd 7 Gor, 7 Ungor Musician 82

5 Warhounds 30

5 Warhounds 30

5 Warhounds 30

5 Warhounds 30

Fiend of Slaanesh 75

Fiend of Slaanesh 75

Shaggoth, GW, Light Armor 306

Pts: 2250 Models: 116

The Empire

General of Empire- Full Plate, Great Weapon, Rod of Command, Holy Relic, Barded Mount
Captain of Empire- Battle Standard Bearer, with Imperial Banner, Full plate, Barded Mount
Warrior Priest- Great Weapon Armor of Metoric Iron, Icon of Magnus
Battle Wizard- Lv1, Dispel Scroll, Wizards Staff

24 Swordsmen Full Command with War Banner
- 9 Free Company Detachment x 2

10 Handgunner, Marksman w/ HLR

12 Knights of the Blazing Sun, Full Command, Steel Standard

20 Flagellants

19 Greatswords Full Command
- 9 Swordsmen Detachment

Great Cannon x 1

Steam Tank

Rich's return to WFB was a good one, Having only once played a pure BoC list and Rich using things he was unaccostmed too (as he normally ran a Chaos List with heavy beasts in 6th ed) -I think the game was a surprise for both of us.


Rich had his several groups of Minotaurs, his Shaggoth and Fiend and Shaman on his Left Flank, Herds up the Middle and more herds on hid right flank with some Hounds, he had two units of Beast herds and another unit of hounds in reserve for Ambush.

I had my Infantry up the middle with Flagellants on the left and Greatswords on the Right, I had the Stank on the far left Flank and the my large unit of Knights on the Right Flank. My Wizard and Handgunners were poised to rush into the Watchtower ASAP. I had a lone cannon on the hill at the edge of my 12"line toward my left side of the table.

1st Turn- Empire

I advance my troops, take the watch tower. Cannons put wounds on the Shaggoth, Kill one fiend and a Minotaur.

1st Turn- BoC

Rich advances his troops, moving his heavy hitters toward the Stank, cautiously moving the rest..I can tell at the bottom of 1, My knights are in trouble if I can't a charge off to many units, around the them..my cannon won't last long wither. The Shamans hit me with nasty spells..BoC
is still using the old hated spell list from the 6th ed chaos book, titilating Delusions, Excoriating torment, the dreaded "Hold" spell I take some lumps, nothing major.

Turn 2- Empire

My Blocks march ahead, my Greatswords are heading toward the one trouble shaman. Tank and Cannons dont do much this turn. I inflict some minor causalites with my handgunners

Turn 2- BoC

The Shaggoth Charges the Steam Tank, I had rolled maximum Steam points for Stank this turn held plenty in reserve for the inevitable charge.
The Stank grinds the Shaggoth to paste but does take a wound from the beast. Rich makes out in the magic phase "Holding" my Knights..they are now basically going to be surrounded. ambushers come on and are in my backfield, trouble is coming

Turn 3 Empire

The stank and cannon shoot, I get off a good steam template on the ambushing beast herd..followed by handgun fire makes them run off the board.
My infantry is still unengaged positioning. My knights are held..My wizard miscasts (1st of two, I have been miscasting like SoB lately)

Turn 3 BoC

Rich sends his Mino's at the Stank, same result the put a wound on it but a grinded and broken. My knights and Cannon are charged...I am wiping up the right side of the board while Rich the left..I need to turn my blocks to suit the change in the direction of the battle...

Turn 4 Empire

My General and Infantry blocks charge a herd and smash it moving into another unit my Greats do get to move facing the right direction now in the BoC backfield. My Flagellant are tarpitting a nasty block of Minotaurs of the left side...my cannon is gone, my knights lose and break only to be run down next turn . Instead of moving my Stank toward the middle of the board here, I stupid have it charge his one Shaman that is driving me crazy..I can't catch it but hope my Greatswords can next turn..it doesnt work and a low steam point roll basically puts the Stank out of action at this pivotal point in the game. My Handgunners kill the remaining Fiend.

