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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 2: The Beacon Tower. Scenario 1: The Bridge Guards.

Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 2: The Beacon Tower. Scenario 1: The Bridge Guards

The following is my 3rd Rangers of Shadow Deep complete play- through

Pre-game notes

Didn’t have to a lot for this one either other than paint up my “Terrain Crate” Camp site, the Vulture and one more Frostgrave Soldier for a potential Tor Varden Man at Arms.

The mission specifies  Gnolls as the adversary . I don’t own any Gnolls, but I could not think of better use for my horde of Lord of the Rings  Orcs and primary agents of Shadow Deep in my games , the Orcs have the exact same stats as the Gnolls presented in the mission or the RoSD bestiary.

All die rolls are shown as (X) all combat rolls are (x,x) The first number always being the heroes.

There is no Target Point in this scenario but the Orcs will never randomly move into the river.
This scenario lasts a maximum of ten turns. During the event phase of each odd- numbered turn (so turns 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9)  I will draw one Event Card

Mission 2: The Beacon Tower

“Only hours after you arrived back from destroying the nest of spiders, you received a message from your commanding officer. Contact has been lost with the beacon tower of Tor Varden, and it is presumed to have been overrun. You are commanded to round up what men you can and proceed with all swiftness to Tor Varden to ascertain the truth. If the tower has fallen, learn what enemy forces now occupy it and harass or eliminate them as opportunity presents.”

Episode 1: The Bridge Guards

“As you make your way towards Tor Varden, the gentle, rolling hills slowly give way to rocky plains, and finally into the boulder-filled maze known locally as ‘the Scree’. It is a barren, unnerving place – a perfect site for an ambush as the large rocks cut lines of sight down to just a few yards in most places. Proceeding cautiously, you eventually hear the Enthel River, which you must cross to reach Tor Varden. As you approach, however, you hear other noises as well, nearly drowned out by the river. Voices, of some inhuman type, a language filled with whines and barks.
Climbing to the top of a large boulder, you get a clear view down to the river. There, standing astride the old stone bridge is a patrol of Orcs. Judging by the large cooking pot they have set up over the fire, these Orcs are camped here, likely to guard the bridge. The only other place to cross the Enthel River is a ford, in sight of the bridge, otherwise, it will take a least half a day to reach another crossing. There is nothing for it, the Orcs will have to be eliminated, as quickly and quietly as possible.”


 Ranger Blackwulf and his Companions



“Before the scenario begins, the players should select one figure to make a Navigation Roll (TN12). If successful, they may move any three heroes up to 6” in any direction. “

Blackwulf  checks at Navigation +5 rolls (14)

Blackwulf orders Skuti, Gord and Guthrum to sneak further ahead


“At the start of each turn, the players should select one hero on the table to make a Stealth Roll (TN8). If successful, the players may move one gnoll figure up to 6” in any direction. This lasts until the alarm is raised.

We have Gord make the check  at + 5 vs TN 8 Roll (6) +5 = 11!  We move the eastern most Orc Archer (A4) behind some trees near Archer 3 (A3)  this will obscure his line of sight to the rangers and to Archer 3 .

after the successful stealth move.


Blackwulf group activates both Sigurd and Thorvald with him this turn
They see Archer A3 who will have Line of Sight to them on his turn unless they either hide or kill him, I choose the later

“The rangers have the element of surprise in this scenario. Whenever they make an attack (of any kind) against a gnoll they receive +4 bonus to their roll. This lasts until the alarm is raised.
If a gnoll ever activates with a hero in line of sight, or a gnoll takes damage within line of sight of another gnoll, the alarm is raised. The players no longer get to make Stealth checks or receive the attack bonus.”

Blackwulf moves 6 inches climbing a small hill , he has a clear shot to archer but we must kill him  armor 11, health 10 meaning we need at least a 21 on the dice.

Blackwulf decides to use his Steady Aim Heroic Ability right out of the gate here so the shoot is +2 for his shoot, +4 for Surprise and +5 for Steady Aim…a total of +11 so I am looking for a 10> here

He shoots (11,12) the archers shoot is +2  with a +1 since Blackwulf moved making the final 22 vs 15 Blackwulf succeeds 22 vs 11 armor , the Orc Takes the Arrow in skull and falls dead.  One Down.

