Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission: Bloodmoon. The prologue

       Time to revisit my favorite game of note  which has me finally getting around to playing Rangers of Shadow Deep : Blood Moon, the second supplement for game!  This is long overdue and if I hadn’t taken the Fallout Wasteland Warfare plunge, I surely would have gotten to it late last year.  Things being as they may, I’m glad I waited. While I never got around to building the Manor house I had designed as my next Hirst Arts project. That would have been my centerpiece of Bloodmoon , That inevitable 100 hours of hobby time never quite materialized. While its easy to blame things like PC games sucking away hours of my life , I think after several recent cleanup and reorganization of our basement /storage space my procrastination really boils down to a space issue.

     Back in the late 2000’s when I when I was living in Chicago, I had a huge basement that was gaming HQ for our club of exiled GW store regulars and I had 4  tables going  24/7 and could  go up to 6 if we had events. I had many shelves  lining the walls and tons of space.  Now I have a 15 x 10 workroom/ storage  room and 1 table tucked away in the corner of basement. Despite my best efforts of giving tons of stuff away when I moved and working diligently selling older unused things, I am still packed to gills and much of it is still gaming terrain.

       Thankfully I did receive and paint my Stable from the excellent table top world Kickstarter and while tempted to pickup another building , I just replaced the manor house with my table centerpiece Wayside Inn, which is a tad larger the the games mentioned requirements but then again so was this manor house I may or may not ever get around to building.  I also went ahead and picked up the deluxe version of the RoSD rule-book, really nice to have all the rules from the 6 supplements (inc the rules update) in one place.  

       With my buildings complete, I still needed to make the pond, then paint around 10 figures and the boat and the cart….I didn’t get to all the nice details that come with the stable but will as time goes on as they aren’t needed for bloodmoon.

      While all this was going on and I was filling out roster sheets and re-reading the new rules, I started to get an itch to make some new Rangers. While I of course must continue the tales of Blackwulf and his comrades, I also found it very convenient that bloodmoon is designed with two sets of event card one for levels 0-5 and and one for 6-10.  Since Blackwulf is currently level 8. I have decided to run the scenario twice,  1st up with Blackwulf and Co. , then with three new novice rangers and 0 companions (for this adventure), emulating a fresh team as a three player game.

      Pretty excited for both of these, both will be full game write ups, the first one happens this week, the new one of rookies as soon as I paint the models, (they are on the bench ready to go)  Ill leave you with some shots of the basic models and terrain and board and save the rest for the first run of Rangers of Shadow Deep: Bloodmoon.!

table is 3 x 3 , Clockwise L to R  Stable, Inn ( Manor house) , Cart, Woods, Pond with small boat

Threw this pond together pretty quick , I should have used something other than wood as the grain shows thru the water effect..not my best but works.

Looking forward to all the bell and whistles on the Stable here.

Stable interior with Clue Marker

Cart and Woods

Nice to get to use the Inn again its been awhile since I have used it in a game
The Inn usually packed full, now sits abandoned. per the scenario each room with a clue marker  has an exit 

Upstairs, again each room has an exit. here it just a window.

Bestiary and NPC's  Back Lto R,  Werewolves,  5 giant flies, 2 Grim Wolves, 3 Wolves, Old Man, Little Girl, Little Boy, Giant Snake,  Companions Covin, Seb, Nicolan, ( Orla is drying on the bench as I type this) 4 Giant Rats 


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