Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Abandoned Base

After an surprise aerial bombardment of nerve toxin, Agents from Void Corp explore an abandoned Federal Base on the Red Planet looking to download the data from its Comm Sat. A dozen surviving Federal Soldiers lie in hiding waiting for the chance to pay them back.
This battle will be hashed out very shortly as soon as I can one the guys to sit in.

WIP for this scenario...The Void Corp Dropship.(GZG) The Federals (Khurasan) and a Grav Sledwith a mounted cannon. (GZG) Building 1, the command post and 2, the Comm Sat have just been sprayed Green.

The Buildings (as well as the models) are from Ground Zero Games..despite the simple appearance the building are metal casts and bring the headaches that metal casts bring..I spent way too much time on them. Especially with the freehand numbers...Thanks to the Tuesday Night crew for suggesting the weathering powder, it makes it all come together.

Are the rate this 15mm stuff is coming together I should have a nice selection of playable stuff all popping out this month...It also motivated me to finally get around to trying Flames of War...and I putting together the rest of a 700 point force just for some demo games this month.

I haven't played any WFB since Core Comp...oh noes!...has 8th ed soiled me from my Favorite Game? Nah...no worries there I needed some time off and I seriously have the WFB itch...what I end up settling in on for my dig-in project over Xmas break is still up for grabs.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Arghhhhh!, Pirates

Pirate time once again lads. last I night we threw down 4 games of Legends of the High Seas in order to demo my potential scenarios for my Legends of the High Seas event, Friday evening at Adepticon 2011 next April.

I played two matches on the Pirate Dungeon which seem fitting for the "Prison Break" scenario. I've added a few surprise elements to the scenario mainly use of blind tokens representing you crew broken into , up to 5 groups..you move the tokens until you and your opponents token have line of sight, then you place your models. This adds a great deal of mystery when navigating the tight hallways and dark rooms of the place. If my explanation above isn't clear think the Genestealer "blip system" in Space Hulk as close example.

I ran my Spanish Privateers against a Pirate crew and got thumped readily with my Captain
backed into a corner surrounded by 3 Pirates...met a swift end.

My Second game, I faced off against a Royal Navy Crew who was defending the prisoner
in game two and battle them back, defeating them in the Jail Room to win the scenario.

The other two games where both a revamped "X marks the spot" which always seems to play out the same way in that the cheat always seems to be in the worst spot and gets dug up giving one player an easy victory. Rich, who was running that game came up with novel solution for the marker placement which worked well and seemed to give both players a fair shot regardless of where the chest turns up.

Night wrapped up as win/win as far as getting scenarios nailed down..I'll be writing up the rules for event over the next few days..so if your playing in the event expect to see them on website in the next few weeks. At last check I had still had three tickets left for the event so if playing Pirates on the terrain you seen on my site interests you sign on up!, we'd love to see you at Adepticon in the spring.

In other news we also did some demoing of my 15mm Sci Fi skirmish/board game..which was cool as well but I'll leave that for another post.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Red Planet

I spent sometime this weekend moving my 15mm Sci-Fi off the 2D boards, over to some full 3-D. I repurposed this crater table top I did back in the spring of 2008, it never got much use and I stumbled on the perfect hobby sand (Quickcrete all purpose) awhile back and wanted to give it go. So I re-textured the whole thing and re-sprayed it with Rustoleum Cinnamon, then dusted it with Rustoleum, Nutmeg..then drybrushed it with a variety of cheap hobby paints (something akin to Tau Ochre), and my Red Planet was born.