Thorvald and Sigurd  creep forward trying to remain out of sight as long as possible


The Orcs current do not have line of sight to any ranger so have no reason to move
I do have Archer A4 move back to his original position we are assuming hes patrolling.


Skuti leaves cover going after Orc Archer 4, he moves 6 inches has clear shot and fires (10, 11) wish he had that farlight leaf from last game  hes +6 with the Surprise vs +2 for the Archer the archer also gets +1 because Skuti took a hurried shot.
The final is 16 to 14 he wins but only does 5 damage. The Orc is still alive.

Gord quickly moves up 6 inches and throws his Knife…(20,12)  well luck is sure with the Rangers so far and the throwing knife even with -1 to damage easily kills the Orc…Two Down.

The Crit with the Throwing Knife


RED 5 –

“Booby Trap. Pick one random hero. That figure must make either a Traps Roll (TN7) or Perception Roll (TN7). If the figure fails, make an immediate +1 attack against the figure. If this attack does any damage, the alarm is raised. “

I roll a D6 going in order left to right across the board…roll (5)  Skuti! Oh No he steps on the booby trap- he has no traps or perception skill..and even roll but rolls (11)  Their Luck remains.


Gord makes the Stealth Check again roll (10) or 15 vs TN 8 ..we have Orc Archer B move towards the Rangers out into the open..patrolling looking for the other guards..


Well its was fun while it lasted there is just no way we can take any more guard without raising the alarm we Orc Archer B out in the open for Both Blackwulf and Skuti’s arrows but The Guards on the bridge have line of sight to killing raises the alarm..not killing raises the Alarm..we could have left him where he was or moved him the other way..but its seems removing another enemy for the table is most prudent before the front assault…as Events can bring 2 more Orcs to the party.

Blackwulf Group Activates both Sigurd and Thorvald

Blackwulf  Fires his bow from where he is still getting the Surprise Bonus (17, 10) or 23 to 12  again his arrow strikes home the 23 vs 11 armor is 12 damage enough to take him out However the bridge guard see him killed and the ALARM IS RAISED.  Three down.

Alarm raising 3rd Orc Kill

Blackwulf then moves three inches over some rough ground

Thorvald and Sigurd both move the road to charge the bridge head out Sigurd in the front with the Brightness Shield moving across the same rough ground as Blackwulf they get a bit further but not much.

Charging the Bridge , after the Alarm is raised


The Orcs charge there max move off the Bridge of 9 inches..the don’t reach the Rangers yet..
The last remaining Orc Archer see the Rangers, its shoots at the Closest Hero, Sigurd!
Sigurd uses the Brightness Shield trying to blind him (5,3 ) or 10 vs 5…the Arrow misses!
I check the shield charges from 5 to 4

The Orcs in the Camp move their max move to reinforce the Bridge.


Guthrum moves 9 inches towards the Oncoming Orcs

Skuti moves 6 inches stops and fires an Arrow at one the Camp guards at the crest of the Bridge the bridge more than half covers him so the Orc is +2 for shoot, +4 for cover and +1 since it was a hurried shot  Roll (10,7)  or 12 to 14 the Orc win the arrow knicks the bridge wall and breaks.

Skuti tries to take out Orc Fighter 2 coming over the bridge

Gord makes a double move just reaching the river ford..not much of a fighter (other than the Critical hit knife throw) Gord is making a beeline around the back way heading for the camp while the others are fighting.

Guthrum and Skuti move to Aid, Gord in the background reaches the river ford.


None this turn


Alarm is raised , no stealth rolls


Blackwulf Group activates both Sigurd and Thorvald

Blackwulf  shoots an arrow at the Orc Sergeant.  (5,20) Oof the Orc Catches it and snaps it half
Undaunted he moves 6 inches and engages him but cant fight this phase

Started so well with a clean beheading on the Orc Sgt1

Sigurd moves 6 inches into combat with the eastern most Orc Fighter (F4), Thorvald cant reach the other Orc Fighter (F3) but can block him from getting into support the combat with Blackwulf.


The last Orc Archer fires an arrow at Thorvald as he advances..(18,11) there are two intervening pieces of terrain making it big miss 20 to 13 in Thorvalds favor.