Turn 4 BoC

Rich, Seals the Deal here but getting successful "Hold" Spell on my General and his Swordsmen. His Minos who have eaten my Flaggies are poised next turn to finish me off..he repositions everything he can to help out this game winning melee.

Turn 5 Empire.

Can't break the hold spell...I am in trouble..My Greatswords eat up a herd but no matter, I take other detachment causualites through out, my Stank is way out of position and can't move enough to do anything

Turn 5 BoC

Rich's Minotaurs Slam into my Flank and I am held I cannot fight back...causalties are massive...getting a rear charge soon coming as well. I either already used the Rod of Command on a bad round of Combat, couldn't use it because I was held or it just didn't bother, because there was nothing I could do the next round (everyone was out of position) it mattered not., I get shattered and caught..General BSB, Banners...600 points plus all the extras..even with my Greatswords, Stank and Handgunners and Wizard..there is nothing I can do to come back from that....its late so we call it

Beasts of Chaos- Victory!!-

Welcome back Rich!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Battle Report- The Empire vs Tomb Kings

6/23 @ Plastic Legions HQ

Tomb Kings of Khemri

Tomb King, Destroyer of eternities, Collar of Shapesh, light armor 268
Lich Piest, Hieratic Jar, Dispell Scroll 165
Lich Priest, Staff of Ravening 160
Icon Bearer, Icon of Rakaph, light armor 107

28 Skeleten warriors, light armor, shield, full command 277
19 Skeleton warriors, bows, light armor, full command, banner of the undying legion 221
4 Chariots, Standard and musician, Mirage standard 210
2 tomb swarms

24 Tomb Guard, Light armor, shield, full command, war banner 343
4 carrion 96
1 scorpion 85

1 bone giant 220

2242 pts, 86 models

The Empire

General of Empire- Full Plate, Great Weapon, Rod of Command, Holy Relic, Barded Mount
Captain of Empire- Battle Standard Bearer, with Imperial Banner, Full plate, Barded Mount
Warrior Priest- Great Weapon Armor of Metoric Iron, Icon of Magnus
Battle Wizard- Lv1, Dispel Scroll, Wizards Staff

24 Swordsmen Full Command with War Banner
- 9 Free Company Detachment x 2

10 Handgunner, Marksman w/ HLR

12 Knights of the Blazing Sun, Full Command, Steel Standard

20 Flagellants

19 Greatswords Full Command
- 9 Swordsmen Detachment

Great Cannon x 1

Steam Tank

This was a 2250 battle between Chris's Tomb Kings and my Empire. We did this battle once before quite awhile ago..it was quite an interesting game then (where one my Cannons took his screaming skull and Heirophant 1st turn with a well placed shot and perfect bounce and he was making crumbling checks from his very first turn and he still won) and I was sure this going to be as well. This was also my first chance to try out the new Empire Steam Tank. Mine is still WIP..but done enough that I had to get it on the table.


Khemri was deployed with his infantry in blocks up the middles, archers on the flank, chariots on the other flank with the Bone Giant and the Carrion hidden from sight toward the center of the board. The Empire had Infantry in the middle all the way to flank with Steam on the short flank and my Cavarly all the way on my Left flank. My Cannon was in middle, shots would be tough but with large on the table..I'd figure I'd get some shots off.

Turn 1- Khemri

Khemri wins the 1st turn and starts off strong..using its painful magic..as much as I tried to stop it..I end up burning all my dice and my scroll trying to prevent those Carrion from charging my cannon 1st turn with the extra move from the spell in the magic phase..I am one dice short and Chris gets it off. the Carrion take out my Cannon before I ever get a chance to use it and over run off the table..he also racked a decent amount of kills from his archers this turn a great start for him.