I am currently working on 18 miniatures for the figures for the 2-D skirmish game, I've got maybe a 1/2 dozen complete. Not sure what to do about the basing yet. Right now they are glued to 1/2''s squares I got from Litko for extra balance plus the 2-D boards are a 1/2 inch grid so it works great..the Action point system I am using uses Front, Flank and Rear sides in various degrees so Square bases are a must. Popping these little guys off there cast bases seems a bit more challenging than the 28mm stuff...I was stumped on trying to come up with some kind of appropriate basing for the 18 shipboard models so painting these black is about all I can think of, unless I might move to a grey to match the deck plate. and when I do some other military figures..they'll get the "red planet" sand bases

I am digging the sense of scale with the smaller models here alot, it makes for much more realistic weapon ranges. With the current ruleset I am using in the above the shot the fellow in the rocks with a scoped rife is 15 inches 0r 30 squares away on a 1/2' grid (or 150 feet in game reality although from this perspective it looks even longer) needless to say he has the serious advantage against pistols at this distance which are at max range and he's in hard cover.

The guy on the left is recast on an old traveller miniature from RAFM the girls in the middle and the building are Ground Zero Games, the guy with rifle is from Splintered Light, the Truck is from Khurasan, I've picked up stuff from 4 or 5 manufactures now, I am definitely liking the GZG stuff best, I have a whole set of the buildings so I actually have some 15mm terrain now.

Sooner than later, I'll be demoing the the 2D game and this 3D game my homebrew ruleset. I have a few days off coming up with the holiday, so fingers crossed for some hobby time.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


(my latest project..2D meets 3D in 15mm)

If you're like me, and I've got assume if you are ready this, while you might be more self disciplined, you can definitely relate. Over the years..I accumulated a ton of gaming stuff enough to take over the majority of an almost 2000 square foot basement, my gaming area is bigger than my local GW shop and bigger than some of my friends entire apartments. While its existence is rooted in one of the benefits of home ownership, know that if that sounds over the top, I agree it is and every 5 years or so I get the urge to downsize. Compile that urge..with the cold math of what you spent on all that stuff and you'll fall into a period of self analysis that could be frightening. In my case I have collections of things going back all the way to the late 70's.

The last month I have been thinning the herd so to speak via ebay (which still sucks by the way, but the only game in town.) old RPG books I've had for years, miniatures from games I never touched, whole games I never touched. Things like Space Hulk, which I liked but played twice in a year and had a great secondary market..gone. In fact all my 40K stuff is gone with exception of a few painted characters I've held on too, I even managed to get a few bucks for 4th ed army and rulebooks. along the way in sorting the boxes of terrain, miniatures, books, games, and modeling supplies, I came across my box of old RPG books for the game Traveller. while I am sure most you are familiar with Traveller for those that aren't. simplistically it was bascially D&D in Space, penned before Star Wars and completely unlike D&D in most respects (other than being an RPG) any included in my box of stuff was the box for one off game Game Designers Workshop produced call Snapshot. close combat aboard starships in the far future, was the subtitle. Now I haven't played Traveller since probably 1983...after Blade Runner came out we had an awesome Traveller campaign, that's one of my fondest RPG memories as a boy. It took me a couple minutes to remember Snapshot..but then it dawned on my...er..wow...Snapshot is a 15mm Skirmish Game from 1979!!!

(box covers from the two versions on the GDW original Snapshot game, I have the one on the left)

After digging in and doing a little research, I quickly found how the game was improved over the years and how with Snapshot as a base I could quickly develop something cool, its no secret that 15mm Sci Fi is has a great growing fan base and I found whole slew a great miniatures online dirt cheap..Snapshot also uses deck plans like board game rather than physical terrain, although you could easily incorporate it. It was not tough to find some kick ass state of the art high res deck plans. By the bedtime that evening I had whole game system put together literally for the resale price of a handful of items I hadn't looked at in years. Part skrimish game, part board game, my version of Snapshot is fast paced skirmish game with lots of eye candy once I paint the minis. I've also repurposed a unused tabletop of mine for 15mm so expect some standard full 3-D scenarios as well. Anyway this is pretty great find low cost "find" I can't wait to get one of the guys to come try it out with me. Needless to say my "Classic Traveller"stuff went back in the keep pile.

