Monday, July 31, 2017

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes- Temple Run

If you've been following along or just dropping in the last year or so, I've been playing a variety of Fantasy and Sci Fi skirmish, when not plodding along on my Blackbarrow table. I have mainly been using the Otherworld Skirmish system but it's a bit cumbersome when you are trying to put together stats for all the factions and solo creature running around. I playing these games solo or with my daughters currently with a limited attention span, so after hearing good things, I thought we set up a test game with Ganesha Games , Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes.

I not a stranger to Song of Blades and Heroes, we (the old club) dabbled with a bit back in probably 2010, but the group had so many other games competing for attention in the Warband (or Army) vs Warband mode that we never got more than few games in, I found the original game quick and brutal and felt it was missing some more narrative elements and defined magic system, apparently I was not alone because sometime ago this advanced version answered the request.

I finally had a reason to break out my Jungle Terrain which I am glad I haven't got around to sell yet. because after it not seeing the light of day in years,  its still looking good and it will come in handy if I try the upcoming Frostgrave Supplement, Ghost Archipelago.  for this make I thru together 2 300 point warbands,  very quickly...we call the game Temple Run, after one of my Daughters favorite Ios games., The object of the Adventures was to grab the Artifact at the top of the Pyramid, thus destroying the Undead Menace here, while The Defenders, just want to "kill them all" and add them to their numbers.

I'll continue with the game write up this week while we are out of town and post it the following week for now, I'll leave it with some pictures and a few notes.,  I definitely think for the rules ASoBaH has some benefits over Otherworld for a large campaign . Particularly as there is no campaign system for Otherworld, the magic systems is more fleshed out, there are few pro and cons to each, Ill mention in the game write up.

 All Miniature by Otherworlds Minatures, Terrain and Painting by base10studios (me)


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