Turn 1 - Empire

I quickly get my Handgunners and Wizard into the nearby watchtower and look to put them to work..I plow the Stank straight away anxious to see what it can do. my flanks march full speed ahead while my center creeps up to see whats about to happen

Turn 2 -Khemri

Chris strategy is use the extra movement possibilities in the movement phase to his maximum advantage..he's trying to set up flank charges on my oncoming cavalry and advancing his infantry blocks, both his swarms and his Scorpion come up in turn 2 and are in my backfield he also has his Carrion back on the board and in my backfield..I am not liking this one bit,again I take casualties from ranged fire on my detachments.

Turn 2- Empire

I end up turning my stank around to facedowm some of the backfield attackers that are threatening me..I move my infantry ahead mine cavalry is in his archers face ready to charge or take one. My Greatswords are squaring off against the chariots. My Wizard and Handgunners inflict some hurt on the Carrion.

Turn 3- Khemri

Chris gets off alot of charges..His infantry block with his general charges my general and his Swordsmen..his scorpion rear charges one of my detachments which elects to flee, my other detachment successfully countercharges, My Knights get charged by the archers. My fleeing detachment is caught and run down by the tomb scorpion..but my Flagellants are poised to charge it next turn. Chris moves the Bone Giant into the fray during magic phase on the flank of my countercharging detachment. Combats are intense both our generals are locked in a challenge. My BSB kills his Heirophant which makes his start making crumble checks, I forget who won the 1st round but we stayed locked with plenty of causalites on both side. My core Knights who suck accept when charging use there superior numbers to actually win the 1st round of combat against the archers..chris takes his causualites and keeps fighting,

Turn 3 Empire

My Flagellants charge the tomb Scorpion, my Stank repositions itself headed toward the combats, my Greatswords charge the chariots, My Handgunners finish of the Carrion. In close combat, My flagellants blow thru the tomb scorp and right into the flank ongoing huge combat, that turns out to be my ace in the hole..I have huge round of CC..My General Kills his General..my Flagellant martyr and do a ton of causalites..my combat res is so high everything including the Bone giant pops this round, Not to mention both my greatswords prevail and my knights wiping out both there opponents. huge turn for the Empire..the game is essentially over.

Turn 4 Khemri

Chris charges his Tomb Guard into the Stank hoping to do some damage not realizing what a tarpit it is against a S3 infantry block..undamaged at this point I end up with 9 steam points to put into grinding essentially shredding most the unit during the close combat phase..Chris concedes at this point realizing it is just not Khemri's day.

Result- Empire -Massacre

Conclusions- Chris started out very strong but had some very bad breaks..the Tomb Scorpion charge worked to my favor immensely as he left himself a sitting duck for my Flagellants to flank break. The Stank was mostly a deterrent this game and I didnt use it all that well..Chris could figure out how to wound it, until it was grinding up his Tomb Guard. In the End my Close combat dice went exceptionally well on all fronts with large static res's on top of that..its just damn tough to beat the Empire when the dice gods are loving you. Great game to Chris. best part about this game ending early is I got to play Rich's Beast of Chaos..another interesting game where I learn that the 6 year old army book is still playable in the current environment!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Battle Report- Empire vs High Elves

6/17 @ Chicago Battle Bunker

Wednesday night was the new incarnation of veterans night at the Chicago Battle Bunker. Listening to the grievances about the earlier store closing hours, current manager and all around great guy, Jeff W. extended the wednesday hours to accommodate veterans or any and all whose work schedule or life prevents them from getting there before 6pm. I just had to make an appearance at the opening night, although honestly given my own bi-weekly club night with guys from our local store I can't see myself getting out there more than once a month. I made the trip out without a game set up in advance which is something I never usually do, but figured there be enough folks there so I would find someone to play. Luck had it that Brian (who posts as Elvenrain over at IWFB.org) was in the same boat.