Now the point is/was to downsize spof course buying new stuff while you are downsizing is typical of us "attention deficit disorder" gamers. I reconcile this by saying "but I did get rid of alot of stuff", of course buying more 15mm stuff when I've got Flames of War stuff sitting in boxes or half built.(no -I have not written of FoW off yet) is another dilema, I also have my "Songs of Blades and Heros" skirmish stuff waiting to be demo'd too..I'm finding myself more and more driven to smaller skirmish games of various genres. low cost, short build times, easier rules..etc..while my large format wargames WFB, WAB, are languishing in various states be it tourney burnout with WFB, or my inability to get WAB army(ies) built and painted to place where I just love playing those great new rules. Anyway looks like a couple months of Skirmish distraction is just what I need.

More on the 15mm Sci Fi craze soon, in the meantime...I've been spending alot of my time here
Dropship Horizon
Ground Zero Games

Numerous manufacturers do the "firefly" crew knock off thing
these figures are from Splintered Light Miniatures

lots more of this and 28mm pirates coming soon

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bilbo's Birthday Bash!, Day 2

11/7 @ Chicago Battle Bunker

This shot is pretty representative how the whole day went.

Play resumed today for the final two games. My recounts of my day 1 and lack of bad fortune unfortunately became a self fulfilling prophecy and caught up with me today.

The horde, pre game.

Game 4 vs Tim (Barad Dur/ Dwellers Below)

Durzhag the Beast Caller
Goblin Shaman
24 or so Orcs
16-20 Warg Riders
Models 56/ Break 28
(not 100% on numbers, as I didnt get a list on this one..figure 2 to 1, his favor , easy)

Scenario, Reconnoitre. When I saw the army with I think 56 models with all that Cavalry, I knew I had lost, the question is by how much. Chatting before the game I had mentioned that I somehow went three games without my army breaking and without Gandalf taking a wound, and Tim kind of snickered. I was totally unfamiliar with Durzhag and his rules (supplemented in White Dwarf) and it totally killed me. Tim was a friendly enough guy, but it was very clear he wanted a major victory here and was going to wipe the snot out of me. On turn 3, I had the chance to Fly Gwaihir off the table and force Tim's best possible result to be a minor victory, but I thought it was a cheap move so I didnt do it, Instead engaging some Warg riders which Tim then beefed up with "bestial fury" and "enrage beasts". Tim also insisted the Cavalry charges treat Gwaihir the eagle as "infantry" and thus he got the cavalry charge bonuses. Even thou I explained to him that Brent, the TO, had ruled in a previous game of mine, that they did not. He insisted he was correct, Brent was wrong and thats the way it was so I just that let it go and Gwaihir died. I figured he was dead anyway, even without all the extra attacks Tim just wanted to make damn sure he had 20 something dice to get the 4 wounds (3 +1 fate point) to make sure it was dead. Gandalf soon suffered the same fate, dead after I wiffed on a big Sorcerous blast that got 4 models and no kills and got surrounded. Sooner than later once melee began, my force was broken. I still managed to kill a good amount of models his break point was 28, I think I got up to 21 or 22..but it's "Reconnoitre" and he got bunch of Warg cav off my side of board early. I made a late rush with couple remaining Rangers, going for the minor loss, but losing priority every turn near the end made it too easy for Tim to just keep engaging me and get me closer and closer to my "7" 25% mark and the games end. On the last turn I am at 9 models, Army broken and I fail 2 courage tests with my guys running for the edge. Game Over.
I am lamenting my decision not to play it cheap and fly Gwaihir off the board early because Tim ends up winning Best General and had I of done that- he would not of because he would have lost 5 Battle Points with only a Minor Victory. As I said Tim was a friendly guy, and I would have no problem playing him again. But the Army, combined with the scenario and his lust to pile it on..left a bad taste in my mouth..kind of reminded me why I quit playing 4th Edition 40k.

Major Loss- 3 points.

as chaotic as this shot looks, the game was...

Gandalf wasn't too sure what he supposed to do here.

