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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 3: Descent into Darkness. Scenario 1: The Broken Stairs

 Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 3: Descent into Darkness

While the battle against the Shadow Deep rages along the line of the old beacon towers, you and your companions have made a huge discovery. Scouting the area behind Tor Varden, you found a long, deep fissure that runs down into the gloom of the Shadow Deep. Within this fissure is a rough and broken stairway. It seems too purposeful to be a natural occurrence, yet its rough surface and uneven, sloping steps argue against it being made by the hands of men. Reporting your find to your superiors, you quickly receive new orders. You are to lead your team down the stairs and penetrate as far as you can into the Shadow Deep. You will be the first warriors of Alladore to enter the cursed realm and any intelligence you can bring back will be of huge importance. Take any opportunity to strike against the enemy, but your primary goal is reconnaissance.

This report is a complete playthrough.

After recapturing the Beacon Tower- Tor Varden,  Ranger Blackwulf and company waste little time and rest , heal and resupply. Their job isn’t done.  Leofric , Man at of Arms of the Towers original garrison has left the group to help form up the new tower garrison leaving the Rangers a man short. Fortunately Blackwulf ‘s new orders where delivered by a young Arcanist, named Xavos.  Who on orders from the palace is to accompany the rangers into the Shadow Deep to help better translate and/or recover any ancients texts, scrolls or runestones they might find.

Blackwulfs updated Character sheet

Companions updated character sheet

In addition to listed items Gord and Xavos are each carrying a rope.
Gord, Thorvald, Guthrum and Sigurd each have a Torch.

 SCENARIO 1: The Broken Stairs

Laden down with provisions (for who knows if there is food or even drinkable water below?), you start the treacherous descent of the stairs. In some places you move quickly, in others, you must step lightly, checking your footing with each movement, as cracked and broken rocks crumble away. As you get lower, the air thickens and breathing becomes more difficult. Black ash floats in the breeze, filling your nostrils and stinging your eyes. You are just about to call for a break, when you hear a loud buzzing noise, first from one direction and then from the other. You ready your weapons, just as the first bloated body comes flitting into view.

Pre game notes

I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how I wanted to set up this scenario. I was originally tempted to scratch build the cliffside as its not that large. I’ve had an interest in building some vertical playable terrain for awhile now (this cliff is spec’d at a 60 degree angle) since its not practical  to leave the single 30” x 30” piece laying around for the rare instance I needed it , I spent an afternoon drawing / laying out and cutting some test foam for some modular cliffs. I quickly realized I was biting off a lot more work that this quick scenario realistically needed. I dropped the idea and put the current layout together based on what I had ready to go . The game mat is a different enough looking blast rocky surface,  the cork rocks  and Hirst bits are from an old Cave set up I did for Otherworld Skirmish a couple years back. The stairs are my wooden walkway from last game. (I have feeling I'll be getting plenty of use out of them)  the Flies are those cheapo flies from Amazon people have been talking about. I just repainted and based them.

All die rolls are shown as (X) all combat rolls are (x,x) The first number always being the heroes.

The target point in this scenario is the point where the stairs meet the bottom of the table.

There some special rules for moving especially off the stairs, which will result in Climb and Acrobatic checks. The is to simulate we are heading down a steep, dangerous rocky slope.
I’ll go over them when they come into play on the turn.

This scenario lasts 10 turns , there will be an event every turn.


The new kid Xavos, leads the group for about 5 mins and he is almost killed,

Blackwulf, uses group activation to activate , Gord, Skuti and Xavos

If we move make more than one move action on stairs we will have to make a Climb check TN8 or fall. No one on the team is a great climber so we start out making one move action.

Blackwulf moves 6 inches. Seeing a Giant Fly menacingly hovering above its hole  and fires and Arrow at it. (5,15) he misses.

Archers both fire a miss and a graze.

Skuti moves 6 inches and shoots at the same fly (5,5) he hits the fly winning 7 to 5 but only grazes the wing doing 1 damage.

Xavos move 6 inches and stops

Gord moves 7 inches ( I keep overlooking he has an extra inch of movement as a rogue this should be useful, if I can remember to use it)  he stops


The Giant Fly  (#1) attacks Blackwulf (10,7)  Blackwulf winning 14 to 7 at armor 6 with 4 remaining health the fly is swatted dead taking 8 damage

Blackwulf kills the first Fly,

Giant Fly (#2 and #3) both can see the group descending the stairs and fly 9 inches toward them.

