Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Years Thoughts

       Just some New Years musings on the year that was 2019 for gaming at Plastic Legions.  I was working on the write up for the final showdown for the Burning Light Campaign but quickly realized there was no way I was going to get that written up and have all the pictures wrangled to post in the next few hours before New Years Eve festivities, start so I figure I end the year with this:

Obviously the year was devoted to Rangers of Shadow Deep, my favorite game of recent memory for a lot of reasons but specifically because I don’t have the time or even much inclination to get out and “game” . I prefer the quite time of fiddling away with my models in my basement, and an occasional solo game, and it’s a great solo game.

If you follow Rangers at all, you’re probably aware of its success, not just for its author who already had the massive hit that is Frostgrave on his hands ( Congrats Joe!) but for Northstar miniature’s as well, who keeps churning out great miniature’s for the line. Joe’s  self released the Core book, a rules update and 4 Supplements all in just over a year.  It got the attention of enough folks that Modiphus is soon releasing a deluxe version of rulebook , and if that is a success who knows what else.

Blood Moon is the next mission for me for Rangers, and I have to build quite a bit for it so its going to be awhile..I have started some basic casting for the Manor , (my next hirst arts project) and I also picked up the Tabletop World- Altburg Stable thru the Kickstarter and I am proud to say it was my ONLY Kickstarter of the entire year!...I have always loved Tabletop Worlds models but never took the plunge., this was tough to pass on it will look great on my massive Blackbarrow table and we need a stable for Blood Moon..so it was done . I got the tracking info right around Christmas day , its coming from Croatia but I expect here not before too long...

I made very few purchases this year for gaming, and managed to stick to my guns on selling things and not buying anything new. I don’t think I purchased more than a dozen single models all year (mainly Reaper) and I totally avoided Reapers most recent Kickstarter, even  thou by the end there were a few things tempting me, but then I would just go re read MY OWN POST.

I didn’t do a ton of painting this year either, other than what I needed for Rangers games but I did paint a variety of other things for some other games. Mainly things from the Reaper 4 Kickstarter that will be showing up in Blood Moon and I did paint some Prehistoric models so I could try out Palaeo Diet: Eat or be Eaten  which for whatever reason really intrigues me. I’ll be showing these off as I talk about that game coming up. Oh and I started another Boat nothing huge but something cool, for Rangers, or Pirates of whatever.. Im sure Ill get to before too long.

Finally Speaking of Modiphius ,  Browsing the Modiphius website while talking about the Rangers Book , I scrolled over to Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.. Now I have known about this game since it was announced and despite playing all  4 Fallout Games since 1997 all of them more than once…the first two, easily a half dozen full run thrus each.  I purposely STAYED AWAY due to the cost and the fact I don’t need to get into any more games, I probably will never play BUT I was looking at it with my 13 year old daughter chatting about it and why I love the models but don’t want to get into it…and she must have told my wife because WHAT DO I GET FOR CHRISTMAS.

Now they didn’t get the distinction between the PVC and Resin models and I have the PVC set..I have not done anything with it yet..but I watched a bunch of gameplay videos and it looks like it’s a great solo game too. SO it looks like I am going down the rabbit hole here..Im going to see how good I can make these crappy plastic models look before I pull the trigger on one of these resin boxes..this game is like Games Workshop money .something I washed my hands of  5 or 6 years ago, so where this  goes remains to be seen…I’ll see you all in 2020 probably more , not less and its my 14th year on the blog and counting

Happy New Year.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Ranger of Shadow Deep, Mission : Burning Light. Scenario D: The Library.

 Finally back at it, been pretty busy the last few months with work and other pursuits but found some time to wrap up the Burning Light campaign , I have added the official new rules update, and go over the few brief changes to the existing campaign.


Blackwulf’s report-  “The Herb store was as evil and twisted as everything here, but we somehow  came thru unscathed. The sick and twisted plants here may be hiding something more, I am not sure, But the unearthed floor is soft and our only substantial clue points there. We have left to search the Library as the statues broken arm seem to be place pointing in the that direction. Coincidence? We will see but our time here runs short  I can the see it my companions faces.”