Orc Fighter 3 moves and is pulled into combat with Thorvald, down comes the hammer
(14,,1)  or 17 to 3 Thorvald connects for 6 +2 for the Hammer..8 damage the Orc is takes a brutal hit but keeps fighting Thorvald keeps fighting

Orc Sergeant versus Blackwulf (19, 6)  Finally we are calling our Deadly Strike here our first chance in 3 games to use the Heroic ability..Blackwulf wins 22 to 9 and it’s a critical so 27 against armor 11 ..16 damage the Orc Sgt has 12 health so Blackwulf beheaded him in single combat!..the Rangers are inspired!

Orc Fighter 4 fights Sigurd  (8,6)  Sigurd wins 11 to 8 but the attack does no damage they stay locked.

Orc Fighter 2 comes down from the bridge with a double move engages Blackwulf but they don’t fight this turn

Orc Fighter 1 comes up the rear looking to get into the fight but is just out of melee.


Guthrum moves around a tree it takes a double move and is now the flanking Orc fighter 4 who is fighting Sigurd

Thing were really looking good here

Skuti moves twice as well past the rear of the huge melee hoping to get a eye the last archer.

Gord double moves across the river ford and into the woods toward the Orc Camp



”Place a large vulture on the table, anywhere along the heroes’ starting table edge. During the creature phase each turn, this vulture will move 6” directly across the table. It will not force combat or otherwise willingly deviate from this course. Only heroes that can fly can move into combat with the vulture. It this vulture takes damage within line of sight of the Orcs it raises the alarm. Make a note if the vulture manages to exit the other side of the table before the end of the   scenario. “

The Vulture is on the Table.

The this guy shows up and the dice turn against us hardcore.



Blackwulf group activates with Sigurd and Thorvald

Blackwulf finds himself facing another Orc (F2) (10,17)  or 13 to 19 the Orcs Blade catches Blackwulf off guard and he bleeds taking 8 damage!

Things start looking really grim for the Rangers

Thorvald swings his Hammer on the wounded Orc Fighter 3 (7,19) he fumbles and the Orc bests him 10 to 21..its bad wound doing 10 damage…Thorvald stays locked in combat with 2 Health remaining!

Sigurd is locked in Combat with Orc Fighter 4 , but now Guthrum is supporting  (3,17) aghhh
The Orcs have come back strong Sigurd is best 19 to 8 with the support and takes 7 damage!


Following the who has the highest Health

Well roll for Orc Archer, the Vulture, and Orc Fighters 1,2 and 4 and get the Following Order

Orc Fighter 1
Orc Fighter 4
Orc Fighter 2
Orc Fighter 3 (2 health)

Orc Archer moves slightly to get a clear shot at Skuti. Skuti gets +2 for the move and Intervening terrain (6,9) or 10 vs 11  the Arrow hits Skuti but his armor deflects it…

The Vulture Flies 6 inches
Harbinger of Doom

Orc Fighter 1 has pulled Guthrum off the flank of Orc Fighter 4 fighting Sigurd. They fight!
(2,18)  its seems the dice have finally turned against the Rangers.. Guthrum loses 20 to 5 and takes 9 damage! Hes at 3 health!

Thought we had him here but Guthrum falls too!

Orc Fighter 4 goes for kill versus Sigurd! (19,16) Sigurd gets the better of him this and wins 22 to 18…22 minus 11 is 11 damage the Orc falls Sigurd prevails!   The first Orc Fighter falls

Orc Fighter 2 Battles the Blackwulf  (10,17)  this Orc Has Blackwulfs number he loses 19 to 13 for another 8 damage…Blackwulf is staggering with a 3 health remaining!

Orc Fighter 3 is bloody fight with Thorvald its continues..(13,14 ) argh they tie!  Both taking Damage!  Final is 16 to 16  Thorvald takes 5 damage he falls unconscious…the Orc takes 7 damage hes fall dead…


With Thorvald down Skuti decides to attack the Orc fighting Blackwulf , Skuti draws his knife and enters the fight aided by Blackwulf hes +4  (18,16) close but Skuti prevails with a big wound
22 to 18 its 11 damage and Blackwulf is saved by his trusted companion as Orc 2 Falls dead

Guthrum is locked in battle with Orc Fighter 1 and bleeding badly the fight continues.(11,3 ) Guthrum wins this timje 14 to 5 + 2 damage vs 11 armor means 5 damage to the Orc this Time Guthrum pushes back out of combat!

Gord Moves 9 more inches toward the camp.

