Saturday, June 30, 2018


Summer is well here as its a sweltering 98 degrees as I type this. I dont usually get alot of hobbytime in the Summer, but my goal is to get these Caverns done and complete the Dungeon Board in the next couple months. We are still working the Blackbarrow Chronicles and I would have probably have played and written that by now but we decided to make a rules change back to Otherworld Skrimish. Which I knowm will be more interesting to some people as opposed to us messing around with our homebrew based on The Black Hack RPG was fun while it lasted but the OWS rules have a charm of their own so we are giving them another go.

The Cavern section uses the Hirst Arts Cavern Molds 81,82 and 281,4Bot molds  W04 and W05 and I am using Woodland Scenics realistic water which doesnt cure very quickly but it for me is easier and less of hassle to work with than Envirotex.  pretty straight forward build, largest water layout yet for me , especially with the naked edge, which is a real hassle to get right.

The are two more cavern sections to go, I'm hoping to get the casting and layouts done next couple weeks, the builds and painting and water will take me awhile.I am hoping get out next game in July, it a big one probably a couple sessions and 2 part write up, I built some new terrain and painted some new figs and new Undead which will be showing up in Blackbarrow Ep 4.

Dont have alot of time so I am leaving this here, just need to give the blog a little love for June. I hope to be pretty active in July.
That shadow was a bad idea I am glad I didnt go with, I may get creative with some terrain there to cover it, not sure yet

last two empty sections are calling to be made bad, I cant believe I have been working on this board for over 10 years!

I am looking forward to this guy eating someone

Probably wont happen in a game but you never know Ropers are just nasty in any system.


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