Sunday, September 16, 2012

So it Begins! BBB 2012!

I know my posting frequency has been abysmal this summer, I have painted a decent amount of solo figures but the photography has been slacking. I've been working on some Hirst Arts projects, some random Fantasy figures, trying to paint the incredible slog that is not one but two 200+ figure Historical Armies. I've been quite busy with non-hobby related life and before I knew it this summer had come and went. As September rolled around I knew it was time to get back to the only game I am still playing competitively. GW's Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. 

There are really only two event per year I can attend, Adepticon's Championships and Bilbo's Birthday Bash, Last years BBB was the biggest tournament turnout for the game yet, and I am glad to see this years event looks like it will sell out all its 30 spots by the time the event rolls around. Not as big as last years turnout- but that is do to limited space.

This year's  BBB requires you to bring 2, 600 points Armies, One Good, One Evil. This was the original Bilbo's format back in 2009.  In honor of the format I have brought back my original Grey Company army, they needed an update to get 600 points of pure Grey Company, I definitely needed some more models.

I have added, Halbarad, 4 more rangers, ( I had too many guys with Spears) so I needed 4 more without spears, I have added 2 Dunedain as well. My Dunedain are actually different versions of Aragorn from the Citadel line that was manufactured in the mid 1980's I love putting the old models in the with new. I had original planned to buy a blister of Dunedain from GW direct until I found out it was going to cost me $25 with Shipping for a single blister! I didnt really have $100 of stuff to order for free shipping and I didnt have any luck coming up used ones so this was my alternative, I'm quite happy with the results (its should be pretty easy to ID these models in any of the shots)

I still about a dozen models to paint for my evil army,- Angmar., something I have never run before
and features a host of models I am anxious to try out, Including the Witch King , The Troll Chieftain - Buhrdur and some Barrow Wights.

Still working on my display as well have several ideas, and as always with LotR, the real competition is in the Appearance category, although with the new books the competitive window seems to have opened up a bit,  Really looking forward to this, its always a great event with great folks, I have got about 6 weeks to go and with what I left to do, I might even get a new entry in the painting contest.

In other news our Summer Hail Caesar Campaign has been pushed back to fall, mainly due to people conflicting schedules. I am horribly behind on my Spartan Army, I manage to build one unit of the Plastics telling myself  "I can do this" and I just ran out of gas...I can paint 10 figures in the time it takes me to assemble a 24-32 man unit of plastics..that kind of time sink just doenst add up to me as a hobbyist. I still have 3 more units to build, Unless I breakdown and buy the metals from Gorgon. I do enjoy playing the Spartan on the table top, a rock solid army. Our Campaign this time is centered around Peloponnesian Wars, it looking like a great one with 6 players this time,  I just need to get my damn Army on the table.... With BBB, The Campaign, the Hobbit Release, and if I actually finish a project or two..I should have some stuff to talk about here over the next couple months..bout time.


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