Game 5 vs Keith (Erebor)

Dain, King of Erebor
Siege Captain
6 Iron Guard
6 Khazad Guard
5 Rangers with long bows
2 Rangers with Bows and throwing axes
12 Warriors with Shields
Siege Crew
35 models/ Break point 17

The Eagle got out of this mess leaving several dead dwarves behind

The final scenario "meeting engagement" usually a good one for me as I had no problems getting all my opponents on day 1 to the 25% mark..even those Dwarven Rangers game 1, my only hope was that it wasnt Dwarves, and of course I got Dwarves. If I thought Gimli was the uberlord of the Dwarves, I obviously never met Dain, whose got the same defense as the Balrog and almost as many attacks. My opponent keith was great guy and pleasure to play. We had pretty casual game and it was neck and neck until probably the last three turns were I was broken. I had him 3 or 4 models close to breaking from about 3 turns previous to that..and my while dice were shite this whole game..I had this crazy bad streak..where I seriously had 15 wounds I couldn't get a 6 on and some of them I could of got by on a "5" (might), I was so rattled by shit luck and inability to break him when I at one point I was ahead of him in kills by 6 or 7 models..I forgot to have Gandalf use his free will point to try to throw some blasts or immobilize..I could have stalled for time. played for draw, whatever, In the end I just folded...and he got me to 7 models and the game ended. The Ballista which I had heard was giving other players fits..was a non-issue. I think it killed one Ranger. I flew the Eagle into it early....tied it up, killed a crew member, we had 3 or 4 rounds of back and forth but even with Strength 6, I couldn't wound his Dwarves and eventually his Siege Captain took the Eagle down. Gandalf was also a non- factor..burned through all his Might and Will long before the game end...think he got 1 or maybe 2 kills..just not my day. Ok, I hate playing Dwarves.

Major Loss- 3 points

Eventually this fellow had nothing to do, but hang out and drink.

On to the awards..when it came to the awards..you know the one I was waiting for, Best Appearance, which I had won at this event the previous year. In my eyes It was pretty clear it was between myself and my round 2, opponent Jamie W. There were definitely a few other very well painted armies but not that had the depth of detail of mine or Jamies. During award announcement Brent starts talking about how two armies had tied exactly in paint scoring so he got a second judge and that fellow with no input from him tied it again..so it came down to Favorite opponent votes ( sports ) when I heard that- I knew I had lost. Jamie is very well known in the national LotR community and an awesome guy. I barely know any of these guys, except for Jamie, Brent and a few others. I had voted for Jamie for Favorite opponent and Favorite army, even thou I knew it was voting against myself..because he deserved it...I knew he voted for me for players choice as well..so fair is fair. Jamie deservingly won Best Appearance and Player's Choice..Talking afterward he then turns around and gives me basically half his winning swag, which while we both don't do this for the swag we do it for the trophy, I graciously accepted. I don't know too many people who would do that, and it goes to show what kind of guy he is. I appreciate that to the fact that if he ever needs a favor in the future- I got his back.

In the end another great event, I ended up 11th out of 21 as final scores are already posted (thats a new one, props Brent!) Thanks again to Brent and the Chicago Battle Bunker (who poured on the prize support so thick, that everyone in the event got a free LotR blister, new stuff too!) I'm hoping to attend Gathering in the Desert in Feb...since it looks like I can't play at Adepticon because of the event scheduling...I need to get some more locals into this game.

(edit, turns out the tie breaker for best appearance was Favorite Army votes not Favorite Opponent, I either misunderstood Brent or he misspoke, so fair is fair more people voted for his arm, including me!..congrats to JW)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bilbo's Birthday Bash!, Day 1

11/6 @ Chicago Battle Bunker

whole lot of dwarves

So I have been home for a few hours, had some dinner and decompressed from 3 games of LotR today at the Chicago Battle Bunker. I figured I would write it up while its fresh. 21 player showed up with one drop so today was 11 tables with one ringer army. Had my work cut out for me with 27 Models and a 14 break..but I had magic and fly 12" eagle. on my side.

