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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission: Burning Light. Scenario C: The Courtyard.


Before entering the courtyard Blackwulf is given the Lorenthian messengers satchel recovered by Sigurd. Blackwulf attempts to read the runes inscribed on a sealed letter inside  +2  roll (20)  and instantly recognizes it as an old ranger cipher once used by both kingdoms during better days.  Blackwulf reads it and calls for Xavos!?  ..”Xavos is still at Tor Varden, Chief “  mutters Skuti.. “ Scribes never around when you need one right?” Blackwulf fumbles for some paper and a charcoal stick from the messengers satchel and starts to write :

Blackwulf’s Report:  Met maximum resistance at the Covent Gathouse. Ogres, Undead. We were lucky. The Knight Calistra fights like shes possessed by St Emilia herself. When Sigurd and I found ourselves locked in combat with the brutes, she entered the fray and slew them with a single stroke, not once, but twice. Evil magic is at work here, bound by magic chains, the flayed dead come back to life. Lorenthia was here as well .they tried get out a message “we have buried it in soft earth”  That sentence was all that I could make out that wasn’t blood soaked. The Decanter?  Maybe . We search the courtyard next. 

This Report is a complete play-though

All die rolls are shown as (x) all combat rolls are shown as (x,x) with the heroes roll always being first.

Scenario Map


Game board is scaled down to 26” x 30”  shack positions moved slightly to fit my convent layout
See maps.


EVENT DECK +2 Shadow Deep Events = 10 Event Card
Experimental V2 Playtest  – only 2 companions my activate in Ranger phase
House Rule- Russian Roulette

Scenario will last 9 turns

The Target Point for this scenario is the Shack labeled interest point C.

my setup as translated from the stock map




A grim scene is revealed as you step into the courtyard. Bodies lie everywhere – a few guards, but mostly nuns. They have been torn and hacked down, and their bodies left to rot where they lie. A fountain filled with dark water sits in the middle of the yard, and a large broken cart off to one side. Proceeding further, you hear the dry crackle of old bones as four skeletons rise from amidst the carnage and turn their eyeless faces in your direction.


Blackwulf activates Sigurd and Skuti via group activation

Skuti moves first, moving right 6 inches to cover behind some crates near the chapel wall.
He fires an arrow at the closest Skeleton (12, 1) +2 vs +2 ( Skeleton is +1 fight and +1 for Skuti’s hurried shot. Skuti wins 14 to 2..the 4 damage is more than enough to take the bag of bones down.

Skuti draws first blood or bones in this case.

Sigurd pulls out his “Bone Blade” +1 Fight vs Skeletons and Zombies ..moves 6 inches and waits

Blackwulf follows up next to him moving 6 inches and waits.


The closest Skeleton to Blackwulf advances they fight! +6 (with +2 support) vs +1  (10,10)  Blackwulf smashes it down
16 to 11, armor 10 =6 damage

The two spear wielding Skeleton move into combat with Sigurd and Blackwulf but it more than 6 inches so they wont fight yet

Both Skeletal Knights advance 9 inches toward the heroes.


Calistra, Thovald and Gord all make double moves , Thorvald and Calistra move toward the oncoming Skeletal Knights while Gord heads toward the points of interests to  investigage



A horrific howl echoes around the ruins, sending shivers down the spines of
the heroes. Every hero must make a Will Roll (TN10). If it fails, it receives a
maximum of one action during its next activation.

Will Checks (TN10)

Blackwulf  +4  (11) PASS
SIgurd +2 (16) PASS
Thorvald +2 (14) PASS
Calistra +2 (12) PASS
Gord +1  (3) FAIL
Skuti +1  (1) FAIL


A vultures view


Blackwulf activates Thorvald and Sigurd using group activation

Blackwulf attack the spear wielding Skeleton engaging him +4 vs +1 (14,8) winning 18 to 9 he destroys it

Sigurd fights his and with Blackwulf now supporting its +7 vs +1 (5,19) or 12 to 20 Sigurd loses and is speared by the Undead fiend taking a brutal 8 damage (20-Armor 12)

Thorvald charges the Skeletal knight and brings down the hammer its +3 vs +3 (10,2)  Thorvald wins 13 to 5 and with the two handed hammer that damage becomes 15 – the 13 armor for 2 damage just enough to crumple it dead..