No Event this turn



Blackwulf group activates, Skuti and Sigurd.

Blackwulf casts his Heal spell on himself and gains 5 health up to 8 total
He moves slightly toward Orc Fighter 1

Sigurd double moves toward the last Orc Archer Brightness Shield out.

The last Orc Archer

Skuti takes point blank shot at wounded Orc Fighter 1 standing in front of him
He shoots (10,2) he hits winning 12 to 2 but only does 1 damage against 11 armor
The Orc has 4 health Remaining..


Orc Archer 1 shoots at Sigurd..Sigurd uses the bright shield so its +5 vs +2 (4,4) again the Bright Sheild causes a miss although this time the arrow wouldn’t have done any damage.

The Vulture flies 6 more inches

Orc Fighter 1 is closest to Guthrum by some fraction so he moves into combat with him
Things brings him within 1 inch of Blackwulf so it pulls him into support (which I why I inched him last phase after the Heal
They Fight (11,14 ) argh another time +5 vs +2 or 16 to 16 both figures take damage each figure takes has 11 armor meaning each takes 5 damage which kills the Orc but Guthrum also falls in battle as well.  Two companions down!


Gord  double moves into the camp but cant reach the clue marker or treasure token until next turn.




“Soldier. A soldier that has escaped the attack on Tor Varden appears on the table. Place him anywhere you wish on the small side of the table. This soldier has the same Stats as a man-at-arms companion. Treat this soldier as a companion for the rest of the mission, even if that takes your ranger above his normally allowed number of companions. This soldier may not be the first hero to exit the table. “

Soldier emerges from the brush. “I was waiting for the Orcs to clear out, let me join you and get out of here together”, they could of used you like 10 minutes ago, Gord replies..
I gave him a beacon type shield icon for the Tower of Tor Varden



Blackwulf group activates Skuti

Blackwulf  moves 2 inches turns and fires his bow at the Orc Archer ..archer gets +2 for Intervening terrain and the hurried shot. (6,13)  He misses

Skuti turn and fires a clean shot (13, 18) he misses as well


Orc Archer fires again at Sigurd again Sigurd uses the Bright Shield  13,7 wasted this time but the arrow misses. The Shield has 2 uses left.

The Vulture Flies 6” toward the table edge


Sigurd moves into combat with Orc Archer 1 they fight. (10,3) Sigurd wins 13 to 4, but only does 2 damage

These Orc are way harder to kill than Spiders!

Soldier of Tor Varden, kindly grabs the clue marker for us. Roll (18) it’s the Book of Poems

Gord moves and grabs the treasure token.





Blackwulf group activates Skuti

Blackwulf moves to the top of the bridge , takes out his bow and fires at the Vulture.
(10,6) Blackwulf wins (hits) 12 to 6 but with 14 armor the arrow doesn’t damage the flying scavenger

Skuti moves 6 and joins the combat with Sigurd against the last Orc Archer, they fight
(19,13) with the bonus from Sigurd its 22 to 13 and 10 damage (-1 for dagger) but with 8 health the Orc falls!

2 vs 1 finally took him down, Skuti had 2 kills with the Dagger!


The Vulture flys 6 more inches it off the board next turn.


Sigurd and  the Soldier from Tor Varden move toward Blackwulf on the Bridge

Gord makes a double move toward the far board edge with the Treasure Token


So much for shooting down that Vulture

Rain. A heavy rain starts to fall. All line of sight is reduced to 12” and all shooting attacks are at -2.



Blackwulf group activates  Sigurd and Soldier from Tor Varden

Blackwulf  shoots a hail mary from his Bow which is 11” away  (16,12) -2 to hit he still hits it again  winning 16 to 12…vs 14 armor its 2 damage, not enough to kill it.. it has 2 health left

Damn this wont die!

Sigurd and Soldier from Tor Varden have no missle weapons and stay put for the moment.


Vulture Leaves the Board, wounded but alive..


Skuti join his companions on the bridge

Gord exits the board with the Treasure Token

I have one job and I do it well


NO event this turn



Blackwulf  group activates both Skuti and Sigurd

All Three move toward the far side of the bridge and the camp

Regrouping across the river.


No Creatures on the board


 Soldier from Tor Varden follows the group.



“Orc. Place one Orc fighter at the centre point of the table, then roll a random direction and move the Orc 8” in that direction”.