Game 1 vs Chris - Dwarves (Erebor)

6 Iron Guard w/ throwing axe
16 Dwarf Rangers/ bows
16 Dwarf Rangers/ throwing axe
14 Dwarf Ranger/ two handed weapons
53 models/ 27 break

Once Gimli had the artifact getting back was going to be a tall order

My third time playing in Chris in a LotR event, awesome guy, great player. He's had a different army everytime I've faced his this times it was the kings of the LotR hierarchy..The Dwarves with their brutal defense. The Scenario was called "The Artifact" basically a dig up the football and move thru your opponents D-zone and off the board for a win. I knew I couldn't just run up and grab the thing without seriously thinning out the Dwarves. or I'd just be cut to pieces. I have faced Gimli many times before..there isn't much my Army can do to him. The tables were terrain heavy, what you want for a game like this...I spread out wide into 5 small groups, Gandalf with one and sent the Eagle full on down my right flank, right toward his archers, which I knew where the biggest threat to my army until late game. The eagle got out of a couple dicey situations but did his job tying up the archers and I keep the pressure on his archers with mine shooting for hill with some good cover. Gandalf did his thing moved around, let the magic fly a couple big "sorcerous blasts" got me some kills. The hand to hand started when Gimli dug up the "Artifact" and had to clear the way to get thru my lines..I did better that expected against the T5 dwarves in fact I broke Chris's army probably 3 turns before Gimli got off the board. The unwounded Eagle...tried to get into Gimli and tie him up for awhile but had to get thru two Iron Guard on the way, he lost the combat and his defense of "8" didnt help him when Chris rolled 3-6's to wound and I had burned my 1 point of fate on an earlier wound. The bird was dead. Gandalf was head his way as I saved a couple points to try to immoblize Gimli but he still had all his will, laughed as shot him with arrows and walked away with the Artifact. Chris got the Minor victory, as his force was broken..in a fact all but around 8 dwarves were dead...I was 12 down..2 short of break.
Minor Loss- 7 points

Gandalf, went all three games without taking a single wound

Bunkered up on this hill I was hard to dislodge

Game 2 versus Jamie (Tower of Ecthelion)

Faramir, Captain of Ithilien/ Warhorse
5 Knights of Minas Tirith
8 Warriors w/ Shields
7 Warriors w/ Spears and Shields
10 Warriors w/ Bows
5 Citadel Guard
Angbor the Fearless
5 Clansmen of Lamedon
43 Models/ 22 Break

This scrap was all Gandalf, there 8 plus the Banner to start

Jamie's one the usual organizers of LotR events in this area, aside from being an great guy he's awesome painter, bringing my hands down favorite army of the event to table. Brent the T.O. called the game a "White Dwarf Battle Report" in action, and I agree it sure looked awesome..too bad we both don't get to play much other than to hope for the occasional game. Scenario was
"contest of champions" where your main hero (Gandalf/Faramir) had to tally up the most kills.
I basically had the same strategy as last game break out into groups spread him out and send the eagle after his archers. A loss of Priority at key point led to the Eagle getting surrounded way too early by the Citadel Guard, which hurt because Jamie was rolling pretty hot with Volley fire. He brought out some warriors with the guy with the banner to engage Gandalf who got off a big "Sorcerous Blast" the follow up melee brought Gandalf up to 5 kills. The distraction with the Eagle in his back field had Jamie totally redirect his cavalry with Faramir to the opposite side of the board..my eagle again died and he start gaining ground kill some of my guys on the right flank. However I had cleaned up the whole other side of table, whittled down his archers and shot down all the Clansmen by Angbor. At this point Jamie was broken and started losing more guys..I had few remaining guys one his flank tie him up on the side, while the majority of my force shot at the stragglers from a good distance away..another big blast from Gandalf had him up 8 kills to Faramirs 3, Jamie fell below the 25% mark and I got the victory, still 4 models
short of breaking, I took 10 casualties total, including Gwaihir.
Major Victory 20 points

I gambled on priority here, and lost..getting surrounded led to Eagles death every time, but not this particular one, I survived and flew away.