Skeleton with Spear trying to kill Sigurd  +7 (with Blackwulf supporting)  vs +1 (10,13) or 17 to 14 Sigurd Wins and the Skeleton is destroyed

Skeletal Knight attacks Calistra  +4 vs + 3 (7,6) or 11 to 10  Calista wins but the blow doesn’t penetrate the Armor


Calistra following up the Skeletons attack(11,9) or 15 to 12 this time its just enough.. for 2 damage to Kill it

Skuti with only one action due to the last event does nothing- Hold Fast arrow ready

Gord, also with one action moves toward the fountain



Place two skeletal knights in a random corner of the table.

Two more skeletal knights appear near the entrance to the Herb Store.



Blackwulf activates Sigurd and Calistra using group activation

Both companions move to intercept to two new skeletal knights on the board and shield Gord so he can investigate the fountain

Blackwulf stays put pulling out his bow and firing off an arrow at the nearest Skeleton Knight its +2 vs +1   (15,7) or 17 to 8, direct hit for 4 damage..enough to destroy the lead skeleton.

of the 10 scenarios I have run , this one seem to see the Bows really pay off. course the huge open courtyard had alot to do with it.


The remaining Skeletal Knight proceeds down the steps moving twice toward the companions

Skuti fires off an arrow at the Skeletal Knight advancing on Sigurd and Calistra +2 vs +1.(20,10) oof a critical ! he takes the Knights head clean off

Thorvald moves toward the shack and investigates  he’ll need to make a Strength roll at +3 vs TN15 since he cant pick locks..he smashes at the door (9) +3 = 12 “wont budge”

Gord investigates the fountain of St Emilia..he must make a Perception check he is +5 roll (2) =7

Judging by the ruined stump of the statue’s arm,
and the fragments that lie scattered about, the
statue’s other hand used to point to the Library.
Gain + 2XP.



We hear the shuffle of old bones-
“Place a skeletal knight and two skeletons in a random corner of the table.”



Blackwulf isn’t close enough to any companions to use group activation

Since its Turn and Thorvald looks to be out on a limb by the shack with the new group of undead headed his way

Blackwulf decides to use his Steady Aim Heroic Ability to hopefully take out one of the Skeleton he’ll need to move first which make the dice modifiers +7 (+2 shoot vs +5 Steady Aim) vs +2 (+1 fight , +1 Blackwulfs hurried shot)  He moves and Shoots (14,12 ) or 21 to 14 another lethal arrow fired by our Ranger.


Remaining Skeleton is exactly 6 inches from Thorvald he attacks (1,7)  or 4 to 8..Thorvald is caught off guard losing the exchange but escapes with no damage .

The Skeletal Knight can also enter combat however its takes both his actions so it wont attacks this phase


Thorvald returns the attack its +3 vs +2 because the Skeleton Thorvald is dropping the hammer on is getting support from his friend .(17,14) or 20 to 16 , or 12 damage the Skeletons are having a bad bad day -Thorvald remains engaged to with Skeletal knight

Calistra and Sigurd make double moves toward Thorvald and the shack

Skuti climbs up on some barrels for an elevated view of the courtyard for when more Skeletons turn up.

Gord investigates the broken cart 

A large cart sits quietly in the corner, one of its large wooden wheels smashed
beneath it. You can just see a long, slender arm poking out from one corner.
Make a Strength Roll (TN12). You may make this roll as many times as you

Not really Gords thing but he gives it a try..(Non skill checks at  -2  playtest rules V2) TN14 roll (4)  yeah, uh no..“psst hey Calistra come here”



Place a ghoul flinger in a random corner of the table.

Skuti “Not a Skeleton!”



Blackwulf activates Sigurd using group activation

Blackwulf activates first moving 2.5 inches and casting his HEAL spell on Sigurd which brings his Health up to 10.  Sigurd , feeling reenergized by healing magic charges  attacking the Skeletal Knight its +6 (+3 Fight, +1 Bone Blade, +2 Support) vs +3 (18,8) or 24 to 11 - Obliterated
Man these guys are just taking Skeletons out like nothing, St Emilia is surely helping them.


Ghouls have a lot more health than Skeletons and this one has Ranged combat, he throws some jagged piece of Bone at poor Gord who is closest to him  its +1 vs +1 ….roll (20,18) wow Gord dodges that bullet 21 to 19..
A low roll against that attack could have been lethal,  the luck continues…


Skuti puts an arrow at that Ghoul first chance he gets +2 vs +1  (17,3) or 19 to 4 , almost dropping  9 damage on the Ghoul..

Gord quickly turns with a pulls out his luckly throwing knife to finish the job returning the ghouls ranged attack. (13,15)  +1 vs +1 Gords aim was slightly off he misses

Calistra does an about face and moves toward the Ghoul to cut it down, she cant reach it with 2 moves due to her heavy armor so it will live another turn.