In my opinion Brian has the best looking High Elf army in the Chicago metro that I've seen to date, so the camera was coming out for this one. Brian was running his list for November's Core Competency tourney, I had a list that met Core Comp rules so a game of classic warhammer was to be had, I was glad we both had low power lists as this only my second WFB game since Adepticon and Brians 1st..so I am sure we were both pretty rusty.

Empire vs High Elves 2250
High Elves

Noble w/Dragon Armor, Great Weapon, Shield, Reaver Bow
Noble w/ Dragon Armor, White Sword, Talisman of Loec

Lvl 2 Mage w/ Seerstaff of Saphery, Dispel Scroll
Lvl 2 Mage w/ Silver Wand and 2x Dispel Scroll

20 First Among Equals Spearelves w/ Full Command and Lion Standard

20 Spearelves w/Full Command
20 Spearelves w/Full Command

10 Lothern Sea Guard w/shields

10 Archers
10 Archers

5 Shadow Warriors

5 Ellyrian Reavers w/Bows and Musician
5 Ellyrian Reavers w/Bows and Musician

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
2 Great Eagles

The Empire

General of Empire- Full Plate, Great Weapon, Rod of Command, Holy Relic, Barded Mount
Captain of Empire- Battle Standard Bearer, with Imperial Banner, Full plate, Barded Mount
Warrior Priest- Great Weapon Armor of Metoric Iron, Icon of Magnus
Battle Wizard- Lv2, Dispel Scroll, Wizards Staff

24 Swordsmen Full Command with War Banner
- 9 Free Company Detachment x 2
10 Handgunner, Marksman w/ HLR
12 Knights of the Blazing Sun, Full Command, Banner of Valor
20 Flagellants

19 Greatswords Full Command
- 9 Swordsmen Detachment

5 Pistoliers Musician/ Outrider with Repeater pistol

Great Cannon x 2

Deployment- Standard Deployment with 5 pieces of terrain, 2 hills, 2 forests and a building, I won placement and put the building close to my lines with full intent to use it. My Army setup was infantry up the center with cavalry on the flanks with my handgunners and wizards near the watchtower for turn 1 entry. Brian was spread out a bit with infantry and Fast Cav on both flanks with his bolt throwers and archers up the middle.

Turn 1 Empire - The Empire won 1st turn and I tried to put it to good use. I captured the watchtower with my Handgunners and Wizard pretty much ensuring that I had 250 ish points survive the game and at a minimum contest the quarter, unfortunately I didnt think about the damage I could inflict on myself- but more on that later. My troops advance. My Wizard can't get a spell off due to my low casting rolls being easily dispelled. Shooting is the high point for me as my Cannons knock out both Bolt Throwers turn 1..can't hope for better than that 1st turn..unfortunately that was my shooting high point of the game.

Turn 1 High Elves- Brian advances cautiously, he wants to maximize his shooting and magic phase. One his wizards has the lore of metal and he gets to choose his spells..so of course he takes spirit of the forge..the bane of Empire knights...I use my scroll to counter his first one turn 1. His shadow warriors go visible to shoot me up, and I take some minor casualties from his archers. My Pistoliers, always a first turn target, lose two from the Reavers bows and I fail my panic check and they rout but are still on the board.

Turn 2 Empire- My Knights move forward to engage one Brians blocks of Spearmen containing a level 2 wizard, he also has some Reavers and Eagle there that I know he's going to use to march block and bait me..the forest on that side of the table is going to force me to commit my Flagellants to that side of board...my 6 wide block of cavarly is problematic here as my frontage is bit wide to have the manevuerbility I need..so I know I need to engage the bait crush it get past the danger of getting flanked and bring the Flagellants in to hold up the block and either re-engage the block or leave it move toward across the table..nice plan...but execution is the tough part. My other troops move ahead the shadow warriors are going to keep my
swordsmen detachment from helping out my Greatswords in there soon coming melee..my General and his troops move toward the rest of Brian's army. Shooting comes up empty.
I roll a misfire with one of my cannons..but roll a 5 ..so just lose the turn..other cannon overshoots or does nothing notable. My handgunners shoot up the Reavers on my left side and they run..but not off the board. My Pistoliers have rallied as well. My Wizard again fails to get spell off.

