Monday, January 24, 2022

All but Dead, The resurrection comes around..


Kind of fell of the planet with the blog and as far as any hobbying goes, but I've been talking about the downward spiral of my hobby and gaming actitivies for years now and yet somehow it just keeps on having life pumped back into it, whether its gaming with my oldest daughter or just picking up an unfinished model of the shelf , like the Stegadon here and deciding to just finish it.

So believe it or not I started this model wayyyyyy back in 2010!!.. When I still holding on to the idea that a new army would help with the incoming aprehension of WFB 8th edition., Inevitably The Empire rules kept my interest initially and I never did much more on the Lizard Army, and just played Empire until my eventual dissatisfaction with 8th Edition finally pushed me out of game completely  somewhere in late 2011.

This model is currently on ebay   listed at $225.00  I had originally planned on less but there are numerous models I saw priced above it at near or above $ I didnt want it to undersell myself in comparision it is listed at best offer thou and I happy to take any reasonable offer for this..considering I sold my original open box one awhile back for damn near close to some retail prices on the new ones. and I of course have a ton of hours into this as its a fiddly difficult model to assemble and paint.

Now of course speaking about todays Warhammer Fantasy, I have had zero interest in the Age of Sigmar, the game , however , a couple recent releases by GW reignited some old interest with me based on the strength of the models alone. GW models of the last decades ostentatiousness is very often in conflict with my minimalist old school tendencies, however recent release seem to have stuck a chord with me. Those being the models in Warhammer Quests Cursed City and many of the current Warcry releases. While I passed on Cursed City the 1st time around (apparently I didnt have a choice as it soldout in a day?) recent news of it release has me interested and I did pull the trigger on this:

Purchased on my interest in the Darkoath Savagers models alone, I do like the Spider brood and the terrain as well..its my first GW purchase in about a decade. and I look forward to building and painting it up.  Interesting enough the game seems pretty appealling to me as well..I have been watching a bunch of videos on playing it.  If anyone who plays it is reading this, appreciate your comments on the game.

I sold almost all my WFB stuff a long time ago, I find it kind of humorous I am interested again and what I do have left is some Lizards and Undead its enough to make a couple extra Warcry warbands. Building and painting all this is a quite a project thou, its going to take some time but who knows you might see some Warcry Battle Reports here sometime this summer or fall, wouldnt that be something?


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