I roll south as his direction which puts the new Orc very far from where the heroes are.



Blackwulf  group activates both Skuti and Sigurd

All Three move past the camp and off the board.
"We are done here", "On to the Tower!"


Lone Orc moves 9 inches toward the bridge.

Lone Orc Survivor, We couldnt have reached him last turn if we wanted to


 Soldier from Tor Varden follows the group, and exits the board.


No event this turn.


Well that got pretty hairy there for moment during that huge melee at the foot of the bridge during turn 4. Acouple more bad die rolls and it all could have went down TPK style , but in end the Rangers prevailed again, lets see what happened to our fallen companions Thorvald and Guthrum.

Thorvald roll (6) ugh

The figure has suffered a grievous wound. It will heal, but it is going to take time. If the figure is a ranger, it must start the next game at -5 Health. If the figure is a companion, it either starts the next game at -5 Health or it may choose to sit out the rest of the mission.

Guthrum roll (15)  Full Recovery . Hoorah,


3xp for each Orc Kiled – we Killed 9 Orcs.. 27 XP
15 Xp for recovering the Book of Poems
15Xp for having a solider leave the opposite (camp ) board edge.
57 XP

Which brings Ranger Blackwulf to level 2 and he will add + 1 to his Shooting Stat

Sigurd, Skuti and Gord , all get a progression point

Treasure Recovered. Roll (8) Herb or Potion.

Fireheart Green, Interesting definitely will come in handy, gives you an one time extra activation. We will take it!

Next up, the men lick their wounds and proceed to the Tower of Tor Varden

Good news is well  get to use our extra new companion for the rest of this mission so we will have to give him a name.

Bad news is the Vulture got away, that cant be good.

Not sure how I am going to set up the next one I’m sure ill use my dungeon pieces for the lower levels..lots to figure out here.. Happy New Year!

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My Favorite Things 2018

My Favorite Things 2018

I always finish the year out on the blog with some sort of year  end commentary on my wargaming hobby. This year I thought I’d try something different, instead of toothless resolutions or lamenting my lack of posting I thought I mention my favorite wargaming related things of 2018, I may not have played a ton of games this year or go to Adepticon but I did actually do more than last couple years combined (or least it feels like it) so as we kiss off 2018 here’s what was keeping me busy this year when it comes to wargaming.

Favorite Miniatures Company:

Reaper Miniatures

Not too much of a shock if you’ve read the blog the last 12 years, they’re always in the background and always right there besides whatever else I am talking about.  I’ve been a fan, I’ve been highly irritated by some decisions thye’ve made but they’ve have persevered and have kept my loyalty longer than any other miniature company. This year I bought , built and painted more Reaper than any other manufacture, for  overall variety., customer service and turning The “Bones”  line around- I would say 180 degrees in the time between Bones I and IV. Reaper I don’t give you props enough and while you don’t get the credit in the wargaming world  like you do from the RPG world…this year I want to take the time and say you rocked.

Favorite Gaming product

Hands down, no contest. 

 Terrain Crate from Mantic Games.

 Ronnie Renton is clearly a "throw it all at the wall and see what sticks kind of guy", Mantics taken its lumps when it comes to its games , games design and its miniatures , they’ve got stuff people love and stuff people hate but there is definitely something to be said about  their ability to “please some of the people- all of the time”  in fact -they should use that as their new motto !.  Terrain Crate was a well designed brilliant idea.  I am kicking myself (no pun intended) for not getting in huge (or at all) on the Kickstarter , I was happy I got in early post kickstarter ebay scene to gobble some stuff up before it all KS releases sold out.  Now I am not sure how the Kickstarter played out for backers but for as the retail consumer on this it worked out great for me, large sets, small sets , even little one of tiny sets,. Well priced and good durable material and  nice solid , old school designs without stupid skulls all over everything….. Great job Mantic.

Favorite Hobby Accessory

Woodland Scenics Earth Colors Black Pigment- 

This stuff is my hobby mojo, black gold, magic powder.It’s been around forever I’ve used it forever and its something again I don’t mention enough. I use it for terrain painting and shading , vehicle detailing and shading  and as miniature wash and shade. A thick pigment that you can use as is or mix with water or a medium gel  to create the desired consistency, I never found a black wash on the market I’ve liked as much as any I can make from this stuff. I use their Raw and Brunt Umber pigments with much regularity too, but not as much as black…If you think my miniatures look cool..Ive used this on all of them!

