Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Horizons

The post Adepticon period is always a period of regrouping, Figuring out what you want to do next, where your hobbytime is going to be focused and some general time off. As the last year has dictated, I dont quite have the time I used to put into the hobby and hence the blog. That's mainly because the last 5 months or so has been focused on one thing- moving. Yes, I'm moving and not just to another section of Chicagoland, I am up and relocating to the great state of Michigan at the end of this month.

While I am not going that far, just a quite town on the other side of the Lake, still close enough to visit but far enough away from the urban sprawl of Chicago, that it feels like Alaska.

I spent alot of time looking for as close to the right place we could find to accommodate the whole families needs, Obviously my hobby space was one of my priorities, as well as wife's new gardening space and my kids own personal spaces. Luckily we found a good fit, and while I dont have the square footage for gaming I do now, what I do have is better organized logistically, I now have a clean painting space, a separate gaming space and a workshop space (wood and metal shop), so it's  not all jammed into one space  which will cut down on the clutter and grime.

Right now, my current old basement is series of boxes, and while we did get a good doubles game of Bolt Action in about 3 weeks ago not much else is not packed up for the move. I accumulated a ridiculous amount of stuff in the last 8 much so that when it came to packing it up, I had a lot I just had to get rid of, enough stuff that trying to sell it on ebay would be a full time job in the short term, and that was time I did not have, so I decided I was  just going to give it away!.The last time the guys were over, everyone took home a couple boxes that hopefully will be put to good use in their own collections,

Once I am set up in my digs, which will probably be close to July, I'm working on 3 projects into the next year.

The Battle of Kursk- A group of Adepticon vets are recreating the Battle of Kursk in 28mm next year, This going to be private event spearheaded by the Guns of April group. we've got 6 players a side each one running a Bolt Action Armored platoon, of either Germans or Russians..the whole game taking place on 16 x 6 table. I'm running a German platoon in the event...fortunately most of my stuff is already done for this
I just need to paint 4 tanks, but I am also going playing in Bolt Action Nationals next I'll be devoting enough hobbytime to BA, that my stuff is looking top notch.

Pirates- by Popular, err well, residents of Minnesota demand that my Pirate game be back next will be similar to my event from 2014...I'm finishing my Pirate Castle as my next Hirst build  and fleshing out the town with some new buildings from Cresent Root Studios , I am speculating building a round table or unique shape of some type versus the traditional long rectangle, as I want better section of space for the players as well space for some naval action. Time will tell here once I get some time in the woodshop. Whether this will be Legends of the High Seas or some other ruleset is yet to be determined. Tim K author of the High Seas book has a new generic D10 ruleset coming out that is going to be malleable to any genre. We've spoken about using this event to test some Pirate flavored rules, so if that does be the case well be providing rules in advance to players and you can bet its going to incorporate the best parts of High Seas while expanding the use of going to a D10, (where all the good games these days are going anyway). I'm really looking forward to this, it's going to be a unique event and I hope to have 12 open slots for it.

28mm Sci Fi-  somewhere early this year, I got myself attracted to Mantic's Deadzone, after picking a box of figures with a coupon I had, I like the vibe and figures and they coincidentally scaled up perfectly with my Reaper Sci Fi figures, I started playing around with DZ rules on my Hirst Space Station which got expanded in the last year.(How a post on that never happened can attest to my lack of time of late)

While DZ rules are in a state of flux right now, I'm messing around with home brew based on the rules and will probably give the game a go when the V.2 rules come out early next year, until them I hope to get play some games on some terrain that I think is probably some of my best work and now over 4 years in the making and I have never played a game on it. This is a totally casual project While I am committed to playing on my Sci Fi Terrain whether I actually get around to playing DZ remains to be seen.

And thats it, that's all I am committing to for the foreseeable future..If I get a chance for some SAGA, Ill gladly jump at it but I wont commit to much more.

Looking forward to one more gaming night with the guys before I head out, then I'll be welcoming visitors or planning some Chicago visits around when some gaming is taking place.

New Digs, New Games, New Horizons.


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