First 3 Giant Flies on the board move to attack the heroes


Guthrum, Thorvald and Sigurd all move 6 inches down the stairs eyes peeled for incoming flies.


RED QUEEN –ughhh

Poison Fog. A waft of thick black cloud roils up from below and momentarily
envelops the heroes. Every hero should make an immediate Will Roll (TN10)
or it will not activate in the coming turn

Blackwulf +4 (16)   = 20 Pass
Sigurd +2      (17)   =19  Pass
Thorvald +2  (6)  = 8 Fail 
Guthrum +2  (5) =7  Fail
Xavos +2 (9)= 11 Pass
Gord +1  (7)  =8  Fail
Skuti +1  (6) = 7 Fail

Better now than later I guess.



Blackwulf  group activates  Sigurd and Xavos since the others are lost , coughing in the red fog.

Blackwulf fires his bow at oncoming Fly # 2 (10,18) a miss..I guess the red fog blocks line of sight.

Xavos  sets his rope toward fly hole number one so Sigurd and follow it this way he can move the full 9 inches and reach the hole this turn, however he must make the dangerous TN 8 climb check or fall.., Xavos then stays where he is

Sigurd attempts to move toward the fly hole he moves to rope continuing off the path along the rope to Fly Hole, his climb check (12) Pass

Fly Hole #1, Sigurd lights a torch for his next activation to seal it.


Fly # 2 no sees Sigurd as his closest target and attacks ( 11,4)  Sigurd bests it 14 to 4, again 8 damage cleaves the bug in two

Fly # 3 attacks Xavos..I was hoping I could get Blackwulf to snap in but a straight line at Xavos makes him more than an inch away, Xavos must fight alone  (16,18)  a tie!! At 18 to 18 the fly mauls Xavos before he kills with his spear..its bad wound thou..he takes 8 damage dropping to 2 health! He also must makes a disease TN 8 Check..(13)+ his 2 health is 15, pass.

Welcome to the Rangers, Kid...Xavos gets almost wiped out on turn 2.

Note:  Special Rule for Scenario

Any time a hero loses a combat in this scenario, that figure must immediately make either
a Climb Roll (TN10) or an Acrobatics Roll (TN10), or fall according to the same rules as above

Since combat here was a draw , I don’t count it as losing so I don’t make him check.


No other companions may activate this turn due to Red Fog event



Place one giant fly on each of three fly holes.

Sigurd had this second fly pop out of the hole right before he torched it, luckily Blackwulf blew it up with an arrow before it could act.

Kill three, get three back great!



Blackwulf activates Skuti, Guthrum and Gord using group activation

Blackwulf fires his bow at Fly #4 hovering near Sigurd by its Flyhole he shoots (15,15)
He hits the fly winning 17 to 15, the fly explodes taking 11 damage!

Skuti moves  6 and takes takes at the Fly # 6 he can see it clearly over some rocks but its going to get Hurried Shot, Light Cover and Intervening terrain bonuses so its +2, to +4  he shoots (18,14)  damn lucky he wins 20 to 18 and the fly is killed..5 flys down!

Skuti makes this long range hail mary thru the gap into the fly for his first kill of the match.

Gord and Guthrum both carefully advance 6…taking no other action.


Fly #5 coming from Flyhole 2 Flies 9 inches up the path toward the group using a double move


Sigurd light a torch and throws into Fly hole # 1 temporarily sealing it. His second action it too follow the rope back 6 inches to the path , as its treated as a single move over rough ground thanks to the rope he doest need to make the climb check.

Thorvald moves 6 along the path and holds

Xavos wounded and having set his rope takes no actions, we want him in the rear and not risk him getting killed as we may need him in the next few scenarios



Giant Fly appears at Hole 1

Since we Sigurd has just sealed that , we ignore this result. Good Job Sigurd



Blackwulf activates Skuti, Gord and Guthrum using group activation

Skuti moves 6 inches fires his bow at on coming Fly #5  Fly is +1 for intervening terrain
(20,19) yowza!  Skuti  wins 22 to 20..Im not sure how band you can kill a giant fly but Skuti’s arrow just did doing 21 damage with the critical setting a new record for highest damage dealt in a single attack yet. 