This report is a complete play-through

All die rolls are shown as (x) all combat rolls are shown as (x,x) with the heroes roll always being first.

Pre Game Notes

Its clear to me (Blackwulf) that our goal of the missing Decanter is highly unlikely to be inside the Hospital, Abbess Quarters or Dormitory
So I am not planning on playing any more of the scenarios after this other than the final scenario, (we will search a previous location based on what we find here , for better or worse and head into the final scenario)
I have the Library Tower laid out in 4 distinct sections, the ground floor which covers areas
E and F, the flooded lower lever which covers area A, and the Library level for areas
B, C and D , I have added an additional roof area which grabs a generic encounter from one the scenarios we aren’t going to do, just to add a bit more to this mission.

The game will last 9 turns , there is no target point in this scenario.

original map

                                                                       My layout:

 Special Rules

Event Deck – Shadow Deep cards added . Black 9 and 10

Official New Rules Update  (NRU)

Challenge Level-  per the NRU this increases the level of monsters  for an added challenge.
For this scenario it reads “During set-up, increase the number of water snakes to 3 and the number of blood bats to 3. Whenever a black event card is drawn, place a blood bat on the desk in addition to the other instructions given.”
House Rules – Russian Roulette

All the water on the lower level counts as deep water. Heroes may only exit the table through the entry point on the first level. Figures move up and down the stairs at no movement penalty.

There is no Target Point in this scenario.

Ranger Sheet

Companion Sheet- Companions were updated per New Rules Update

Opening the broken door to the tower, you see that much of the floor of the chamber near the stairs has collapsed, revealing a basement below that has flooded. A rickety ladder stands in the corner leading to the level above. Books and loose scraps of paper are everywhere, and pair of stout doors lead to two rooms here, what behind them unknown.
Peering into the basement, the water hasn’t quite filled all of the room and some objects lay strewn about. Everything seems still and lifeless, until something unseen causes the water to ripple…



Blackwulf activates Gord and Skuti for the Ranger Phase.

Blackwulf enters the tower peering down below to lower level avoiding the broken floor stands by the door to the right.  He puts a shoulder to it (STR TN8  rolls=9,) its gives but he does not open it yet.

Gord moves to door on left , checking it..he finds it locked. And picks its at +5 (TN 6. Roll=9)

He opens the door.

Room E
Apparently, this room was once a treasury of some type, although almost everything is now missing. In the centre of the room, there is a large, empty plinth. Place a treasure token next to the plinth. Place three blood bats around the plinth. Gain 5XP.

Skuti-  seeing the blood bats , Skuti fires a quick arrow at one of them +3 vs +1  (10,15) but the bird is startled by the heroes entrances and moves , the shot misses


The bloodbats immediately erupt from the room and each attack a different hero

Blackwulf is attacked and caught off guard (3.20)  the Bat is +1 vs Blackwulfs +4  the Bat digs into him
Ripping flesh! 21 vs AC 12..ouch!  9 damage what a way to get things going.

Gord is attacked  but sees  it coming +2 v +1 (17,4) he skewers it with his dagger killing it

Sigurd is not as lucky also surprised he is attacked  +4 vs +1 (16,19) and it’s a tie at 20, Sigurd kills the bird but not before it attacks him for 8 damage , Sigurd begins this scenario with only 9 health, he is quickly teeting on death with 1 HP!!!!


Thorvald steps over to Blackwulf and swats the bat with his hammer, (11,11) +6 vs +1 , the bat is squished.

Sigurd- wounded , Sigurd stays put

Calistra moves around Blackwulf and opens the right side door , she enters the room.

Room F

As you push open the door, you hear a scream from within and see a young woman huddled behind an upturned desk. She is thin and half-starved. For the rest of the scenario, any figure in the room may spend an action and attempt a Leadership Roll (TN12). This may be attempted as many times as a player wishes. If successful, see Note 992.

Blackwulf , leadership +5  (12)  Success!!!