Favorite Game 2018-

Another “no contest”  choice :

Rangers of Shadow Deep by Joseph McCullough

While I have not played a ton of games this year , I have picked up or at least  checked out a decent amount of games. Things I played : Otherworld Skirmish, Rogue Stars, Deadzone and even a refresher game of Frostgrave, just the other day.  Things I checked out I wish I could play but know I never will:  Song of Ice and Fire, Gaslands, This is not a Test, and Last Days: Zombie apocalypse and Dracula’s America .To finally games I bought but never played or have not gotten a chance to yet: Frostgrave -(Maze of Malcor), Star Saga,  New Releases for Song of Blades and Heroes, and Bolt Action 2nd Edition books.  Out of all that- nothing got me as excited to roll dice as Rangers of Shadow Deep, what can I say it just clicks all  the right buttons for me AND I get to use my painted miniatures and terrain that I haven’t in used in years again..WIN/WIN
Thanks Joe.   (Rangers Ep3 coming soon hopefully this year!)

Favorite You Tube “Gamer” Channel  2018

Guerrilla Miniature Games- 

I probably subscribe to about dozen or so Hobby related You Tube channels. This one kind of took off for me this year. I met Ash Barker way back in probably 2007 when he was still with GW and was visiting my local GW shop that my pal Jeff used to run. It took a while of watching the channel to realize I had actually met the guy years ago  and chatted with him about our WFB club at the time. Not sure if the fleeting personal connection  has biased me but I started gravitating to his channel more and more. As a stay home at dad, he manages to produce a mind blowing amount of content,  sure I don’t like at least half of it , but the other half I do and he’s is great at play testing and demoing games and his hobby skills are top notch. check him out and subscribe and even support him if you are so inclined.

 Favorite Stupid Idea 2018

Mantic Games – Star Saga

Mantic has to take the good with bad, another “promise you the world” , “looks awesome” Kickstarter that you’ll get at some point- long after you stopped caring . This was actually ordered in 2016!!  Shipped Dec 2017 And didn’t arrive at my door until first thing 2018..  To make the pain a little stronger- all my extras (what I wanted most ) were in Wave 2 AND didn’t arrive until just this month a year! after the initial game shipped, while this looked super cool at the time of the KS campaign, In the end  I was way less than impressed with the final components  and did even want to punch it out, after checking out the figures , I packed it up nice and sold this thing on eBay  ASAP while the release buzz was hot. The reason I call this my favorite stupid idea was I sold it to a nice fellow who paid for it and the mystery wave 2 game play items  in advance even thou I couldn’t ship it to him until 9 months later , I got a great price and got to keep the resin core figures and extra terrain I added on as an extra and still made all my money back and some…for me that doesn’t happen too often. I should backed Terrain Crate instead, no..I should just say NO to Mantic kickstarters and get the stuff retail.

Favorite Kickstarter 2018

Reaper Bones IV

Some of you might remember  I was big Bones I supporter, and I came out right away calling it “crap” as soon as I got my hands on it. And I still stand by that -the Bones I figures are crap, I cut them up use them as tokens , dead bodies , scenery whatever, some of the small figures paint up ok, many are unusable sitting in a box my kids test paint them.- they’ll never see the gaming table.  Cheap bendy plastic lacking the detail of even your average board game pieces on the market  today. All of the larger figures were ok I always said that, BUT Bones has come along way and Reaper has taken all that investment to making these figures better, The Bones figures  now at retail that were in Bones I are miles better than their original counterparts. Post Bones II and III releases have gotten progressively and noticeable better and better.  Its why I decided to take the plunge and back Bones IV, I love the designs many done by my favorite Reaper Sculptors  , Bob Ridolfi and Julie Guthrie,  This was 2017 Buy in for 2019 delivery , it my favorite Kickstarter because of regular  informed updates all thru the year with pictures of finished products and delivery looks to be on time for Feb 2019…Reaper has got the KS thing figured out.

And…That’s it for my obligatory year end post….one more Bat Rep for me this year  and I’ll be head down work mode with a big project in January, Ill be back in the new year, with more Blackbarrow, More Rangers of Shadow Deep, A new Hirst Arts project,  Frostgrave and Adepticon…see ya then .


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