Gord makes a single 6 inch move down the stairs and with his second action sets his rope toward the treasure token and flyhole # 2

Guthrum moves 6 to the set rope and holds

Blackwulf risks a double move on the stairs and must check TN8 he is +2 climb and rolls (12)


No creatures on the board



Landslide. Randomly select two heroes. Both of those figures suffer an immediate
+2 shooting attack as large rocks come crashing down from above.

I roll Skuti and Gord

Skuti +2 vs +2 (19,9)  miss
Gord +1 vs +2 (11,7)  miss

Got lucky there



Unwitting I moved Blackwulf too far ahead he is out of range to group activate anyone its fine because there are currently no creatures on the board.

Blackwulf got a little too far ahead of the group here, keep an eye on distance for group activation purposes.

Blackwulf moves 4 inches toward flyhole # 3 staying on the path and stops


No Creatures on the board


Guthrum makes a single 6 inch move along the rope and stops he cant reach the flyhole with risking a climb check so I hope we don’t draw any flies from this hole coming up

Hmm..No Flies here?

Gord also makes a single 6 inch move along the rope and stops to pickup the treasure token

All remaining companions make a single 6 inch move



“Place one giant fly on Fly Hole 1 and Fly Hole 2”

Well the “best laid plans” and all that  Flyhole 1 is sealed so one more giant fly join the party I guess it heard him coming

Spoke too soon, oh look a giant fly!



Again Blackwulf has no one in range and activates alone

Blackwulf hears his companions yelling but cant see them, he moves down the stairs 6 inches and has a clear view of the fly menacing Guthrum. He shoots an arrow (7,6) winning  9 to 7
(+2 shoot vs +1 for hurried shot) he hits the fly but only does 3 damage it still alive.

Blackwulf hits the fly but the low roll does not kill it.


Fly proceeds to attack Guthrum.  (4,13) Guthrum can do little while hanging on the rope to defend himself he loses  7 to 13 while its only 2 points of damage  unike Xavos earlier Guthrum lost combat so must make a climb or acrobatics check at TN 10  Guthrum is climb +0 I roll (9)
So Guthrum falls 1 inch toward the bottom and takes another damage for 3 damage total
Guthrum has 9 health  Now he also must make a disease check (14) and passes easy


Gord , treasure in hand sees Guthrum slip and fall , the fly is looking at him next
Gord throws  his lucky throwing knife (20,9)wow unreal- its truly is lucky… wins 21 to 9  at -1 damage is still 14 damage another dead fly, 7 flies down, he second action he moves back to the stairs.

Guthrum gets up and climbs 3 inches to torch the fly hole as Gord kills the fly with a throwing knife.

Guthrum even falling off the rope is still close to Fly hole 2 he can reach it with safe 3 inch move action, his second action he throws a torch into the hole sealing it.

 The remaining companions all make a single move down the stairs stopping opposite Fly hole # 3



Place two giant flies on hole 3

Are you kidding me!! This game has a mind of its own.

2 more flies join the party,



Blackwulf , again sadly out of range for group activation.

Fires off bow shot at the closest Fly (#8) (13,18) and  misses

Flys attack!


Fly #8  attacks Skuti (11,15) biting him wining 13 to 15..its 5 damage and Skuti must make the fall down the stairs roll (19)  he doesn’t fall holding his ground with 5 6 health remaining
Disease Check (4) +6 =10 pass no disease

Fly #9 attacks Sigurd (5,12)  Sigurd also loses to the fly 12 to 8..12 vs his 12 armor does no damage but he must make the Climb check rolls (1) !! ughh Sigurd loses his balance falling 9 inches down the stairs taking 9 damage he has 3 health

Sigurd takes the max fall possible..but lives


Thorvald moves to engage Fly# 9 (3,2) he wins 6 to 2 two handed weapon makes the 6 an 8 for damage purposes so he does 2 damage to the Fly

Xavos moves around Skuti to help him out versus Fly #8 . (14,4) With Skuti’s support he wins 18 to 4 more than enough to kill the Fly
Xavos the Arcanist gets his 1st kill

Gord moves 6 down the Stairs

Guthrum moves over rough ground down the Cliffside toward Blackwulf on the path
He only goes 3 inches to stay safe from the Climb check.

