Thursday, March 28, 2019

Adepticon, the long road back.

My Frostgrave Warband for tomorrows Adepticon Campaign
Adepticon 2019 starts today over in Schaumburg, IL and now mere 2 hours away on the west side of the greater Chicago area.  Now its 17th year its gone from a couple hundred person Games Workshop fan event to the largest top gaming convention in the US. I have been to 11 of them starting in 2007 I made it 10 years in a row, until I burned out. Letting things that shouldnt really have bugged me , its just folks playing games after all, bug me. As the convention grew so did  my expectations and when growth and expectation failed my own litmus test, I got pissed. I returned in 2017 just as a spectator with my kids , doing some shopping, marveling at the displays and games and doing the take and paint. Last year we didnt go at all. 

This year was to be my 12th year, I bought a badge, and signed up for the Frostgrave, day long Campaign event "The Great Wyrm" run by my favorite tourney organizers whose games and events outside Adepticon since 2008-2009. This month was super busy for me I did manage to get all the bells and whistles done with my models and display, I also organized my Frostgrave terrian build a couple extra pieces of my modular walls so I could run a test game of the "Mausoleum" scenario against a Necromancer Warband.  Then I realized I screwed up horribly.

All along I had been telling myself the event was this Saturday when the reality hit me as I was double checking the event list , it was tomorrow? - yes John, Friday is the 29th not Saturday and I never did the little thing called "taking the day off work".  Needless to say (I work for my local public school system here in Michigan now, a far cry from the days of old when I ran my own business and pretty much took off whenever I wanted)  I wasnt getting tomorrow off with that short notice, sure I could fake being sick, but I dont that # 1, and #2 , its Friday before spring break and calling off that day makes you look like a jerk trying to grab and extra day...  So I pretty much screwed myself not paying close enough attention to things which I always did in the past when Adepticon was a huge deal to me.
The Demon in the bottle here is one my favorite things about the group, hope I get to use it eventually the succubus figure is from Diehard Miniatures

I actually not even sure I am going to make the drive out Saturday now to just walk around and pickup the badge I dont now need, maybe if at least one of my daughters wants to go and get lunch and maybe pick a few things and look around..we will have see how much of an idiot I still feel like Saturday morning. Off I contacted Brent the Organizer and he was very cool about the mishap being a veteran of events with waiting lists and drops outs, he is prepared.

So thats my Frostgrave wrap up for Adepticon this year. Nice set of models that wont see the game anytime soon. I didnt even follow thru with my test game because I know there are solo rules coming I was just going to play it by If want to play solo, I'll just keep going on Rangers of Shadow Deep. 

Speaking of Rangers, a couple new developments there. I picked up this new Gaming Mat below, and will use it for future games. One side is a ruined village and the other dungeon floor. Should come in handy for the larger areas so I wont have build a ton more 4x6 tiles. looks like I am going to the Burning Light Campaign from the Core Rulebook next, its 8 full scenarios. I plan on getting 3 or 4 of them in April

Ruined Village Side

Dungeon Tile Side

There is a new supplement out for Rangers as well "Temple of Madness" contains new abilities, expanded magic and 4 scenarios as a campaign, I have read thru it it looks great...I probably wont get to until late/ summer Fall as I have Burning Light and Blood Moon first, and I have my own campaign I'd like to do...if they keep putting quality books out at this rate thou, I may not get around to my own and may be playing this soon than later. 

The upside is if I decide to play Frostgrave  at Adepticon  2020, I am ready to go!

Well not much else to say in March, I had planned on alot more post this month since the Blog is back on roll with all the solo games I have been playing, If I do make it Adepticon , Saturday I will post up about it..until then this one of those live and learn moments even us old dude still have.


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