Thorvald Put his shoulder to that shack door again to try to break it open (TN15) +3  roll (13)=16
This time the door crack open and he finished kicking it in.,.

Inside the shack, a large hound is chained to the
wall. At any point during the scenario, one hero
adjacent to the shack may make a Leadership
Roll (TN12). If successful, the hound joins the
party, acting as a free companion for the rest
of the mission. Otherwise, the hound runs off
when it is released. Either way, gain + 6XP.

Well unfortunately the only two heroes near the shack Thorvald and Sigurd have no leadership skill
So it’s a straight roll (9) fail…the Dog bolts from the shack making haste for the nearest exit..

Sigurd snorts “Damn Thorvald-  Its as if your ugly mug was more terrifying then the Undead..”


“A vulture appears at the centre of one randomly determined table edge. It follows
the standard rules for evil creatures.”

Gord “ Uhh Blackwulf, them birds you keep killing keep coming back to life?”…he points to the Covent wall.

Blackwulf. reaches for his bow..

Vultures....two games in a row


Blackwulf is not close enough to any companions to use group activation

Blackwulf readys his bow and fires at the Vulture, since Calistra is in way to shooting the ghoul
(9,11) at +2 vs +0 a tie , the shot misses


The Vulture swoops down an attacks Calistra (12,10) Calistra is able to put her sword to it with a +4 fight winning  16 to 10 for 2 points of Damage

The Ghoul Flinger

So here we have an example of one of games few nuances that need a couple further rules or just cleaned up

Evil Creatures with missile weapons accords to the rules for evil creature actions will engage the closer creature with their ranged weapon, now in this case Calistra is fighting the Vulture and no one good or evil can shoot into combat

So according to step 2 (pg54) the Ghoul would do nothing , however since there are lots of other heroes in line of sight I am having the Ghoul move and engage at Range.. if it moves the left it moves within 1 inch of Calistra and would be pulled into the combat, but if it goes right behind the vulture it can move 6 inches and have a couple targets so that’s what I do

It moves 6 inches, near target is throws some jagged bones… +2 vs +1 (8,19) Ooofff Skuti gets clobbered 20 to 10  and takes 9 Damage! (Armor 11) Dropping him to 2 health.

Skuti takes a big wound here 9 dam


Skuti- isn’t having any of that , wounded he grits his teeth and fires a shoot at the ghouls head (18,17) wham 20 to 18 the naked Ghoul with only 1 health remaining takes 10 damage and dies horribly

His revenge

Calistra- follows up attacks the Vulture (10,7) or 14 to 7 but Vultures flying around attacking you are hard to hit ( as illustrated by a 14 armor) so she wacks at it but does no damage

Thorvald makes a double move toward the cart to help Gord

Sigurd makes a double move toward Calistra and the Vulture



A pair of zombies explode out of the water of the fountain. Any hero adjacent
to the fountain should make a Move Roll (TN20). If only one hero fails, place
both zombies in combat with it. If two heroes fail, place one zombie in combat
with each figure. If more than two heroes fail, randomly determine which two
are contacted by the zombies. If there are no heroes adjacent to the fountain, or
if none fail the Move Roll, place the zombies adjacent to the fountain at least
1” away from any hero.

Both Blackwulf and Sigurd are near the fountain both are 6 move so they would need 14+ to succeed
Blackwulf (7)
Sigurd (18)

So Blackwulf gets rushed by two zombies…ARGHHH he bellows



Fortunately for Blackwulf he can activate Thorvald who was moving toward Gord..

“Zombies!” he does a 180 turn and enters the combat he attacks first with Blackwulf Supporting
So it +5 vs +0  (8,20)  ughh Thorvald must trip over his own hammer here losing 13 to 20 he the zombie bites him doing 9 damage..Thorvald is down to 4 health

Blackwulf attacks…+6 with Support  (18,3)  Blackwulf takes the head of one (of course this one of the rare time  I could use my deadly strike here but its pointless as the Zombie only has 6 health..

One Zombie remains to attack


Zombie continues mauling Thorvald (16,1) this time Thorvald pulverizes it….at +5 with support and +2 to damage from the two handed hammer it’s a flattening 11 damage

Vulture keeping pecking at Calistra (16,3) this time she catches it running it though for 6 damage


With all the creatures cleared  the remaining companions investigate interest points

Calistra moves to the Broken Wagon to help Gord lift it.. Strength +4 vs TN 12 (8) she just does it.