Guthrum slowly working his way back to the stairs


RED 10

Corpse. Choose one figure and have that figure make a Perception Roll (TN8).
If successful, place a corpse marker 3” from the figure that made the roll, but
not on the stairway. A figure that moves into contact with the corpse marker
may spend an action to search it. It may make an immediate roll on the Herbs
and Potions Table. In addition to the item generated by that roll, it discovers a
love letter from this young soldier of Lorenthia to his lady love in Alladore

I choose Guthrum since narratively he’s in an ideal spot for this, even thou I have 2 characters with +5 perception- he rolls (8) on the nose. He will search on his next turn



Blackwulf activates Sigurd via group activation

Blackwulf moves to Sigurd and Cast Heal on him bringing him to 8 health.

Sigurd, moves down the Stairs 6 inches and reaches the bottom of the Cliff


Fly #9 continues trying to gnaw on Thorvald (18,7) he smashes it to paste with his hammer.


No more ropes.

Thorvald, emboldened  by his Kill moves off the path making a double move across the rocky slope to reach the final Flyhole . He makes the TN8 Climb check (13)

Thorvald moves to torch the last fly hole.

Wounded Skuti and Xavos continue down the stairs 6 inches.

Gord continues down the stairs carrying the treasure

Guthrum moves to the corpse and searches it recovering some Anthalas  herb and a love letter.

Blackwulf leads the others to the bottom of the stairs, Guthrum finds a corpse on the rocky slope.



Place one giant fly on flyhole 2

Well Flyhole 2 is sealed!, sucka



Blackwulf group activates Xavos and Skuti

All three make single move toward the bottom of the stairs


No creatures on the board


Gord moves 7 inches down the stairs..

Thorvald Seals Flyhole # 3 with a Torch and moves 3 inches back toward the path

Guthrum moves 3 inches closer to the path

Sigurd is already at the bottom of the stairs/ exited table



Place one giant fly on each of the three fly holes

All fly holes are sealed.



Blackwulf group activates Skuti, Xavos and Gord all 4 move to the bottom of the stairs joining Sigurd exiting the table

5 reach the bottom of the stairs during the scenario.


No Creatures on the board


Thorvald and Guthrum safely make single moves back to the Stairs



Place one giant fly on Fly Hole 3

All fly holes are sealed.


Here we must make a Navigation Check (TN8) to map stairs, this must be done by a figure who hasn’t fallen to 0 health.

Ranger Blackwulf breaks out his Book of Astronomy for a total of +6 Navigation he only rolls a (6) but his skill makes up the difference and the broken stairs are mapped.


+2 XP for each Fly Killed – 9 flies killed 18XP
+5 XP for each hole sealed –we sealed all three 15XP
+2 XP for each hero that exits the bottom during the scenario  we had 5 -10xp
+8 XP if the Stairs are mapped – They are 8 XP
+8 XP if the love letter was recovered.  It was 8XP

59 XP total

All companions receive 1 progression point

Sigurd joins the 5pp club gaining an extra health point.

Treasure Token roll (10) herb or potion roll (11) Potion of Healing.

Potion of Healing – Gord
Anthalas herb- Guthrum
Love Letter- Xavos


Relatively easy based on how much XP we got, there were much harder scenarios where we earned much less. I think having ropes are key here, I would recommend 3 , that way you can reach the fly holes quicker and it makes sense these characters would have some ropes
I also made my ropes one use items to go along with how equipment is generally set up in the game

Again I got lucky on quite a few ranged attacks, the flies don’t hit hard per say unless you get a fluky roll,its the climb checks that are going to kill you…

No one was knocked out of action , which hasn’t happened since the 1st mission’s 2nd scenario. Now we rest for a day and move into the Swamps .Scenario 2 : Swampland is next.

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Ranger of Shadow Deep, Mission 2: The Beacon Tower. Scenario 3: Tor Varden , The Upper Level.

The report is a complete playthrough.

Pre game notes

The first scenario I’ve played that picks up immediately after the previous one. We’ve been given some chance to revive our men that were knocked out of action and luckily not wounded any worse. The team wastes little time moving on climbing  the tower stairs  and coming to the inevitable mission showdown.

Standard changes are the rooms sizes are scaled down to fit my terrain, and Orcs replace Gnolls as the primary soldiers of the Shadow Deep. All other aspects are unchanged.

All die rolls are shown as (X) all combat rolls are (x,x) The first number always being the heroes.

There is no target point in this scenario.


The Shadow Knight here is the most powerful foe we have faced yet , and while this scenario bypasses both Clues and Random events for 3 scripted ones, it seems to be the most challenging.

