Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Quite Fall

I have woefully, slipped away again from the blog. While I have been painting terrain and figures
for my large fantasy project, I just have not made time to get the photos done and I've lost the urge to do alot of  "WIP" posts. I am currently working on the castle from my "blackbarrow" table and its all Hirts Arts so its going slowly casting as I build ,  but the end is in sight. Most of my Summer going into the massive 8" fieldstone Tower that is key piece of the design.  I've also painted a dozen or so denizens of the town from adventurers to creatures to villagers and furniture for my Inn that I posted earlier this year. its quite the fun project, just far removed from the usual gaming related painting I do.

Speaking of Fantasy I wanted to give a shout out to Diehard Miniatures whose last miniatures are in my primed and modeled up que just waiting for the brush.  Diehards new kickstarters has begun focusing on Eru-Kin which are essentially classic Warhammer style lizard me in both Fantasy and Sci Fi settings. I was an Oldhammer player and ever got my Lizardmen going I would snatch up bunch of these. As is I am in one "add on" only pledge as I am looking at some Snakemen for a future project.
Anyway if this might interest you Diehard is solid company that delivers high quality on time, which is always a good thing when it comes to Kickstarters. You can out the newest KS here.

In other news Warlord Games Bolt Action 2nd Edition was released this month, I got my new rules a couple weeks ago, and I like what I read. Although I havent played yet, and not sure when I will.
My last tournament in the spring left a bad taste in mouth for tournaments overall. (not the game) and left me feeling in retrospect that maybe I am just over them. I've been doing them for 10 years and they are a ton of work. As I said about WFB years ago when that started sliding toward the abyss ( for me that was  just after I had a lousy time in an oversized 150 person WFB event ) If you are not having fun anymore its time to re-analyze how you spend your time.  Anyway, I've found myself unhappy with the last couple tournaments I have been in for Bolt Action, either through unfortunate games with strangers or just not being happy with handling and operation of the event. I certainly dont want to be "that guy" so Its time I take a breather. Unfortunately that means I miss my favorite event this year. Operation Sting. but truth be told alot of other real life circumstance were in the way as well so my remorse here about gaming is only part of the story.  I'm still going to try to flesh both my Axis (German) and Allied (Great Britian) forces for spring in case I want to take the plunge again. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try out the rules some point soon. moving onward always.

I hope to get back here soon with big updates, I'm working on it.


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