The young woman was an initiate of the Order of Saint Emilia. She knows very little of what happened. She remembers a horrible earthquake and thick clouds of ash. The nuns that survived started rushing about, but none stopped to explain anything to her. Then the creatures attacked. Monsters, pouring out of every corner. She ran in here and locked the door. She found a bit of food and has drunk rain water. She doesn’t know how long she has been here. The young woman joins the heroes as a free companion. She has the Stats of a conjurer and knows two spells – Heal and Strong Heart. She is completely unarmed unless another figure gives her a weapon. If the young nun survives to the end of the mission, gain 15XP. She can continue to be used as a companion after this mission, gaining Progression Points as normal, but players will then have to pay her Recruitment Points.

Oleandra-  M6 F0 S0 A10 W+3  Health -12  hand weapon  (Keen Sickle, from Thorvald)
Spells -Heal , Strong Heart.



A pair of blood bats come flapping in from a hole in the ceiling on the second floor. Place two blood bats on the desk.

(random placement (1 in Room F, in near Entrance)



Blackwulf activates Gord and Calistra for the Ranger Phase

Blackwulf quickly moves and attacks the bloodbat behind him outside room F
In the entrance area (9.3) +4 vs +1 ..he wins  13 to 4, the Bat is AC 12 but they only have a single  health point so its just enough

Calistra- Attacks the Bat inside room 4 with her and new found companion Oleandra  +4 vs +1 (12,15) another tie!, the bat is killed but its rakes her face for 3 damage against here 13 Armor

Gord- Move into room E and secures the treasure token


No Creatures on the board


Oleandra  moves outside room  F and cast her Heal spell on the obviously wounded Sigurd
Sigurd  gains 5 health

Thorvald, Sigurd and Skuti all start to slowly decend the stairs to the towers lower level, “there is something down here” Thorvald, snorts



One of the heroes suddenly feels an inner strength. Choose one hero at random. That figure may activate in the ranger phase and receives three actions in its next activation.

(D3 for Thorvald, Sigurd and Skuti  roll= 1, Thorvald, that will be handy next turn.)



Blackwulf activates Gord and Sigurd for the Ranger Phase

All three head towards the ladder up to library section climbing thru the hatch ending the phase all using double move actions

CREATURE PHASE No active creatures


Thorvald- makes a double move down the stairs in the dim light cast from above he sees two rather large snakes and some boxes near a broken bookcase on the far side of the room , unfortunately due to the water being “deep” it would require a swim check and he cant quite reach one of the snakes to attack so the boon  of that extra action is wasted, bad timing..

Skuti takes a single action moving down the stairs following  Thorvald, he stops at Thorvalds hand signal and quickly fires and arrow at +3 at one of the snakes.  “20” ouch!
Have not had a good crit at key time in awhile that  bonus 5 damage  equals 20 more that the Snakes 8 armor, and double it 10 health..its very dead stuck thru eyeball and into the wall

Calistra makes a double move down the stairs as well slipping past Skuti and joining Thorvald at the base of the stairs

Oleandra is told to wait near where they found her, shes’ give the treasure token to hold and the remaining heroes clear and search the tower.



“With a deep rumble, the stairway between the two levels of the tower collapses. Any figure currently on the stairs suffers a +4 attack. To move between the levels, it is now necessary for a figure to spend an action and succeed at a Climb Roll (TN10). “

Ugh!! Karma for that critical is back in the way of retribution!
We will assume this only the stairs between level one and the sub level..but we have 3 companions all taking the +4 attack

“1” VS Thorvald = 5 miss!
“10”VS Calistra  = hit! 1 damage
“11” VS Skuti =15 , hit! = 4 damage



Blackwulf activates Sigurd and Gord, the three begin to search the library for Clues

Blackwulf immediately sees 2 Bloodbats and quickly attacks  +4 vs +1 (17,8)  he quickly kills it

Sigurds moves to the second (10,2) and he as quickly slays his as well

With the bats dead , Gord strikes out for treasure

Gord Moves across to room and begins to search the book cases (Area D)

“As you touch a book on this bookcase, you hear a strange whirring noise. See Note 499. After reading that note, make either an Ancient Lore Roll (TN10) or a Read Runes Roll (TN10). If successful, see Note 927 “

Gord’s check (13)