Given that- I have decided not to “recharge” my heroic abilities but play this as the continuing mission that it reads.  Ranger  Blackwulf will have only his “Deadly Strike” and “Deadly Shot” abilities having used “Steady Aim” and “Heal” on the Lower level.  He is still in possession of two very useful items however that will be used. The Philtre of Fairy Dust which will make his weapon “magic” for the game giving him +1 Fight (so the max +5) and bypassing the Shadow Knights standard weapon immunities and the “Fireheart Green”  herb that will give him an extra action on his next activation.  Given it takes an action to ingest or apply any potion or herb, its seems I can use the herb on the first turn so on the second I can apply the dust and still have my two moves to engage the Shadow Knight.

We only start with three men on the first turn- I chose Sigurd and Skuti, as Sigurd has two remaining uses of his Brightness Shield to defend against to the tower archers plus he will deal an extra 2 point of elemental damage to the Shadow Knight from his discovery of the “hidden note” in the last scenario. Skuti is there to engage the archers right away.  The plan- turn 1 engage the archers prep for turn 2 , On Turn 2- Blackwulf and Sigurd engage the Shadow Knight while the rest of teams deals with his minons.  That’s the plan anyway.

Set Up

Tor Vardens rooftop, its along way down.

For this set up I used the Dungeon Tiles I made for the lower level. They are placed on a low table on top of my battle mat with the trees below so in the photos you get appearance of them fighting on very high tower.  Some smaller pillars are there to support the imaginary roof mentioned in the text , which apparently  has a hole in  it its center to accommodate the large bonfire. The wooden walkway overlooks the long drop to ground, where anyone wounded upon it must make a TN 5 acrobatics check of fall off and be reduced to 0 Health.
The Shadow Knight always passes this check should he have to make it.

On with the game!

Mission 2: The Beacon Tower. Scenario 3: Tor Varden , The Upper Level.

“Your party is battered and bruised, but the fight is not over. Whatever now rules in this tower is likely on the upper level. While it is tempting to leave now with the gains you have made, it would then be left to some other group to come and finish the job, and who knows what evil might be done here in the meantime. Readying your weapons, you advance up the stairs”.



Slipping thru the Trapdoor  Blackwulf, Sigurd and Skuti are the first three through.
Blackwulf activates all three via group activation,

 Blackwulf spends his first action consuming the “fireheart green”  herb

Spotted by the Orc Archers on the walkway, (they cannot see the Shadow Knight or the Soldier who are behind the bon fire.)  Blackwulf's second action is a bow shot. he fires a shot at the Orc in the NW corner. (6,1,) or 8 to 3- the shot hits but does no damage.

The Shadow Knight and Orc Soldier cannot see the Blackwulf and Co here, line of sight is blocked by the Bonfire

Skuti follows suit shooting at the same Orc (11,4)   Skuti is plus +2 the Orc is + 3 (+ 1 for intervening pillar, not cover but in the way) Skuti just barely hits him winning with a 13 vs 11 armor equals 2 damage..a nick…however the hit shakes the Orcs footing and it must make an acrobatics check (TN 5)  at +0 the roll is (3) 
Luck is on our side the Orc stumbles and silently goes over the edge..One Down,

This guy took only 2 damage but over the edge he went.

Sigurd advances 3  inches and holds trying to be a target for the Orcs arrows and target of the soldiers.

Sigurd Steps up.


The Shadow Knight moves first,  according the Creature AI since no heroes are in Line of Sight (blocked by the bonfire)  he will move in a random direction first… since hes on square tiles I used a d8 to determine direction and  roll (4)  after a 2 inch move the Shadow Knight can see Sigurd so he stops and with his second action he advances into Sigurd so no combat.  We lose Sigurd as archery target  but he’s drawn the Shadow Knight out and there was no combat.

Shadow Knight immediately engages

The Orc Soldier is next. He rolls (7) moving west toward the walkway and goes 4 inches before he can see Blackwulf  stops, then advances  with second action 6 inches and stops. (this should have only been 3 inches here as a second move..I didnt catch it until after the game)

Orc Archer SE, can see Skuti with portion of the pillar intervening so he shoots his bow is +3 vs +2  (10,12) the Orc wins 14 to 13..Skuti takes 3 damage dropping to 7 health.

This blurry orc in foregroud hits Skuti turn 1

Orc Archer SW has no Line of Sight , since he wont leave the wooden walkway he can only move left or right , I roll left he advances 5 inches then sees Blackwulf and makes a hurried shot with no other penalty its +3 to +2  in Blackwulfs favor , Roll (16,10) the shot goes over Blackwulf’s head into the sky.