Turn 2 High Elves. Brian sets up the bait on my Knights with his Reavers. So I'll need to charge him next round and if I dont stick I'll get flanked charged for sure by his block and his eagle..if he runs I can catch him and escape the flank with a good roll. My guess is he'll stick and gamble on my bad dice somewhere to get me at the disadvantage. His other block of Spears sets up for a charge with my Greatswords. Always strikes first with Elven Spearmen you want to be charged..so I am going to oblige. Greatswords with a priest can hang with the best with average dice...I could sure use my detachment here but its going to be blocked by the shadow warriors who shoot me up. I make a critical error here in not moving one my detachments from my Swordsmen block over to the help the greatswords, instead choosing to leave them with my largest block. Magic and shooting for Brian are minor this turn.except Archers can see my Pistoliers and I take another two kills routing again this time off the board. Brian flies one of his eagles behind all my troops to march block and is braced to charge a cannon next turn. His Routing reavers rally

Turn 3 Empire- Turn 3 is usually the game decider, and this game follows suit. My Knight charge his Reavers who elect to take the charge, My Greatswords charge his Spearmen and my Swordsmen charge his shadow warriors. The rest of my troops move ahead toward the
the Spearmen and archers on that other side. I kill the eagle with a nicely placed cannon ball from one cannon, the other cannon again misfires and this time blows up. My handgunners shoot up the Reavers on that side, killing two...but the lone one makes the panic check. My Wizard this time Miscasts..I roll a 1 so he loses a level and take a strength 8 hit...I take the wound but can still cast my regular fireball...it doesnt go off. In Close combat my Knights crush the Reavers as expected but I roll a freaking "6" on 3d6 on the overrun and do not escape the flank charge on top of that I didnt move my Flagellants far enough on the preceding turn so even if I survive the turn I don't think I am close enough to get in help at the top of turn 4..not good. My swordsmen draw with the shadow warriors, and my Greatswords win a very close /close combat (by 1 I think) with the other group of Spearmen containing a killy High Elf Noble, But Brian makes
the Leadership Test..they hold.

Turn 3 High Elves- Brian of course flank charges my Knights with his Block of Spearmen and remaining Eagle, he's trying to bait my other large block with the 10 Sea Guard for a similar flank on the other side. The magic phase is nail in coffin for my knights as brian rolls an irresistible spirit of the forge and 4 of my knights go POOF before the combat even starts
(Spirit of the Forge was FAQ that it can be cast in combat making it even more painful) The High Elf Archers fire is directed at my General and his block and its detachments..I take a few casualties but nothing major. In close combat again my Knights I shocking dont lose a model due to kills and even do a couple back..but the static res and flank I still lose by 5..making me need a three on the break test, I roll a "4" and we recalculate to double check..I run and the eagle of course catches me..and my Knights are done and Brian captures a Banner. My Swordsmen beat the Shadow Warriors this time but the make their break test, My Greatswords lose this round of Combat against Brian's Spears but I am Stubborn 8 so I make my test and stick.

Turn 4 Empire
My Flagellant charge the Spearmen that killed my knights, Charging ASF spears with Flagellants is nothing but a two to three turn tarpit..I know I will never get a chance to strike back..all I can do is keep them out of the rest of the game. Again bad placement with these guys.I could have used them on the other flank of something where they would have been an arrow magnet or more of a threat, here they were basically useless. With everyone otherwise engaged I ignore the Seaguard bait and move my General and his block ahead toward the other large block of spearmen. My Wizard now a level 1, throws a 3 dice fireball (wizards staff) at the Sea Guard..It goes off but a low roll, Brian scrolls it away as my magic options are nerfed. In the shooting phase my Cannon tries to take out a bunch of Spearman infantry..I manage to get a full rank, and my handgunners get a few more plus putting 1 wound on his other noble..courtesy of the Hochland Long Rifle. In Close Combat my Greatswords are losing the war of attrition against Brians Spearmen and my Flagellants are getting crushed but holding, my Swordsmen kill the shadow warriors..and there is a chance I can get the in to help my greatswords -I'm hanging on but by my fingernails.

