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Ranger of Shadow Deep, Mission: Burning Light. Scenario E: The Herb Store.

 Summertime blues…not really “blues” as I am having a great summer, so much so I don’t have much inside time for gaming…I played this one awhile back just getting to the write up before I play the next mission , which will hopefully either this weekend or next.. Fall is rapidly approaching and there a couple of new things hobby and event wise coming up I need to focus on which I’ll post about later.


Blackwulf’s report- Death has overcome this place, Very few signs of finding the decanter have been found. The Chapel was a bloodbath, we almost lost both Calistra and Thorvald. We are wounded with supplies running low,  and have little to go on other than to do a room by room search, fighting thru the evil that now dwells here.  Still- hope prevails St Emilia’s presence lingers , Sigurd felt it, we saw it….perhaps luck with find us, or this could very well  be my last entry.

This report is a complete play-through

All die rolls are shown as (x) all combat rolls are shown as (x,x) with the heroes roll always being first.

Pre Game Notes

Board is scaled down to 20 “x 20 “  from the scenario  listed 30”x  30” 
Since I scaled the board down 1/3 ,* I have changed the Max line of sight to 8” to match the scenarios original intent.

Original Map

The game with last 9 turns

Special Rules

It is especially gloomy within this tower, The maximum line of sight is 12”, (*changed to 8”*) before the scenario begins , select one hero at random and place a darkroot vine in combat with it. Heroes may only exit the table through the entry point. The target point is the Entry Point.

Event Deck – Shadow Deep cards added . Black 7 and 8
Experimental V2 Playtest rules
House Rule – Russian Roulette

Ranger Sheet

Companion Sheet


“As you push through the broken door into the gloom of the tower, you are nearly overwhelmed by the strength and variety of scents from within: basil, thyme, rosemary, farlight, and even a few herbs you can’t identify. There is something else though, a sweet, sickly scent that runs underneath them all.
Inside the dim tower, you can just make out numerous drying racks and cupboards along the walls, and a huge apothecary’s table in the center, all sitting on an unpaved dirt floor. Then, in the darkness of the far corner, you spy something else, a monstrous plant, covered in oozing, sticky sap, its tentacle-like vines waving in the air. Just then, a root or vine bursts out of the ground and wraps around the leg of one of your companions.”

(I Roll off and Skuti is attacked but the initial vine from the Darkroot)



Blackwulf activates both Skuti and Gord using group activation.

Blackwulf immediately comes to Skuti’s aid hoping to kill the vine quickly he attacks at +4 to +1 (12,2) 16 to 3 he slices it apart quite quickly with the needed 6 damage,  Skuti being no worse for wear

Skuti – moves behind some crates and despite the  darkness /gloom of the room he sees another vine near the bookcase to the eastside of the room and fires  +3 vs  +1, +1 (rushed shot)  (18,5)  21 to 7 an killing blow for the Vines  10 armor
He shreds it.

Gord – moves toward table in center of room to the table cluttered with items with his 7 inch move he can make it in one move so with his second action he investigates.

C. A large apothecary’s table , make a perception roll (TN12)

Roll (7) +5 = 12! Success!

“Quickly searching through the numerous drawers, you make a fortunate discovery. Place a treasure token on top of the apothecary table. Gain 3XP”

“I’ll take that , thank you very much snorts Gord.”


Unfortunately for Gord  the Darkroot Vines are moving toward him one latches on to him and he attempts to fight it off  +2 vs +1 (16,5)  he wins 18 to 6 even the -1 from  the dagger its enough to cut the vine off with 7 damage..

A second vine moves twice not quite reaching Gord

A third Vine moves twice toward Skuti


Sigurd and Thorvald move and engage the oncoming Vines..

Sigurd (8,4)  +4 vs + 1  wins 12 to 5..He Hacks at it and it pulls away with taking only 2 damage

Thorvald (15,9) +3 vs +1 pounds his to dust  with 10 damage from the two handed hammer..

Calistra moves to help Sigurd..(5,8)  She +4 but also +2 with Sigurds support  she wins 11 to 9 but only a point of damage this vine is a stubborn on it keeps attacking



Two more Darkroot Vines appear in front of Interest points B and D



Blackwulf activates both Thorvald and Skuti using group activation

Both Thorvald and Blackwulf make double moves to the Darkroot just visible in the darkness

Skuti fires an arrow at the Vine that’s appeared by bookcase D   +3 vs +1  (13,12)  Skuti hits home winning 16 to 14
Again  the 6 damage is just enough to destroy  the vine, Skuti is 2 for 2.


Stubborn Vine continues dancing with Sigurd and Calistra.. (11,14) but at +6 with support vs its +1 it loses the dance 17 to 15 and is destroyed

Vine that appeared at point B moves and engages  Thorvald  (16,13) +3 vs +1  18, to 14 he smashes it as it approaches him..these guys are on a tear (good thing because I am overlooking the Wounded Thorvald only has 7 health!

 Calistra and Sigurd both make double moves toward the Darkroot Plant

Gord moves twice as well , to the book case that is  interest point A, he wont be able to search this turn



Choose a random hero. A darkroot vine explodes out of the ground right in
front of it. This figure should make a Move Roll (TN14). If successful, place
the root anywhere within 3” of this figure. Otherwise, place it in combat with
the hero.

Random Hero turns out to be Blackwulf and he fails he move roll so he is immediately engaged by the Vine!


Darkroot plant is a reaper model I changed the postion and green stuffed some bits on his right side to balance him out...