Orc takes a shot but  misses, 
Our remaining companions don’t enter until  Top of next turn.


No event this turn.


Guthrum ,  Gord, , Leofric and Thorvald enter thru the trap door

Getting the band back together!


Blackwulf use group activation to activate Sigurd, Leofric and Thorvald

Ranger Blackwulf goes first and has a 3rd action this turn due to consuming the Fireheart Green last turn.

Action 1..Apply the fairy dust to his sword.
Action 2  move to engage the Shadow Knight with Sigurd
Action 3 Attack! …bonuses are +7  (+5 fight and +2 for Sigurd supporting versus +4 for the Shadow Knight
(15,8)  Boom ! his magic blade strikes true -winning the combat  22 to 12. The Knioght  has 12 armor so its 10 damage , it howls but fights on with 4 health remaining

Sigurd follows up with the next attack he is  +5 (+3,+2 for support)  vs +4 …roll is (9,14) the shadow knight prevails 18 to 14..Sigurd takes 6 damage! Leaving him at 6 health

Leofric moves 6 inches and engages the Orc Soldier.(15,18) Orc is ready and bests him 20 to 18..its a brutal hit taking Leofric down to 4 health..

Thorvald moves 6 inches into combat with Leofric and the Orc Soldier making it +5 (+2 for Support vs +2)
The roll is (14,7) Thorvald drops the big hammer and connects 19 to 9  its 8 damage +2 for the Two handed hammer  a good hit and just enough to kill him with 10.


Creature AI dictates that highest health creatures go first , so the Archers.

Archer SE has a clear shot at Guthrum so he takes it (9,20) Oooofffff, Poor Guthrum is hit and it’s a 22 vs his 9
22 vs 11 armor is 11 damage, Guthrum has 11 health so hes down he is not on the walkway however.

Archer SW has a narrow but clear shot at Leofric  the crates giving +1 cover (6,19) double Ooofff and just like that- Leofric is down losing 21 to 10 for  9 damage

The Orc solider here is already OoA, I just didnt lay him over as I did Leofric who caught an arrow here.

Orcs are 2 for 2 gulp!

Shadow Knight, attacks Sigurd since he has the lowest health +4 to +5 since Blackwulf is supporting.(1,15) a dark turn as Sigurd is struck down in his track losing 19 to 6…with 7 damage against his 6 health. (damn 1st time Sigurd has fallen) 

What a mess here, 3 guys down in one phase.
What the heck?? ok this turn was brutal!

3 companions down ouch!


Gord moves behind a pillar about 5 inches he then throws his lucky knife at the Orc Archer SE (11,20) but not lucky it Misses

Skuti turns and fires an arrow at the same archer (18,8)  +2 each the Orc is hit in the chest 20 to 10 which drops him to 0 health , I make the acrobatics check anyway which he passes so he falls  dead on the walkway.

Skuti with a key shot here taking down the NE archer he didnt have a chance to fall off .

A least we got some payback here.


During the event phase of turn 2, the heroes see a flame spring up in the distance. They
realize the neighbouring beacon tower of Tor Dargos has been lit, but instead of the traditional
orange light, it glows with a phantasmal green fire. All heroes must immediately make a Will Roll
(TN10) or become poisoned.

Blackwulf + 4 (10)
Gord +1 (9)
Skuti +1 (6)
Thorvald +2 (14)

Skuti is poisoned and now only has one action.



Blackwulf activates Skuti and Gord using group activation

Gord moves 1st moving into combat with Blackwulf and the Shadow Knight, normally in a competitive type game I would choose to have him not attack  hes just there for support. Here I have him stab away as that’s what he do he;s the underdog at  +3 vs +4  roll is  (3,8)  so he loses 6 to 12 The Shadow Knight swats his attack away cutting Gord for 2 damage he drops to 6 health and is lucky- I did not roll better for the Shadow Knight.

Gord got lucky fighting with Shadow Knight only taking 2 damage

Blackwulf attacks now at +7 with Gords  distraction (support) versus the Shadow Knights at +4…
Roll (14,7) there it is Blackwulf lands a clean blow 21 to 11 the resulting 9 damage with the magic blade puts the Shadow Knight down- it crumples to floor dead.

Blackwulf puts the Shadow Knight down.