You lift the cart and shift it about, revealing the
body of one of the nuns. It is unclear how she
died, and you don’t have the heart for further
investigation. However, a small leather bag lies
next to her, and in that you find a potion of
healing. This can be used now or given to any
hero. It takes up an item slot as normal +3XP

item gained “potion of Healing”

Sigurd moves to the second shack and tries to bust the door in (TN15) roll (8) fails

Gord moves to the second shack “ you never do thing the easy way do you?)
Picks locks TN 8 +5 (roll 14)  …see.. easy does it

Looking inside

This shack contains gardening tools, most of
which are old and in poor repair. However,
there is one sickle that still has a keen edge.
This sickle counts as a hand weapon and can be
carried by anyone who can use one. + 2XP.

Item gained “hand weapon”

Skuti – stays put , treating his wounds.



The heroes feel a strange tingling, and suddenly, all the monsters they are facing
seem to gain new strength. Next turn, all evil creatures gain +1 Fight.

Fortunately there are no creatures as of yet.


Blackwulf activates Calistra and Thorvald using group activation

With no creatures on the board, all three move toward the fountain


No creatures on the board


Sigurd and Gord join the others near the fountain

Skuti stay put covering courtyard.



Place a tortured soul on top of the cart.

Any time a tortured soul is on the table, all heroes suffer -2 Will. Tortured souls will never
force combat, nor make any Fight Rolls, and are never considered in combat. They cannot be
damaged. If a hero is in contact with a tortured soul, it may spend an action to make a Will Roll
or Leadership Roll (TN20). If successful, it has found the words to give the soul peace and allow
it to depart this existence. This is the only way to remove a tortured soul from the table. If the
figure is so removed, the ranger gains 10XP.

Tortured is an interesting one…it could be very bad depending what other type of checks or creatures were on the board. If this came up before the black ace those will checks are now TN 12, etc.



Blackwulf tries to talk the Tortured Soul down so words of wisdom TN 20 vs +5 roll (9)  he fails
And the spirit just is hovering at the cart moaning…


Party Health, No one was knocked out of action but three companions took some serious damage.

Blackwulf  - was health 17 +3 post scenario recovery brings him to full health (19)
Calistra – Undamaged
Gord- Undamaged
Sigurd  took 8 damage , Health 5, Healed 5 by Blackwulf  +3 post scenario recovery = 13
Skuti took 9 damage  Health 2..goes to half health = 6
Survival roll from Blackwulf TN 12 vs +4 (15)  heals 2 more  Health 8
Thorvald took 9 damage= health 4- goes to half health =7
Survival Roll Calistra (6) Fail ,   Gord (15)  pass +2 Health   , Thorvald goes to 9 health

I don’t use either potion at this point saving them for the next scenario.



6 Skeletons = 6 xp
5 Skeletal Knights =10xp
1 Vulture=3 XP
1 Ghoul Flinger = 3xp
2 Zombies = 4xp

Combat XP 26


Fountain +2XP
Shack +6 Xp
Shack +2 xp
Cart +3 xp

Investigations XP 13

39 XP total  Blackwulf goes 618 total needing 32 more for level 6.

Progression points all companions +1

Both Gord and Skuti reach the 10 progression point threshold, each getting +1 to a combat stat..Gord takes +1 fight , Skuti +1 Shoot.


The arrival of the Tortured soul last turn made me totally overlook the point of interest E on original map (some runes written on the back convent wall) I even missed this on my mocked up photo.  I realized this after I ended the game so I didn’t go back and have them suddenly find it…they just missed it. No one could have reached that section of wall on the last turn anyway. I would have need to caught turn 8 and send Gord and he cant read runes ( vs a TN15)   oh well.

 Not much else in the clue department other than that the hand of the statue seemed to be pointing at the Tower where the Library is located.

Items gained

Potion of Healing , extra  Hand Weapon,

Final Thoughts

Good dice, and low health creatures made this scenario perhaps the easiest one yet even thou we took out 15  enemies , it was a shooting gallery for Blackwulf and Skuti with the open courtyard and even thou 3  companions took serious damage , the post recovery phase put everyone at full health.  Exceptions for Skuti at 8 health and Thorvald at 9, we go into the next mission with 3 chances to heal with Blackwulf’s  Spell, the Cordial of Spellfire and a Potion of Healing..That is leaving me feeling pretty confident. Even thou we missed out on a potential extra companion (the Dog in the shack) and we missed probably a major clue with the missed runes written on the wall.. We continue on determined , ready to explore  THE RUINED CHAPEL next and hope luck stays on our side.


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