 Crammed between several books on the growing of various wildflowers is a red-bound book of magic. The book may be given to any hero and takes up an item slot. It can only be used by a figure that can cast spells, however. A spellcasting figure with the book may choose any two spells from the rulebook to be contained within the book of magic. The figure carrying the book may cast those two spells at any time using an action. Once the two spells are cast, the book is used up and discarded. Alternatively, if the book’s spells are not used, it may be turned over to the heroes’ superiors at the end of the mission. If it is turned over, each ranger may either gain 10XP or give 1 Progression Point to one of his companions

Something real useful here! , Gord exclaims…

Meanwhile in the collapsing basement Watersnakes attacks while Skuti has killed one , two more remain.

2 snakes attack one attacking each of the Heroes on the Landing

Vs Calistra +4 vs +2 (8,20)  oof  Calistra loses 22 to 12 and takes a mean 9 damage, having 9 Health
She is OUT OF ACTION and she is POISONED

Vs Thorvald +4 vs +2 (19,3) opposite here, the big hammer squishes the snake to a pulp is 8 armor doing nothing vs 17 damage ( 23 +2 for 2HW =25 -8= 17


Thorvald quickly follows up against the snake that put Calistra down..
(18,14)  and he does it again… with 16 damage trashing the snakes 8 armor killing it in a single blow.

Calistra being OoA is a problem thou…

Skuti thinking the coast is clear dives in to deep water from the stairs and makes a swim check (17) he easily swims to the Island to investigate the potential clue/loot

The only bookcase still standing on this level sits on a little island. Make a Navigation Roll (TN8). If successful, see Note 269

Skuti rolls (11)

Quickly scanning the bookcase, you notice a rare and highly sought-after book on navigation. This book counts as an item, which may be given to any hero. While carrying this book, the figure receives +2 on all Navigation Skill Rolls. At the end of the mission, this book can either be kept by the heroes, or turned over to their superiors, in which case they gain 10XP.

Skuti quickly grabs the book.



Pick one random hero on the lower level. That figure should make a Perception Roll (TN12). If it fails, place a giant water snake in combat with the figure. If it succeeds, place a giant water snake anywhere within 3” of the figure. If there are no figures on the lower level, ignore this card

Skuti is randomly choosen, (17)  another huge watersnake appears,,,,

Uhhhhh Thorvald please start swimming……….



Blackwulf Moves to investigate the table in the center of the room. (area B)

“The body of a middle-aged woman lies on the floor behind the desk, an ink-stained quill still clutched in one hand. On the desk is a half-completed scroll written in some ancient language. Make a Read Runes Roll (TN8). If the result is 8 or more, see Note 502. If the result is 12 or more, see Note 846.”

Blackwulf’s check (14)

The hastily scrawled writing is difficult to make out, and you are unsure about many of the words. What it seems to say, however, is that they have removed the Decanter from ‘this place’ and buried it ‘in a corner’. Gain 15XP

Damn it that’s it!, the decanter is in the Herb Store, right under our nose! Im sure of it! Blackwulf thinks to himself, not yet alerting the others..

Sigurd moves to investigate the nearest bookshelf (area C)

“Most of the books on the shelf are obscure religious tracts that have no meaning to you. Make an Ancient Lore Roll (TN12). If successful, see Note 337 “

Sigurds check (2)…nothing here boss, just some priestess .nun, stuff…..

Gord moves to  ladder and heads to the roof he can climb the ladder and reach the roof in one action.
 Reaching the roof he sees a large cocoon surrounded by 3 large spiders whom immediately turn towards him

Gord pulls his trusty throwing knife and makes an attacks…(1,16) Oooof so much for that , Gord lets out a wimper then a call for help..


On the roof, all three spiders move to engage Gord having plenty of Room to reach him, per the creature rules each moves one at time
Spider 1,  +0 vs Gords +2  (2,4)  wild missed for both
Spider 2, now getting +2 for an ally,  so +2 vs +2 (18,4)  Gord Wins! 20 to 6 easily gutting a spider…
Spider 3,, still at +2 due to 1 ally in Combat again its +2 vs +2  (11,3) Gord winds  13 to 5,  The Spider is Armor 8 and Health 4,  and  13 = 5 damage but his dagger is -1 damage so the resulting 4 damage is  just enough to kill it!, Gord did amazing here and is now 1 vs 1 with the remaining spider.

