Tuesday, March 27, 2018

March Tidings

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a new  the episode of Blackbarrow ready for March, but figured I would just get a monthly update in to chronicle where I am at.

Painting:  I completed a couple more Otherworld Adventurers. A bunch of new climbing spiders and some  ghosts and wraiths who are  all part of upcoming Blackbarrow games. I spent some time working on refining some techniques the lay outside my normal toolbox, while I could always paint within a tight pallet. I really spent some time just working with just black and white or in reality shades of grey on some of my older GW undead, then I started experimenting with those Reaper translucent miniatures, which when they came I out I thought were worthless, but I have changed my tune on them a lot, the first on I did I got carried away and ended up shading the whole thing but my second one Im happy with how I got the dark /light contrast to work with the negative space of the translucent plastic to cool effect, I know look forward to painting more of there, I fact I actually ordered a couple more in my last Reaper Order which is something I thought I’d never do. I also managed to prep a half dozen of so models for the paint que as well.

My study in black and white , these old LotrR Wight Kings by GW are Wraiths in the Blackbarrow game.

Dungeons got to have lots of Spiders, still have my old Shelob model if I need a bigger one, these models are GW LotR as well.

Hirst Arts: I decided my next project is finishing the Cavern section of my Dungeon board which is made up of 3 -11 x12 cavern areas and a smaller 5 x7 section which I completely remade after screwing the resin water on it a few years ago. I finally came up a decent method that’s not leaking to cap the open sides so I can get a nice straight seam where two  resin water sections meet,  You can see my new test piece in the photo and one built and primed larger section.  I bought two new Cavern Molds from  4Bot industries to add to my cavern collection which was getting a big  redundant using the same 3 molds, the Stalagmite and Wall formations  really go a long way to making it come to life,  I switched over to woodland scenics realistic water from the Envirotex Lite and man, is it way easy to work with, I think it takes longer to dry- but that a fine trade for the ease of use. Overall I plan on the knock off the Caverns before summer gets rolling , at least that’s the plan..

!st new finished vavern section with water that has a much more phosphorescent look the my early tries. 

Primed for painting , the first of three large sections, using both Hirst and 4Bot Molds

Blackbarrow Chronicles:  The next  game is prepped and ready to go, nothing fancy this time just a fun story that leads to a throw down on the old Fieldstone Ruin, which is probably my most used piece of  terrain over the years. The way it is finally set up now at the entrance to the Dungeon was  how I always envisioned back many years ago when I built it. Its satisfying  to see it come to use that way finally. The mines of moria esque staircase I am going to build leading down to it should look pretty sweet as well.  I would have  gotten the game happening last weekend but we are heading down to Florida for Spring Break with the Kids this week and there was just way to much to do…

The Jester , Bard and apprentice Conjurer talk of heading over to fellcross ruins to investigate
the mysterious lights and missing guardsmen. what could go wrong?

Adepticon:  Well it finally happened,  I didn’t  make it to Adepticon.  Even thou I wasn’t playing in anything again this year, the girls and I were going to make the trip just to check out the sights, do some socializing and check out the vendor hall.  I was still planning going as of Thursday, but it got shot down Friday night with the realization of all that had to be done this last weekend before we head out of town.   So if I talked to you and said I was showing up – apologies  .   First Adepticon I’ve missed since 2006!,  I’m sure I'll make it next year, think I might even play some Frost grave..

eBay:  made a cool $400 on ebay selling off older GW lord of the rings models , that where still unbuilt or in some cases still boxed going on 10 years….nice to see a return of that cash at even a small profit, I'm hoping I do as well or  better  for the painted stuff when that goes up later this year. I really exceeded my expectations with my GW Empire Army  when I sold that 2 summers ago but I guess it just depends where the market is at

Welp that’s it for March. Ill be back after Spring Break with some Blackbarrow Chronicles.


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