Blackwulf Activates both Thovald and Sigurd with group activation
Thorvald   attacks Darkroot plant  +3 vs +3 ( 15, 8)  he smashes winning 18 to 11,l 20 for damage purposes with the two handed weapon …the plants tough armor  (14) yields only 6 damage

Sigurd joins the attack onh the Darkroot  with Thorvald supporting its +6 vs +3 (16, 7)  He slices into it 22 to 10..this times its 8 damage.

Blackwulf tries to kill the new Vine that’s burst from the ground attacking him last event Phase (16,14) he does so easily killing it with 10 damage…he second action he too moves into contact with the Darkroot plant.
(man my dice are on FIRE for the good guys)


The Darkroot plant attacks violently its taken heavy damage and is engaged by three warriors. Its focus is on Thorvald , 1st to attack and also with lowest health…it attacks +3 vs Thorvalds +7 with his Support (15,15)..despite its well timed attacks the trio is too much for it..Thorvald wins easily 22 to 15.., with the +2 damage its 10 more to plant and it is destroyed.


Calistra  - moves and searches bookcase (cupboard E)  As she open the cupboard door, several human
bones spill out onto the floor she attempts to make an unskilled perception check (TN12)  rolls (3)  and fails

(too bad that was a major score if she had caught )

Gord  Searches  the end bookcase (cupboard A)

As soon as you open the cupboard, a poison cloud wafts from it. All heroes with 3” of the cupboard must make an immediate Health Roll (TN18) or be poisoned. Everything within this cupboard has been completely covered in a
poisonous fungus. Gain 3XP.

Gord rolls..(2)  cough cough cough…what the hell!??? POISONED

Skuti  moves to search the bookcase nearest him (Cupboard D)

A locked cupboard. Make either a Pick Lock Roll (TN10) or a Strength Roll (TN16) to open it.

Skuti makes an amateur attempt to pick the lock (16)  he does….”hey Gord, how abou that !” he yells…
(Gord of course ignoring him rolling around vomiting from poison..)

Amidst the tools and empty jars in this cupboard, you find an herb pouch. This may be given to any hero that has open item slots. Gain 3XP

Gain 1 Herb Pouch   (Skuti stashes that for himself)



The heroes hear a deep growl, and suddenly a large wolf comes bounding in. Place the wolf in the centre of a randomly determined table edge. The wolf follows all the standard rules for evil creatures.
 (wolf enters from Southern wall the main door)



Blackwulf activates only Sigurd this time with group activation..

Then men can hear the wolf growling but the darkness of the room they cannot see it

Sigurd takes off past Calistra along the east wall toward Skuti with a doube move

Blackwulf casts “HEAL” on the injured Thorvald bringing him up to 12 health.

Blackwulf moves as his second action toward the middle of the room.


The Wolf  moving in for the kill on Skuti is now redirected to Sigurd who meets it head on ..the Wolf Savagely attacks him (7,20) and he doesn’t see it coming losing  21 to 11 , Sigurd takes hard 9 damage to his health…


Calistra quickly  moves to slay the Wolf attacking Sigurd with his support shes +6 vs +1 (13,8)  her sword finds its heart and she kills it instantly with 9 damage

Gord Search the last point of interest  cupboard B

A locked cupboard. Make either a Pick Lock Roll (TN10) or a Strength Roll (TN16) to open it

Gord of course picks the lock at +5 (14)  easy peasy….

The cupboard contains numerous jars filled with dried herbs. Make a Survival Roll, and check the note that corresponds to the result.

Gord make  survival check +0 (17) 

You find one dose of haikwheat, one dose of ironbark powder, and one dose of nightnock,
which may be given to any heroes that have open items slots. Gain 7XP

major score!

 Skuti starts making his way toward the exit…….



Choose one random hero. That figure must immediately make a Will Roll
(TN12). If it fails, it loses its next activation. If it succeeds, see Note XXX

Its Gord this time  Will check +1 (4)  FAIL


At this point  Blackwulf and Company move to  all leave the building
Since Gord is poisoned he can only move once

The forces another event card



Another Darkroot vine, but since the plant is already destroyed nothing happens


All member successfully exit the Herb Store to the Courtyard


25 experience points to Blackwulf bring him to 696 after 12 missions
9 xp combat and 16 from interest points
all companions get 1 progression point


recovered /found.

Herb Pouch
Night Nock
Ironbark powder
 Gemstone of Spellfire


Sigurd Heals up to 7  Survival check Calistra (19) =+ 2 = 9 Health
Gord  Heals 3 to 10 Health  survival check Skuti (6 miss)  Survival Check Blackwulf (14) +2= full health -poison is cured!
Skuti full
Thorvald full
Calistra Full
Blackwulf + 3 = 19 + survival check from Thorvald  (12) +2= full

starting next mission everyones at full health except Sigurd at 9


Pretty much a cakewalk thanks to very kind dice for almost every engagement,  good haul of loot but light on the XP… Considering the only decent clue we have recovered yet “ we have buried it in soft earth” this leads me to think the Decanter is either here in the Herb Store  (since the dirt floor is clearly specified ) or somewhere  in the Courtyard. We are heading to the Library next to see what we can  find. I may  just decide to roll the dice and perform a “final search“ after that as this mission is getting a bit long in the tooth and I don’t the upper section of the Hospital…has any “soft earth” in it…If we do that we’ll play one more Mission (The Library) perform our final search and play the “showdown” Hopefully soon!  Definitely sooner that this one!


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