Newly appearing Snake down below is actually equal distance from both Skuti and Thorvald so I roll to see which it  chooses to attack and its Skuti!....reaching him in one move it attacks  +2 vs  +2  (19,7) luck is on our side and Skuti wins 21 to 9 -  the Snakes 8 armor leaves the Snake with 13 damage but Skuti is using a damage so it drops to 12 damage , Snake is Health 10 so it too is dead…

Skuti and Thorvald, lay claim to two giant water snakes each!


Treasure in hand both  Thorvald and Skuti must climb with injured OoA Calistra in tow back up to the ground floor  (TN10)

Thorvald (17) easily climbs up Joining the new rescued Oleandra on the main floor.

Skuti (9)  trying to help the injured Calistra Fails and is stuck below

Oleandra- Holds position

Black 9

The heroes feel an unnatural breeze, and then a thick cloud of ash moves across the table. For the next two turns, each hero must make a Will Roll (TN12) before it activates; if it fails, it receives a maximum of one action. Furthermore, the maximum line of sight for the next two turns is 8”

Challenge Rules

Whenever a black event card is drawn, place a blood bat on the desk in addition to the other instructions given

Blood bat appears right in front of Blackwulfl!



Blackwulf Activates Gord and Sigurd .

Gord  Must will Check at TN12  (19) pass responds with Dagger attack against the remaining Spider (5,1)  as miss the fight continues

Blackwulf Will Checks TN12 (8) =4 pass  He again attacks a Bloodbat that’s appeared right  in front of him…(14,6) and he kills it easily

He moves to the ladder and begins to climb it in case Gord should lose the fight..Blackwulf yells for Sigurd to return to the ground floor with the others…

Sigurd Will Checks TN12 (12) pass  a double move  leaving the 2nd floor and returning to the main level  entry area where Thorvald and Oleandra are.


Spider continues to Attack Gord,  this the only creature on the table..
(20,8) Gord with the Critical wow! Well he won that one…. The final spider is dead.


Skuti Will Checks TN12  (3) Fail , only gets on action . makes his climb check with injured Calistra  TN10 (4)  fails still stuck



Two skeletons appear adjacent to the staircase on the level that contains the most heroes. Roll randomly in the case of a tie.

In this case they walk right in the front door from the Courtyard and attack,  Thorvald, Oleandra and the now arriving Sigurd!



Blackwulf activates Thorvald and Sigurd

Thorvald Will Checks TN12  (18) pass attacks the closest skeleton  (14,11 ) and crushes it to dust

Sigurd Will Checks TN12 (5)+2 Fails  only get one action he engages the Skeleton with his “bone blade” but cannot attack this phase.

Blackwulf Will Checks TN12 (2) fails  begins moving down the ladder to level 1.


Skeleton attacks Sigurd +5 vs +1 ( 15, 17)  Sigurd wins 20 to 18, The Skeleton is shattered to loose bones!


Skuti  Will Checks TN12  (11) +1  pass,  Tries to Climb (10)..Fail , Still stuck..2nd action keep climbing…(18)! Finally they join the others

Oleandra Will Checks TN12  10 +3  pass… holds

Gord  Will Checks TN12   (6)  fail on the roof moves to examine the cocoon.

A giant web cocoon has completely enveloped the bed. Make a Strength Roll (TN8) to get inside it. You may attempt this roll as many times as you wish. If successful, see Note 598

Gord makes the Strength check (9)  revealing the contents but can do nothing else this turn

“You rip open the cocoon, but the only things inside are a few bits of metal, a belt buckle, and a few buttons”  wha-wha…..sounds of disappointment.



The heroes hear a deep growl, and suddenly a large wolf comes bounding in. Place the wolf in the centre of a randomly determined table edge. The wolf follows all the standard rules for evil creatures.

