Friday, June 30, 2017

Blackbarrow Update, The Details.

Another month , time for another update on my Blackbarrow project. I was pretty busy this month being someone who now lives in the "gig economy" when the jobs come they come hot and heavy, leaving little time for things like hobbying, fortunately I still a few things done, especially with a few days off before the holiday weekend.   A massive project like this lives by its details, First up we have Trees! , no too exciting eh? I agree. however this table when finished will boast close to 50 trees!, and that is quite a bit, and most are being redone from the their boring long gone days as LoS blocking drab and unfinished pieces for weekly war-gaming., All these trees are getting properly based and landscaped., I put alot of time into landscaping the last month, Woodland Scenics, Scenics Express, etc...

Reaper figure here, the Woman and Kids are Bones, the Farmer is a metal model.

There are still numerous sections of the village to complete, still figuring out what building are staying and which are going if anymore, I definitely have the Hirst Arts itch this year so something else is getting built this summer I am just not sure what.  of course this board is loaded with tons of figures, personalities, this point the farm section is done, I have a hog and goat being painted, the Farmer just made the table tonight.

Travelling merchant,  this is Otherworld minatures, Mule Handler, while the Cart , I "think:" is from Gripping Beast, but the carts items are all Hirst pieces.

Figures are Reaper Metals..
Of course we have hordes of monsters too, and not just in the dungeon the town is loaded with things that go bump in the night , I dont think the cow is making out too well here.

This isolated cabin in the woods will have some nefarious goings on eventually Witches, or Cultists summons things from beyond, or perhaps a simple woodcutter, who is also a werewolf.

Moving over to the  Tavern at the Wayside Inn, the Tavern is now fully populated with locals, I still need to do the kitchen area up a bit more, but we are well filled now with about a dozen figures through out, here we have figures, by Lead Adventure, Black Cat, Reaper and Jonny Lauck post Mega Miniatures figures. the two barbarians chowing a table full of food is a personal favorite.

The towns graveyard is getting some  revamping, here is in its current state, I will spruce it a bit moving ahead, The gravedigger is the Reaper Bones figure.

I cleaned house on my GW figures in the last couple years, while I still have some vintage unpainted metals to sell, this plastic Necromancer is definitely one of the few who is sticking around he and his Otherworld companion here are bound to start all kinds of trouble hanging out in the Graveyard.

New in town? Meet the Town Guard, totally corrupt and looking for payoff, The town Castellan might be friendly enough but clueless that his underlings undermine him at everyturn!  Here we have a group of Adverntures by Otherworld and a Reaper town guardsman (metal).

That's my brief update, hoping to get a bunch done this month we will see!, Happy 4th of July Weekend to my fellow USA folks..


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