Skuti fires his Bow across the way at the lone remaining archer (14,20) I'm noticing a lot enemy 20’s in this game- the arrow misses.


Orc Archer SW stands alone (what no morale check in this game?) shoots at Thorvald   ( 6,13)  he hits Thorvald and wounds him winning with a 15 minus 11 armor he puts 4 damage on Thorvald dropping him to 4 health.

Thorvald takes an arrow to the chest, it just pisses him off.


No events this Turn.



Blackwulf activates  Gord using group activation

Blackwulf moves twice its just enough to engage the last archer but they cant fight. He is on the wooden walkway however.

Gord  moves twice to engage as well but cant reach.

Blackwulf engages the last archer and kills him on the Archers turn., Gord looks on approvingly.


Orc Archer attacks Blackwulf +1 vs +5  (17,17 ) or 22 to 18 in Blackwulf’s favor with 11 armor that’s 11 damage vs 10 health the Orc is gutted and falls dead


Thorvald and Skuti move to free the Captured prisoner.


Wow! a bloody affair  , Sigurd, Guthrum, Leofric all Out of Action  let see how they did-

Sigurd (14) Full Recovery
Guthrum (20!)  Full Recovery

Leofric (6) Badly Wounded .

Leofric is leaving the group only being with us for this mission he will remain at the recaptured tower. Perhaps we will see him again in future games as a companion.

Group shot of the Heroes of Tor Varden


• + 3 XP (9 XP) for each Archer Killed YES. All  3
• +10XP if the shadow knight is killed. _YES
• +10XP if the man atop the woodpile is saved.- YES
• +10XP if the woodpile is not set alight.  YES
• +5XP if the heroes see Tor Dargos alight. YES
• +5XP if the heroes see Tor Hammel alight. NO
• +10XP if the heroes retake Tor Varden. YES

So 54 XP almost the max, I was happy to not see the Tor Hammel green fire beacon light up as that next check was TN 12 !!

Progression Points for Thorvald, Skuti and Gord

Skuti and Gord both have 5 progression points
Gaining +1 Health.

Ranger Blackwulf  goes to 333 experience making him level 3 giving him an extra 10 Recruitment points
We will be reorganizing our companions perhaps gaining a new one, we will see,.

Nearly a century ago, at the end of a brief war with Lorenthia, the king of Alladore
ordered a line of beacon towers constructed along the border between the two countries.
These towers were used once, during another brief border skirmish, but became mostly
redundant when a lasting peace was formed between the two kingdoms. For the next
eighty years or so, the towers were neglected, abandoned to the wear of time and the
elements. When the Shadow Deep swallowed Lorenthia, these towers now marked
the edge of the known world. Although most were in poor shape, they were quickly
A week after Lorenthia fell, the forces of the Shadow Deep surged up and
assaulted the line of towers, swarming over the defences with a tide of gnolls, undead,
and evil men. On that horrible night, the beacon towers burned with a phantasmal
green light, announcing to everyone within thirty miles that the Shadow Deep now
controlled the border. Only in a few spots along that line could the light of orange fire
be seen, offering just a sliver of hope that the warriors of Alladore were still fighting to
hold back the darkness


That was short and sweet at three and a half turns but a good showdown for the final battle at Tor Varden that recaptures the Watchtower.

It is pretty clear that IF Blackwulf did not have the magic weapon and the extra activation things could have went very bad. It’s a fair trade off since two of his heroic abilities seem to never come into play after 5 games!..(or if they did it didn’t matter) if you are a new player I would save Deadly Shot and Deadly Strike for late game abilities or just take one of them. I realize it all about luck with a D20 and they could /might come up a bunch more but right now its kind of a bust but that’s what I took so I am just rolling with it. Also having the extra, man at arms (Leofric in my game ) is absolutely key for this scenario.

Remember the text in “S1: The Bridge Guards” states he available for the entire “mission”, not just that one scenario . I’ve seen some online reports of people getting creamed in this mission  running a couple Rangers with some recruits a bird and a dog.  Losing Leofric will hurt but with the extra RP  I’ll have  at 115 total, meaning I can either swap out one of the boys for a tougher 35 point soldier OR add a recruit and a regular hound o or I could really mix it up and add a second ranger team. The break in story is right here  and good time to change things up as and the final 3 scenario mission takes us into the Shadow Deep itself . No idea what Ill do yet ill figure it all out as I figure what terrain I need to pull off  Mission 3 : Descent into Darkness.   Coming soon!


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