Once again in the front door,  “we must hurry they are coming!”  someone yells

Also lets not forget the 

Challenge Rules

Whenever a black event card is drawn, place a blood bat on the desk in addition to the other instructions given  Bloodbat appears on the second floor but there is no one there at the moment.



Blackwulf activates Thorvald and Sigurd

Thorvald on a epic hot streak this games moves first to challenge the Wolf +4 vs +1  (20,8)
Hah! He knocks back out in howling thud where it falls dead
(wow 3 crits this game…I have a feeling I will be crying for those on the final mission.

Blackwulf  climbs down the ladder and joins the others

Sigurd holds.


Only creature on board is a single Bloodbat on floor 2, its does nothing


Gord comes down the ladder but cant reach the bat in a single move, he quietly  makes his way past it toward the ladder to 1st floor  using his full 7” move twice

Remaining companions hold.



Select a random hero on the table. That figures sees a glowing rune. That figure must make either a Perception (TN14) or Read Runes (TN10) Roll. If successful, it recognizes the rune as a trap and avoids it. If not, the figure suffers an immediate +3 magic attack as do any other figures within 2” of it. If the trap is avoided, gain 4XP.

Comes up Skuti  who notices something on the wall near  the room on this floor they first entered he tries to read runes (17) and realizes it’s a trap….and warns the others to avoid it  +4 XP



Blackwulf activates Gord and Thorvald

Gord, quickly moves thru the hatch and down the ladders avoiding the last remaining blood bat.
Leaving on the 2nd floor behind the closed hatch

All Heroes exit the Tower

Blackwulf exclaims “Back to the herb store I know where the decanter is!!!”

The Heroes quickly move across the courtyard back to the safety of the cleared Herb Store where they have a brief time to rest and recover before the final search!

Survival and Healing

Out of Action,
Calistra  Survival Check at -2  (9)  = 7 “close call”

Close Call
The figure escapes with only minor injuries but does lose all its non-standard equipment (anything not listed on the Basic Equipment List).

This means she lost the “holy book” she was carrying that was recovered in an earlier mission is lost it was worth 10XP when returned..oh well..

Calistra returns 6 health but is currently poisoned, Blackwulf uses his heal spell to bring her to 11 points
A survival check from Skuti (12) makes full health and cures her of the poison.

Sigurd  current health 6 regains3  to a total of 9…a survival check from Blackwulf a +4 (15)  gets to full health at 13…

Thorvald, Gord, and Oleandra were not injured during the scenario
Blackwulf is at 11 health from taking 9 damage in turn 1… he regains 3 to go to 14 a survival check from Oleandra (18)  brings him to 15…..

Going into the final scenario everyone is at full health except for Blackwulf who is at 15 of 20…I could
use his gem of spellfire for a second heal odds are we will need it..so Ill save it..


You scour the place from top to bottom and, just as you are about to give up, you spot a strange fold in the dirt on the floor. Grabbing hold of this, you pull up a cloth covering and reveal a dark hole. There, shining at the bottom of the hole, is a silver decanter covered in beautiful flowing script. You have found what you were seeking! Before you have any time to celebrate, however, you hear a horrible shriek and feel a coldness grip your heart. You must now play Scenario I to see if you can escape with your prize. The decanter must be carried by a specific figure. It does not take up an item slot. Gain 100XP.
Total Experience

 8 Bloodbats= 8
4  Snakes =12
3 Spiders= 6
2 Skeletons =2
1 Wolf = 2

30 XP

Blackwulf discovers the Decanters location +15
Room E +5
Skuti avoiding the Traps +4

24 XP

Finding the Decanter 100XP

Total 154 XP for Blackwulf bringing him to 850 total and level 7
All Companions get 2 progression point except Calistra who gets 1.

Should Oleandra survive the final mission Blackwulf will get an extra 15XP

Spellbook  - Oleandra
Navigation Book- Skuti
(ponentially worth either xp or pp at end of Campaign)

Treasure Token (16) weapon or armor
 Hand Weapon,  Light…. Well give that to Sigurd for now…

Final thoughts-  probably because I haven’t played in months I found this one particularly fun especially with multilevel way I set the  the scenario  up

Now its time to move on to ending the Campaign!



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