Faramir, got into the mix far too late to catch up to Gandalf kill count

Faramir and his Knights to the rescue of those archers

The Dragon isnt the Balrog, but damn close

Game 3 vs Raymond (Moria)

12 Goblins w/ Bow
13 Goblins w/Shields
13 Goblins w/Spears
Dragon, breath fire , tough hide
40 Models/ 20 Break

After practicing against the Balrog the other night, the Dragon didn't really phase me..At Defense 9 and nasty, auto kill breath weapon..I knew I had one tactic.."immobilize" the Dragon, long enough, I could break the goblins. Scenario was "Domination" which is probably my favorite scenario for this army. Same strategy again, except this time I brought the Eagle up giving the Dragon the opportunity to engage it and be tied up, it passed for the chance to use it breath weapon and killed 2 Rangers...after that I just engaged it with one model and had Gandalf "immobilize" it every round. Ray didn't want to burn up his will to defend it so kept letting the spell go to try to get the extra breath weapon shots..a critical error..he put way too many eggs in one basket with the Dragons breath weapon..he should burned up his will to stop me the 1st time, then used his free one..and just smashed the thing into me for close combat..it would have been way more effective. by tying up the Dragon for 4 turns or so...I shot the pants off the Goblins and flew the Eagle over to the far objective (where he beat 5 goblins readily even while surrounded and taking double strikes at least once). Once Ray was broken, it was all over.. Durburz hung in there and on the lucky break Raymond rolled a "2" on the 1st try to end the game..and it ended before I could kill Durburz and get control of the 4th objective. Ray was a great opponent and sport..I could tell he just hadn't dealt with problems I was giving him before.
Minor Victory 15 points

A lone model holds the immobilized Dragon at bay

At a certain point I realized it was easier to kill Goblins in hand to hand than shoot them.

With 43/60 points on day one, I am pretty happy and it was a good day. Although don't expect much from me tomorrow as know that I am in the top third scoring wise, I am going, inevitably to play some very high model count armies I am going to have really tough time with..there are few 50-60 model armies I saw that are pretty scary. Hats off to Brent S. for running such a great event. I'll wrap it up tomorrow.

Gwaihir, had no troubles handling this, especially once broke and the remaining
goblins start testing on a "2".

Friday, November 5, 2010

Grey Company vs Moria 600 points

@plasticlegions HQ 11/4

Army titles are little deceiving here, "You shall not pass" is more accurate. As I mentioned in the sidebar earlier in the week I had a game set up with my pal joe tonight to get some LotR in before the tourney this weekend. Joe has a massive Harad army that maxes out in like the 4-5K range in War of the Ring, so he said no problem to 600 points of Harad for a match with SBG rules, I even told his to bring a Mumak as I never faced on and at 275 points it reasonable one might show up this weekend. Problem was I met up with Joe, he had forgotten his Harad at home and showed up with what he had in his other case, which turned out to be Moria and a Balrog. Well I doubt at 400 points we'll be seeing a Balrog this weekend, but I have never played one of the either and since I am running Gandalf the Grey...playing against the Balrog just had to happen. We grabbed a cup of coffee, cracked open the Legions book and rolled "to Kill the King" as the scenario and let it roll.

Joes List

Goblin Captain

11 Goblin Warriors

6 Goblin Archers

Cave Troll

The Balrog

Not a very competitive army at 600 points because with a break point of "10", playing leadership "2" Goblins its all going to be about the Balrog. I dont expect to see anyone with break point less than mine at "14" this was the only game I'll be playing anytime soon I am feeling confident about numbers.

Joes choose he Goblin Captain as his "King", thinking he's be easier to defend..and the let the Balrog go nuts..I choose Gandalf and just did what I always do.

My list.

Gandalf the Grey
5 Rangers of North
20 Rangers of Arnor
Gwaihir the Great Eagle.