Turn 4 High Elves
Brian is trying to position his Seaguard and Spearman in a way to make sure he gets the flank in when he engages my General. In the shooting phase Brian starts shooting at my loose detachments and swordsmen..I take a few hits but at this point I need even man I have. The High Elf Level 2 wizard with the Lore of Metal crushes my hopes for last minute aid to my Greatswords by landing a spirit of the forge on my swordsmen detachment whom ran down the shadow warriors. Not only does brian roll another irresistible but he rolls 11 hits they are strength 3 but he rolls enough 3+ to kill the 8 guys left in the unit. my Greatswords finally fail there stubborn 8 with a "10" break and get run down and My flagellant take another bunch of
causalities leaving a lone guy holding up the unit..the right side of the board for me has evaporated the High Elves are taking the battlefield.

Turn 5 The Empire

Seeing the 15+ man strong unit of Spearman and his killy Noble is now on the loose after killing my greatswords and heading toward my rear My General and his charge the other unit of Spearmen containing Brians General. I know its close but not close enough its 8.5 inches so I am short not good. I now try to move my out of position detachments to block the flank charge from the Seaguard, but since they are march blocking the detachments I can't get close enough. Sigmar is not with Empire this day as in magic phase my wizard rolls his second miscast of the game again with "10" and dies then is the shooting phase my other cannon bearing down on the Spearmen heading toward my rear MISFIRES and blows up!..damn I just gave brian 250 points in my own damn turn with shit dice rolls. In Close Combat my last Flagellant goes down..things are looking grim.

Turn 5 High Elves- Brians General finally charges bringing in 10 Seaguard on the flank, he moves his other unit of Spearman in for the kill,Shooting and Magic continue to be directed at my detachments but brian hits a little of his own bad dice luck and I survive unscathed
My General and his swordsmen have some close combat luck and despite the flank and some losses I win the combat thanks to a large static res and some overkill wounds from my General in a challenge, I wasnt worried as my General had the Rod of Command if I needed it, I can now get my Detachments in the next turn.

Turn 6 Empire. My detachments pile in on the rear and flank of the flanking Seaguard. I think I have this combat for sure but we will see, if It holds another turn and with the other now free and mobile unit of Spearmen is heading straight at the rear of my block and that will be end of me for sure. The combat ends up a winner for me as My General kills his General in a challenge but my General does take two wound fails 2- 5+ armors save and 2- 4+ ward saves, it doesn't matter as he breaks and I run down both units and pick up a banner..a big point swing pulling me out of total massacre territory. I know Brian had it won at this point but by how much.

Turn 6 High Elves
Brian charges the closest detachement with his remaining Spearmen. despite some bad luck..his static res is enought to break them even with my generals leadership and a reroll. They break thru and kill them and the game had ended.

Scoring- all Additional points were a wash and it became a straight points battle..I still has decent amount of points on the table due to my General and BSB being alive and 1/2 point for the unit, plus my Handgunners in tower were unscathed. Brian had 3 heros, 2 units of Spear
2 units of archers, 1 eagle and 1 Reaver left on the table. End result was High Elves by around 600 points Result- High Elf- Solid Victory

Great game to Brian, I had a bit of bad luck backed up by a few poor decisions and I think he played it pretty much perfectly, and without his bolt throwers all game. Props to him and his kick ass looking army..this a great example of why I play this game, I look forward to the rematch!.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Plastic Stank- WIP

Here we have the new Empire Plastic Steam Tank. I've played without one for years not wanting to get and fiddle with the expensive metal model and I never thought I'd really like it, but as time as gone on and the WFB meta game expands. I find myself needing one from time to time. Now its plastic..although annoying only about $7 cheaper than old metal model but thankfully its a great kit. Although pictures of the painted sprues these are all over the new White Dwarf...I thought I through up some shots of the unpainted sprues and go into some WIP shots.

