Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Reaper Bones 4, and some new painted Reaper figures

If your reading this I am sure you are aware of the Reapers current 4th "Bones" Kickstarter which is winding down as it approaches the 2 million mark, consider 2015's  Bones 3, is still shipping just over 2 years from it's Kickstarter close, I'm still in "what are people thinking" camp. As I've mentioned earlier I was a Bones 1 supporter and thou I was happy with the value, I wasnt thrilled with the majority of the quality of miniatures, I dont think I've really used or painted more than a couple dozen of the years since then and the rest are in a box.

I probably own more Reaper figures than any other line since I liquidated most of Games Workshop inventory over the last few years. I've been collecting Reaper going on close to 20 years..
But because I just wasnt as excited about Bones as the general public I had chosen not to buy into either Bones 2 or 3, picking up just a few random figures over years.
Bones 4 seems to be whole different story, I've definitely noticed the quality of plastic in the miniature improving, especially in the larger models where Bones has really found its niche. While the Core set this time around is certainly on the same value as the other, its the Expansions and Add On's that were attractive to me, beside the Core there are now 4 separate $50 expansions plus the add on figures. Personally its was Dreadmere expansion that sold it for me, there is enough weird stuff in there that works for my gaming plus some of it was already on my  metal "buy" list. with a few add on I am interested in, I'm pledged at $100 already, with no Core Set that's my limit unless something late blows me away enough to not knock something else out.

The crazy thing about Bones, and its still head shaking to me that folks who "are all in ",  I follow the Reaper Facebook group and have some posts from folks with obscene numbers of figures from the 1st three Bones, let alone this one which is well over 500 figures at this point if your are "all in" , I though my paint que was deep?, anyway there is still some stuff I'll want to cherry pick from these sets 3 or so years from now when they hit the shelves. That's the other crazy thing the lead times...but we are talking millions of dollars and hundreds of the new molds here.

Anyway Bones 4 is raging in big way, good for them

Below I posted some recent pictures I took of the Reaper figures that recently left the paint bench for the Blackbarrow table or shelf . Just some stuff I got done this summer, not all of it, put just Reaper I hadn't already posted in previous entries.

My personal favorite sculptors going for Reaper are Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi.
I find most of what I am attracted to is theirs and I know they are both well represented in Bones 4,

The Pathfinder Red Dragon I painted is for sale  I'll add the ebay link as soon as I get it listed, its was really a test color scheme for the massive Forge World Red Dragon I have had sitting on the shelf since 2009 ,
I'm actually finding the inspiration to take it on again, since its "almost" got built as "not Smaug" in the dying days of the GW "LotR/Hobbit strategy game.

Still working on writing up the Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes we played earlier this month, cobbling it together off phone audio and notes isnt fun, I should have done it sooner. but I'll get it done if not just as an excuse to post more photos.

Bat Demon 03747

Reaper Bones Red Dragon 89001  eBay Auction

Burrowing Horror 02919

Town Guard 03165


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