I won priority and the first couple turns were spent advancing, I had Gandalf Cast , "Blinding Light" and "Terrifying Aura" along the way. Being in opposite corners of a hill with all those trees took 3 turns to get into range of each other once we did it was fast and bloodly. Joe brought the Balrog right up the middle..My army breaks out very nicely in 5 groups of 4 rangers each being led by a Ranger of the North..Gandalf was off to right with two groups of rangers, two other headed toward the ruin and the Balrog and one flanked left. Gwaihir, flanked right with flying move of 12 I hope to get to the rear and go after the Goblin Captain.

The Cave Troll got a lucky break and ties up Gwaihir early but the eagle puts a wound on the troll, next turn I lose Priority so use the eagles might to make a Heroic Move and get away to rear. The Balrog moves up to bust out his whip on some of my Rangers but Gandalf casts "immobilize"..Joe throws 6 of his 10 dice to stop it but has no luck..and cant beat my 6 casting value. Balrog is held tight...I put a ton of arrows into the Balrog..needing 6's then 4's or 5's to wound at Defense 9..its nigh impossible to put a wound on him with S2 bows...I turn my fire on the Troll and put two wounds on him..my guys on the far right flank put down some goblin archers.

I win Priority this time, and Gandalf takes the troll down with Sorcerous Blast..I figure my 10 guys in the ruin will get charged by the Demon, but Joe does a 180 just manages to get the Balrog into contact with Gandalf..a big mistake on my part as I had lots of move and other men to protect him. I can't shoot the Balrog this turn to turn my attention to Goblins. Gwaihir engages a few goblins guarding the captain and most of the goblin warriors turn around, pile in and surround the great eagle. In shooting I take a few more goblin archers and lose my first ranger as a shooting casualty. Combat is a nasty affair, one on one vs the Balrog isnt like the movies its Fight 10, Str 9, Def 9 4 attacks, Vs Gandalf's 5/5/5 and 1 attack...Gandalf loses
and takes 4 wounds..but he's got three fate points which are re-rollable thanks to his ring I end up taking 1 wound but burn all my fate, I cannot take another round of that. Meanwhile Gwaihir surrounded, loses combat takes double strikes and takes two wounds.

Thankfully I won Priority again, it would be the last time of the game but the one that mattered Gandalf "Immoblized" the Balrog again, Joe tried to stop it, with four dice , tied my roll but used my first might point of the game to beat him. I then surrounded the Immoblized Balrog with 10 Rangers and Gandalf. we went thru the next 4 turns either re surrounding the Balrog or it charging Gandalf..I managed to "Immoblize" it a few more times, finally putting 6 wounds on the thing with double strikes from surrounding it and winning combat.

Meanwhile the rest of my Rangers cleaned the Goblins nicely and broke them, The Eagle was killed by a lucky goblin...but the rest of the men took down Goblins who were killed or ran off and surrounded the Goblin Captain who fended off seven of them for a few turns before going down. thankfully Gandalf managed to survive the combat with only 1 wound...and while we didnt kill it, but "you shall not pass!!"..LOL!

Not so much a practice game for the weekend other than getting my sea legs back with the ruleset but we had a great old time..we'll see how it goes this weekend.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Wrangling

I just went through the surprisingly time consuming process of sorting my blogroll by category. I found I was missing way too many interesting posts the way I had it set up, I've limited each category to the current 5, that way if your interested in a particular category you'll see the most recent posts in each. I've dropped the Chicago Terrain Factory feed, (Thanks Rich, its served me well for over 3 years!) in favor of this set up as I figure with the individual categories, posts wont roll over as quickly so you'll get a better chance to see then if they were in a generic pile. I did prune some inactive blogs or blogs with dead links, so if you were listed and are not now, please email you blog's addy and what your general area of interest is. If I have you listed and your category changed please mention that as well. If your new blogger or old blogger I just missed and want to be list here, again just shoot me an email. Keep on blogging guys.


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