Good selection of extra parts, and alternative cannons, you can model a more traditional one
with all the Sigmar Heraldry or one that comes from a more obscure province. I really like the fact the driver is an full model not just a bust plus you can model it so you can see inside the tank and since there is some nice interior detail you might as well paint it.

Rear Assembly complete, alot of little gaps and things to sand and fill...this is assembled with just a rough cleaning...obviously I have some work to do.

Rear of the tank, again..awesome detail..I love painting stuff like this..time consuming sure
but the results are great.

Boiler front and interior assembly.If you are going to have an open top this section needs to be painted first before you assemble the rest of the tank... lots of great details here. The gun also snaps in, so you dont have to glue it and the gun elevation is moveable.

I will add more photos here until the project is complete...It is going to take me awhile as I am working on few other things as well right now. I expect it to be built by Sunday night..and then primed so I can take it out to play on the 17th..I don't think I will get to painting it until mid-july but we will see. check this post periodically for updates if you're interested.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Osgiliath Project: Phase Four, The City Tiles

Back in January, I showed off some recent pieces I created for this. The project has under gone several major changes over time as I slowly figured out what worked and what didn't. I originally planned to make city tiles very early on, before I changed the city walls and ideas on building construction. Organizing and planning the city tiles proved alot more challenging then I had initially thought. too many different sizes was inflexible and I was not happy with experiments I did with plastic card tiles. As I worked on the stuff for the Spanish Main campaign, (several structures of which have cross use for this) I started revisting Hirst Arts..while the initial learning curve turned me off (as well as the mess) Inspired by friends work- I have gotten over it...worked thru the learning issues and have been getting great and most importantly consistent casts. The city tiles will all be of Hirst Arts casts. Similar to what you see here ( courtesy of Shifting Lands and admittedly my inspiration for the Hirst Tiles) While my tiles aren't quite as flexible as therethey will work nicely with the structures I have built.

Example tiles courtesy of www.shiftinglands.com/cityplan.htm

Overall we have 12, 12 X 12 tiles each consisting of one structure, The tiles and buildings are as follows
3 sections of wall, 2 with towers
1 seperate tower wall section,
3 ruin building tiles with ruined building
1 Church (damaged)
1 large plaza (ruined)
1- 4 story tower (intact)
1- private home (intact)
1- administration building (intact)

I think you can about catch most of tiles in this picture. there a couple buildings missing
and some the other details..it will come together very quick once the tiles are complete.

Besides the previous shownt statues...I have miscellaneous rubble and arched walkways, probably a few trees... coming..overall it will be a dynamic and challenging board for skirmish games..if I want to add some new or expand it, just build a new tile or move the whole thing over to a bigger table and expand. If you saw my last Lord the Rings gaming update we played in semi finished configuration of the final just to see how it played..I thought it played great and can use the extra terrain to minimize the effectiveness of calvary models..(after all your in a city)

You can barely make it out but the piece of rubble thrown by a catapult will be represented
in a trench that follows the gap in the broken wall.

Camera Flash on to catch the detail of the some of the finished pieces and the tile layout

I am confident I am on track to get his entire project finished by August..one year after I started it, I still have few challenges to over come with constant changing design ( mainly the tiles are siting on top of the beach..so I need make something to make the transition make sense.
Looking forward to a finished game on the completed project!

Laying out the tiles is labor intensive, there is alot of cutting and filling that needs to be done
to get the nice neat look of the example tiles I've shown above. A friend of mine cast some larger cobblestone pieces making his own molds which lets the cobblestone casting for this
(the majority texture) go a whole lot quicker.

look for a gallery update on the whole project so far soon.


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