Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Village of Blackbarrow, a Fieldstone Church

A couple months later I am back, it just seems it takes me forever to get projects finished these days. I’ve been pretty woeful  on the gaming front this year really only messing around with solo games or with my daughters . I ve been liquidating  various items from my collection in the last few years. Specifically a lot of terrain, I had a ridiculous amount of the tables and terrain still even after movings massive purge,  So its feeling pretty good to clean house.  The Village of Blackbarrow table which currently takes up 50 Square Feet,  (4x 8 with 2 and eventually 3 , 3 x 3 extensions in my basement)
Is now our hobby center piece. I’ve gone for complete homogeneity  as I decided a couple years ago I was going to replace all my old buildings with Hirst Arts buildings and I am well on my way.

 I just recently completed this Fieldstone Church which I finished painting over Thanksgiving weekend. Based on one of Bruce Hirst original plans, the Gothic  Church. This build  uses a variety of the Fieldstone Molds, the Slate Roof Mold and few bits from the Gothic  Arena Accessories mold. 

 The build was pretty straight forward. I did finally get a roof mold, I ran out of the Plastruct Plastic roof I had been using for years and since its $5 a sheet, it made more sense to spend 29 dollars on the roof mold as I have plenty of roofs to do and a few I could redo. Thing about the Hirst Roofs, they add significant time to the project, I spent as much time screwing around with the roof as I did on the entire rest of the building , including the base. Some growing paints there for sure with the new mold and fitting and customizing the sizes, I am sure it will get easier.

All the Villages large structures are done unless I decide to take on the epic and recent Watermill, which was released in the last year or so, and I very well might.  Next up are the Blacksmith Shop and some Docks, leaving just small hovels and some other shops,  then it finishing the Dungeon which I started way the heck back in 2010 and has growing at a snails pace ever since.  I plan creating either one massive gallery the whole village when its complete,  until then if your interested you can just watch it grow piece meal. Hopefully I got few more things up my sleeve in hobby department before years end. We will just have to see.

Fieldstone Church- HA molds  42, 70, 71,75, 701, 225, 245 and 260,  several of these molds are redundant or use just a couple a bits. You could build this almost identically with just  molds 70, 75, 245 and 260, I just have the extra molds for odd bits here and there as I have been  building Hirst for almost 10 years now. Casting material is standard Hydrostone, Paints are from Folk Art Crafts, the Statues and Sun Sign are GW bits and the Miniatures from Otherworld…Build time NOT including Casting or glue / paint  daytime  about 12 hours.

I plan on adding some stainglass type windows in the rear here, still figuring out what to do, any ideas are appreciated!


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